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This was finished yesterday. Let's dump some various charts to celebrate.
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>GiTS not under Urban Scenery
>Dead Leaves not under Unique Style or Bizarre Visuals

It's not terrible but opinions. I don't think Lain is really that bizarre in terms of visuals honestly.

Also no Paprika...

2013 version

Ch. 2 is ready, get in here.
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Fuck, I picked the wrong file.
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Our glorious Emperor is returning in 3 months. How will we prepare for his arrival?
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/a/ sings Jibun Wo round 2?
A spin off series?
Did the news with that countdown even drop yet?

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Was she autistic?
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Yes, trust me I am a certified autism.
No but she was a little qt
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Nah she just had huge problems.
Read the manga but listen to this warning, the image of Misaki that you have is going to break in pieces.

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So does Sakurako actually have a fiance?
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No she doesn't. He's a made up lie so that the high school guy doesn't get close to her

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Please describe this child.
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Extremely sexy autist.
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I just wanna pat her on her messed-up head.
Computer nerd

do you like the haruhi franchise?
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>has 2 blu rays tops
>anime ended 10 ago
Kek Kek Kek

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Episode 19 is titled "White Whale Conquest Battle"

Preview here:


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Fourier should have lived. Dammit.
>Episode 19 is titled "OP's Mom Conquest Battle"
Thanks for the heads up.



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read the guide

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muh dique
>no nipples
Why the fuck did they get rid of them? The prototype bit looked so good with them, but now it just looks awful without them and is just another mannequin bust.

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Yama no Susume 3rd season has detected.!!

798 名前:底名無し沼さん[] 投稿日:2016/08/05(金) 10:25:11.47 ID:hWLm+nX/


"I leak I'm concerned person.
3rd season broadcast announcement will be held in the day of mountain (8/11)."
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Fuck Kokona!
I would as well.
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The new Soul King
RIP Shippers
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Databook is coming
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>show Ichigo's, Ken, whichamacallit, and Renji's sword form in manga
>didn't show Rukia's
Ichigo never felt boner right?
Ichigo might be more pure than original soul king.
Poor guy.

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Tomoko Kuroki.png
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Find a flaw.
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Her personality.

Her body.

Her smell.
He said flaw not things that make.her perfect.
She has no flaw

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What does /a/ think of ss?
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That was an amazing fap.
It's trash even lower than ntr
Worst kind of shota.

The preview is out and it's long this time. If you missed it, a link to the preview and a detailed summary by our resident rune magician can be found >>145225455 here.

It's really weird, isn't it? Element doesn't seem all that intimidating. This is a city where even a magic god, who was nerfed but still all-powerful, did not last longer than an evening when he actually started slinging shit around. Why should a few strange creatures reduce AC to a wasteland?

Do you guys think this might be a dream/hallucination? When the summary first came out, quite a few people were saying it was going to be all in Mikoto's head. But now, it kind of seems like it really might be all in Touma's head.

What do you make of the dream/hallucination theory? If you agree with it, what do you think might be happening in the real world?

yeah, yeah, I know, "wait for spoilers", "js06 hasn't translated yet", "the novel isn't fully out" ect ect. I just really want to have a little fun discussing this "dream" theory for a little while before js06 starts translating and we get spoilers
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>it kind of seems like it really might be all in Touma's head.
>rekt and passes out from crab Element's scissor attack
>in his head
So, what happens?
Basically a bunch of strange but not-very-threatening creatures have attacked Academy City and turned it into a wasteland because they've jacked up the heat

What is with this garbage artwork? God I miss Kishimoto.
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fuck off narutards
>God I miss Kishimoto.
>liking Kishimotos "art"
>Preferring Assistant-kun's "Art" to Kishimoto's "Art"

I'd rather have Kishimoto's artstyle over Assistant-kun any day of the week.

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