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This shit is getting an anime adaptation. Discuss.
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Which production company? Depending on which, I may watch this series.
Is this the one where some grade school fat fuck turns into a scumbag in high school? Holy hell this MC is a piece of trash.
Calm down fatty, MC is the good guy here

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Is she /a/? Think about it, she made a contract with eldritch beast to destroy the fucking world in case she die. She isn't a character that would die to save the world, she rather destroy the world in case she die. That's pretty fucking evil in my book.
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I want to believe she did it to save his life or to save other people's lives. She probably meant to pass Puck onto maybe her daughter or drill loli before she died.
I'm saying that Emilia probably made that kind of contract to save lives and was probably intending on passing Puck's contract along to another user to prevent that Ice Age bullshit.

Who is the sluttiest esper in academy city?
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Misaka Mikoto.
The one that fucks pigs.
who is that

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my eyes
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Sliver Soul.jpg
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So /a/ what's your opinion on one of the greatest shonen ever made
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it's shit
It's good then it's not good
Family Guy for weeaboos, nothing to see here

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You can borrow this Mio for 48 hours
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I don't really want her desu
Ain't no one sexualizing her

Fuck every single god damn thing about this show. Every person still drawing breath can go jump off a cliff and die. I'm filled with so much pain that I might as well just kill myself right now.

Fucking fuck. I hate everything. What did you think?
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iz ok
Abandonment issues the show.
Forced drama.

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>Tournament arcs
Why? At this point every shonen has a tournament arc, even if it's retarded and downright unfitting. Is this one of those "Dragonball did it so now everyone must do it" memes?
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Because they're usually 1v1 which allows characters to develop or show off new abilities.
>Is this one of those "Dragonball did it so now everyone must do it" memes?
Tournament arcs are great fuck you nigga

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How do you stop a Yotsuba?
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Extreme dolphin videos

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Anyone remember how good the Umineko anime was?
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It was fun, doesn't deserve half the hate it gets and motivated me to read the VN
It was trash that did not have the benefit Higurashi had of being the only entry point to the series at its time.
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supreme gentleman.png
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I remember DESIRE and nothing else

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Yama no Susume on Mountain Day!! (Japanese holiday about mountain first held in 2016)
I think something inportant new informtaion will be announced today.


and radio, but no avarabol on abroad. it's your fault.
放送時間/ラジオ大阪 8月10日(水)24:00~24:30
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CpgarU3UAAEJqI9.jpg orig.jpg
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and it's a Kokonuts's birthday today

Jesus, do they usually do stuff this late?

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new game +.webm
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Discussion topic:

You live in an alternate universe in which Frieza was successful in killing Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Bulma, and Piccolo. Lord Beerus is preparing for the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 saga and needs 5 fighters to represent our Universe. Who does he pick?
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1. Frieza
2. Cooler
3. Broly
4. Hirdugaarn
5. Buu
1. Dabura
2. Buu
3. Cell (considering the z-fighters were on namek and they then died nothing would stop him from becoming perfect cell)
4. Vegeta
5. Frieza
How would that even happen though?

Wasn't the whole Universe 6 v 7 started because of Bulma's food?

If in the alternative universe, Frieza killed the Z-Heroes and subjugated/wiped off Earth and sold it, wouldn't that simply mean the scenario would never happen?

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Why do you want to look EXACTLY like Koito?
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But I don't want to be a boy!
check "Unbalance x 3 Manhwa"

thank me later
I want to look like Koito except I want big tiddies.

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But where's the Trolls.png
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Trolls >>>>>>>> Goblins
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already been done
Reminder that Goblin Slayer shouldn't be a Silver rank adventurer
No one?

Are heart pupils the most retarded trend in recent years? Shit never should've existed outside of comedy/gag series, just feels retarded anywhere else.
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Still better than the trend of polygonal hair

People will defend this because of rose-tinted glasses
Quit being a whiny bitch, OP.
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Works well with porn.

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