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evangelion 3.33.jpg
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Is this the G-Reco of Evangelion? Only retards think it is the worst. 3.33 is the only good Rebuild.
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G-Reco is good. 3.33 is not.
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Gay pianos.

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Post the most recent anime image you saved from /a/
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Chapter77 coming soon.
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After a long war Helck manages to win and becomes the new human king.
The emperor, Azudora and the other 2 heavenly king perish in battle.
Vamirio is proclaimed the demon empress. She decides to marry Helck so they can unite the two country and have peace forever.
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Alicia is crying.
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oh fuck, multi-coloured Piuys?

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Crime free edition.

S3 when, it's been years since season 2.
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Any of the other girls get these cute little reaction image size drawings?
>years since season 2
It aired in late 2015. Less than a year is not years.

But I want S3 too.

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The final chapter by Manga$tream: http://mangastream.com/r/billy_bat/Final%20Chapter/3638/1

All in all, not a great manga. Not recommended.
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>It's another "Urasawa tries to do a story with a huge sense of scale but can't actually write around those so it just ends up being an unreadable unsatisfying clusterfuck" episode

What are the odds. He should really learn to take it down a notch.
I think he went full retard with this work. It's almost like a parody or satire.

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Fuck you too, Captcha.

Everyone dropped this already?
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>dropping AOTS
is this a meme show

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>flashback arc
>no gorilla warfare
ok fuck editing that
>shota tomo still has fang
heart status:muh

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What is his next move?
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Does he have any other franchises to destroy?
>not revive
File: GADU_ANDU_SIVA.png (169KB, 225x350px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He starts up his own franchise of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Akihabara.

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Eris is my Goddess.
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If she is so lucky, why is she flat?
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Because flat chests are better in every single way in the long run.

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Today I will remind them
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But I love gundam
Baka. That's obviously Mazinger.
Looks like Ultra Magnus to me.

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What's your first impression of this anime based on this picture?
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Kyoko revealing her lust for busty blondes while Sayaka stares into the distance
PLEASE blondie give the guy a titjob.
Possibly the ugliest boy ass I've seen

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Youjo Senki manga chapter 5 Raw is out

This chapter has no action, lots of talking, Tanya being a cute
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File: 003.png (1MB, 1494x1070px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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RIP - Best Girl.
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OH FOR FUCK SAKE MASHIMA Are we going for Musica's route again?
>people still think death on fairy tail can't be undone


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is not for se--.png
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To this day, I have never seen a Relife thread.

Need a consensus people. Love it? Hate it?
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The board was full of ReLife threads when the season was starting.
There were plenty. Everyone was pleasantly surprised.
I thought it was lots of fun. i didn't care about the changing EDs but some losers loved that.
Hope that helps you get up to date.
I liked it.
The threads were fun too.

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