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stop being retarded
I don't know. SS had some of my favourite arcs in the franchise.
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Be cool scooby doo.jpg
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Why Otomeshit MCs who's not a blank character and actually has a personality is so rare?
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because otomes are made to self-insert into and then have pretty alpha males call you his bitch and put you in a collar or cage or something.
Because they're harem self-inserts just with a vagina, I do have a fetish for plain Jane's though which most of them are so I'm fine with it.
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>pretty alpha males call you his bitch and put you in a collar or cage or something.
This actually happened in amnesia.

Loli thread or catgirl thread or hamburger thread. Choose whatever.
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i choose doli
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World End Economica Eleanor.jpg
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I want more pictures of cute anime girls eating or staring at hamburgers.

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>Code Geass got 10th anniversary announcement
>DTB 10th anniversary is right around the corner.

BONES can't forget DTB right?
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>A shit, irrelevant franchise that is also dead

Pick both
Heaven's War prequel never
Would you really rather have a prequel than a continuation of the story with the shota that was stealing souls or whatnot?

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Is he Saitama?
Is ONE just fucking with us and he'll never be revealed?
Also OPM thread
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If I'm remembering right hasn't Blast been around before the hero association even existed? Saitama was like 7 when Blast saved Tats as a girl.
>as a girl
She's a man now?
She's like 28 or something

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Ooga booga Jun edition
I fucking swear fumita
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I hope this guy ends up being a florist or pastry cook or something as a hobby.
He's got the hots for Jun-

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[Mori] Dagashi Kashi - 06 slut.jpg
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What did she mean by this?
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She wants to be examined further.
she is a filthy whore
That it's actually a boy and is also a hypochondriac.

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ITT: Series that come first into your mind when you think of "otaku pandering garbage of the worst kind."
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For anime recommendations, please go to the worksafe request board.

Oreimo of course
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New chapter looking hot
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How is it possible for Sonoko to be so best?
That's a weird way to spell Sera

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>watch pic related
>salient parallels with postmodernism and hyper realities
>complex character study regarding the main character's ontological crisis
>integrates poignant motifs on the fragility of the real experience
>properly integrates its philosophers, who are important in understanding the phenomenological perspective of the work
>brilliantly exhibits the creative talents of its staff, as well as their abilities in the intertextual meshing of art, literature, and philosophy into an overarching simulacrum
>slightly overdoes its cryptic nature, but makes up for it with a few down to earth themes that aren't superficial
>poor characters but their faults are a product of the show's inherent search for existence
>clearly one of the better anime out there, one that should be discussed
>go on the forums to see what its proponents think
>all they talk about is Pino
>clearly all they understand is the facile and basic elements of the show
>muh cute robot with the capacity for moral judgment
>muh representation of childish innocence, wonder, and discovery that recalls our finding of the soul at the dawn of man
>muh plebness

What the fuck is wrong with the anime community?
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I want to fuck Pino
Wow your so deep man, have you heard about this one anime called Neon Genesis Evengelion, it's super deep too.

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Quick! You must claim you're hentaifu or else!
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Or else what?
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I want to fuck god.

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So, are you looking forward to a new gorgeously animated show from GoHands?

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I liked it better when anime was actually drawn.
Looks terrible.

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I just finished this. Why was it so short?
And why is Asuka so perfect?
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Are you the OP from last night? If you are then did you make sure you watch the OVA and read the manga?
A better question would be why best girl is so useless in the anime.
Did you read the LNs? They are translated up to book 11.

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Let's all love Lain!
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this would suck if you have epilepsy

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>this is what happens when loli's grow up

My lolicon days are now over
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she looks cute though
where is this from?
Danganronpa 3

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