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find a flaw
>you can't
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Diaperfags are literally worse than furries.
Not in the anime.

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ITT: we post and discuss winners
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Lisanna should win
This but
>Not winning the Natsubowl
Mashima doesn't have the balls

What does /a/ have to say about this?
Did moe kill anime?
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normalfag facebook shit
You realize that those programs just look for symmetry, so putting in a tilted face will give a score of 0.

Well it's easier to draw and animate and still draws a decent sized audience.

Didn't kill it at all, but it is shit.

Is this worth watching? I vaguely remember seeing it on TV, but can't remember anything about it other than its about metrosexual wolves.
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The only good thing about it is the op.
And the Walrus fight:


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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't really like it
but I love you all

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It's here.

Waiting on download and subbed version.
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>dat Carol
Muh dick
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where's Carol's hat though?
>and subbed version.

I hope you speak Taiwanese/Chinese because otherwise you'll never get subs.

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Why is Benten such a good girl?
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Reminder that Benten did nothing wrong and only vegans hate her.
Tbh senpai, apart from that jealous Tanuki and his family, no one was the "bad guy" in Uchouten Kazoku
I hope Benten can get the moon someday.

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Finally a healing episode. I was in tears of happiness, /a/nons ;_;
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I have never felt so bad for an anime character before, poor Rem.
I gotta agree that I feel kinda bad for Rem too. I prefer Emilia, but at this point Rem deserves Subaru if she wants him that much. I wish Emilia-tan got someone who deserves her too though
Rem gets her existence erased and Subaru gets a checkpoint.

What now Remfags.

Bow down to the true waifu and that is Emilia.

Is HxH the deepest anime?
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What did he mean by this?
Probabily not. But is the most real SHONEN anime in how thigs really work
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It might be deep if the show bothered to let some motives or conversations develop without each character explicitly stating their thoughts every breathing moment. That's partially because the manga was written to ensure every reader understood exactly what was going on, but that just means there's no room for subtext in an adaptation as faithful as this one.

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Has there been a mangaka who has had a greater fall from grace?
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>fall from grace
That is funny. I respect him more then ever. Gave those shipfags to ruminate over.
he still has all the technical skill, the only fall he's experiencing is bad shipping and you're insane if you think re:one bleach super isn't in the works
How long until he reboots the series and continues from Soul Society arc?

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apologize for what? Emilia didn't force subaru to pick her nor force rem to be a cuck
I'm sorry your waifu is a cuck.
Rem a best

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The answer is bigger, right?
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The answer is "we should find out".
Poor girl. Her self-image is so damaged she relies on physical assets to get any sort of attention.

I'm taking my Kagari-chan and leaving!
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Reminder that no one likes Chihayya!
But are you an expert on human language?
What did she mean by this?

How do i make myself 2d?
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Take a nap in front of a steam-roller
This. Came here to say "Have you seen Maximum Overdrive?"

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So apparently the anime is coming out after all. Seeing how the cast of characters numbers in the hundreds, I doubt they will include everyone. So that leaves only the most popular ones besides the main cast.

I am fully expecting a lot of cows and the cutest in the world.

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Official site.

>2 IPs
Nice anime

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