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Any oldfags here?
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Yes, but I mostly lurk these days. Nothing has been worth talking about for a couple years except when someone is wrong on the internet and I have to correct them.
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As for metadata, I appear to have saved this image in April 2006 from /b/. I have older somewhere, but I only managed to salvage SOME data from my old computer before putting it on an external.

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Danganronpa thread
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I love Mikan so much
>there are people in this thread RIGHT NOW who think Nanami ever cared about talentless trash like Hinata

He was a tool for her entertainment, that's it.
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How about a thread for the best living Kihara? Thank you based Yuiitsu for destroying that Kamisato shitter.
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If Aleister is backing up her AAA, how the fuck is anyone going to win against her?
What do we know with absolute certainly will happen in NT16?
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>best Kihara
>not Aogami

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Dreams about Junko
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What if Chiaki falls for the Naegi?
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Best teacher of the year
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Tbh If I was Hajime I would go with the brain surgery as well

first for Junko
does komaeda have an empty eye socket or is hajime just really poorly endowed?

Were you saved /a/?
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best episode yet
post flustered mukuro
No, anime made my life worse.

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Despair is back in town
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First for Beloved
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>a fat pig loves another fat pig
Fucking pottery.
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Thank you best girl

Episode 5 of Despair-hen in 15 minutes. Use this thread when the other one gets to page 10.

What will Chisa do this episode?
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>Use this thread when the other one gets to page 10.
So why not make it at fucking page 10?
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UFO and loli. What do they have in common?

Updated text spoilers.
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Those aren't really spoilers as much as they are translations but good work on keeping everything together.

When should lengthy text spoilers be out? Seems like they should either already be out or come out any minute now
Let's start. Who's going to be the one to save Kamisato? My money is on Kamisato's harem with Touma and co.'s help while they adventure around the world to fix the ultimate problem.
>reading this garbage

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84 Is out and shit is happening also, who is the cute girl in the right of this picture?
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Ocean-kun did nothing wrong.
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Kenny was a good boy once.
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Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki. Also, I want Annie to kill Armin as soon as possible.

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hope hope hope.png
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This thread is a hope thread.
Post hope, despair posting for the sake of hope is allowed. Despair posting for the sake of despair is not allowed.
It's okay even if you break the rules though, hope will always win in the end.
Actually you know what? Post despair
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Ruruka did nothing wrong.png
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>Punches Naegi and makes him bleed
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school.
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reeeeeeeeeee
>Tried to take kill the donut but jobbed again.
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair.


He is gonna kick everyone in the damn anime and survive, shrugging it off while kicking the traitor back to hell. HE WAS LITERALLY INVOLVED IN ALL THE DEATHS, HE'S GONNA KICK EVERYONE.



PS: Normalfags and Chiakifags need not apply to based Juzo.

Juzo dying would mean the end of the world, which is a rather big despairing event. I'd rather not think about such a cruelty.

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I just want him to die
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I want to get locked up with her in an airtight school and make her food and bring it to her Monokuma lair. I'd also clean it and drag her out if she stays up late watching her chinese despair cartoons. I want to feel her breath going from shallow to deep as she falls asleep in my arms. I want to feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a nightmare and feel her sob into my chest. I would kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I want to take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her sickly hand so that she can fall asleep. I want to make shitty homemade pizza with her and stay up late watching dumb movies and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I want to play retarded drinking games with her, talk about stupid drunk things and show her how to play pool in the rec room while shitty alternative metal plays. I want to feel the warmth of her body and her slightly drunk breath as she tries to line up the cue for a shot. I want to call her ordinary-looking and mention other girls I talk to see her eyes light up with jealousy.

One night, she will silently sneak over to the kitchen. Walking back into my room, a shining sliver of a blade will be extending from her clenched fist. It would be easy - right between my ribs, rupturing the heart, death would come almost instantly. But something is wrong. Her hand stops halfway, and begins to shake violently, as if the knife itself wants to jump out and pierce my chest. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, her hands grabbing at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body is shaking feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond my door.
Tengan is a bitch though and is probably in on it.
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especially for charredmin.png
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Previous thread: >>145480763

It's a hot summer, a hot hot summer!
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I love Annie more than anything in this world
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
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Armin is love
Armin is life
Armin is the shifter we need but don't deserve
Armin is too precious for this world, too pure
Armin will make the walls great again
I love Armin
Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki.

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this could actually be an interesting thread
Me on the left.
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I'll take both.

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Would giving Akari a third hairbun breath life back into Yuru Yuri?
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I'd say it's worth a shot

Akari's buns work like warp nacelles, they should go in pairs. Four buns or nothing.

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