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Chiaki pleases older men with her breasts to pay for her video gaming habits.
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Delet this, she is pure.
>no mole
But Sonia and Mikan are the class whores.

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What is Maki doing in Sunshine?
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Nico's sex slave

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Maho no mumbo
Maho no mumbo

>mayonnaise on eggs
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epic netflix meme
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Can someone explain how mayonegg became a thing?

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why is she so perfect?
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Fucked Kayne West
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I can think of two good reasons.

Can anyone explain why the FUCK the writers make highschool girls act like 40yo office workers when there's a "serious" stuff going on?

It's just really hard to take them seriously.
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>take them seriously
Why would you want to do that?
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Fair enough, it's just that the shift from fun to serious atmosphere is really jarring in this show. In one scene you see them doing stupid shit, and then in the next one they suddenly start to act overly dramatic with cheesy piano piece playing in the background.

If this isn't the key to making Sakura the most popular girl in Fate, what is?
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They are running out of ideas for Saber clones, so they need another girl to sell merchandise. and i love it
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Animating CCC I guess.

Showing off her rocking body and banging tits more.

Shh! You'll wake them
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Today op was a faggot.

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Just watched the pilot episode of One Punch Man.

Does it get better? It was nothing but fight scene after fight scene.
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>pilot episode of One Punch Man
I think you're confused.
You say like that's a bad thing.
If you watch you'll find out for sure.

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do you miss Hestia?
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No, we have better girls like Megumin and Rem now.
What a cute child.

I only remember and miss Eina.
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New chapter!
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What's with the trend of drawing mouths so low on the face? There's like a mile between the mouth and the nose.
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Guess you missed the trend of no noses too.
Also, what's with the trend of drawing open mouths that don't look like anything. They just kind of open like they're going "AAIIIIUUUUOOOOEEEYYYAAAA"

I've made peace with that.
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Forgot pic.

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So, as for the first time, I watches Seneal Edventure Lain 2 years ago. Now, I have, in the past, concluded, regarding, on my opinion, regarding the amisphere, the music, the sotyr, but could have not ever really disclute my entenes on the main charade, the primarchial SEL's Lain (Lain, the first). Nominy, does (SEL's LAIN) ANISCHE?

Going DEEPER than ever before, I believe that the Evidence is parallated to another center of anischerality, the Sound serials. Here, to connect:

-At EoSEL(End of SEL (Seneal Edventure Lain)), it is discobrated that Lain is become the Ultimate Life Form, and Sacrifice Herself to Kill the Will of Its Creator, parralating the similar happenstance with the Dark Sound in the Sound serials.

-Both are intimately connected with Christian (as Shown by the Christian's Sweater worn by Lain and by the Christian's abscession with the Sound serials)

-The knIGHTS, SEL's KNIGHts, recuel the nIghts' Sound serial NiGHTS

-The Present Day, Present Time. Two Fold for this one. The Origin of SEL is in the 98th of century, Just As the Origin of Sound Edventure. Also, Sound continues heard to THIS DAY.

-Bothe Seem to have unexplicative focality for Anisticism, as Anischeralists Seem to be ENTAKEN by BOTH Serial.

-At One Point, You See A Child playing The Game. Concietence?

-The Men Baring Soots (black glasses), appear as Militarily ambiguous sides in the Sound but similarly Appear the as ambiguous sides in the SEL.

-The Doctor have done questionable things and Ultimately Holds the responsibility for the Climax.

It's amazing how for Present Day, We STILL to learn much from SEL. Wow.
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DMT, never again.
Holy shit shut the fuck up with this ayy lmao autistic lain shit. You've been doing this for like 3 fucking weeks get a fucking life you fucking autist.

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Volumes 10 and 11 are translated. Finally we can read the ending of this arc.
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Thanks for the reminder senpai.
Any news on how Last Embryo is doing in Nipland?
>tfw no one remembers this
12 done soon from the looks of it.

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I want Illya to sit on my face!
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Who doesn't?
I would prefer not to have a stinky loli butt anywhere near my face, thank you very much.
I want to sit on Illya's face!

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