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Now that Bleach is over, how can this guy make money?
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>being this autistic
He'd make a good scammer
Since when were you under the impression there wasn't a cash grab sequel?

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Want your favorite opening/ending on it? Just submit one.

For those who don't know, the quiz involves an 8 minute video compiling 100 5-second clips from various openings, and the player has to guess them as they appear. For this one, both OP and ED submissions will be included.

Example: http://www.sporcle.com/games/RustySpider/anime-opening-quiz-advanced-edition

Send your OP/EDs to: [email protected]


Send them with this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfXhYznSaAk59adILCB0Ko40rEEzRzRS_0abU6Ef4FhE2ymwA/viewform

Only 1 OP/ED per submission. I'll accept some multi-submissions if you provide a high-quality youtube video or a nyaa link.

I'll start editing once I receive 100 submissions.
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You're also free to choose exactly which 5-second period you want. Just specify the time stamp in your submission.
That seems like a lot of work.
Your quiz is just going to be a bunch of old farts submitting their OPs from the 80s. Nigga, please.

Post them
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>She fell from the free train ride meme
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ITT: Shitty Anime/Manga descriptions

Two child rape survivors and a gay man learn the meaning of friendship together
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Paraplegic twink and Italian cowboy look for the corpse of Jesus Christ.
Chuuni gets actual powers with shocking geopolitical consequences

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How old is too old?
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13 and up
That's too old. And too scat.
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>this doujin

This guy slaps your car on the ass and tells you to meet him on the touge, what do?
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Step on the gas, meet him at the top, and give him some of my cool vibrations.
grab your credit card cuz back on the rocks back on the rocks baybaaaaaaaaa saturday night FEVERRRR
[eurobeat lyrics in all caps]

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>loaths any girl who isn't a virgin or even knows what sex is
>would immediately whore themselves out if they became a cute girl

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She's wearing two swimsuits for extra effective dicking protection.
Well most of /a/ hates itself so there's that
if I became a cute girl I would just play video games or record myself stepping on eggshells and make thousands upon thousands of dollars

I can't help but laugh at girls who are still losers, it takes dedication to fuck life up on easy mode

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Koala versus Sloth! Who will be the crowned the king of the hangin' around, doing nothin' mammals?

Rapeman posted chapter 8 on Batoto. It's cute.
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That small detail made my day, I love this translator.
Cute Chapter
Jin needs to put that ass in her place again.

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Fucking dropped
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This makes me so fucking mad.
Did you really believe Armin would stay dead ? If so you are fucing stupid.
This, I need this fuccboi to live so that I can continue to jackoff to him

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Who's hyped for Keijo!!!!!!!!.
Hoping a 2 cour adaption.
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Is this Free!! But with girls?
Not about swimming.

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Does /a/ use e-readers for manga and comics?
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I use my iPad
what are you, a fag?
you're reading this right now

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r8 and h8
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Hello friends.


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Ow tHe eDGe
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How is that edge? Lets see you not eat a beast after a week of no food.
Edge checklist
>doing something taboo and enjoying it
>smile on your face in a clearly dire situation
>gratuitous blood and gore
>wearing clothes that make you look like you walked out of a goth concert
>its easy to imagine linkin park playing in the background without trying
I just meant in general honestly.

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>KLK is yurishit
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>implying Ryuko and Mako isn't the top OTP
nice thread op
>said no one ever

there's plenty wrong with kill la kill without having to make up flaws

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Girls built for rough anal and deepthroating
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Fujo Kajo.jpg
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