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>HF Shirou is best Shirou!

>Doesn't save Illya
>Doesn't save Kirei
>Doesn't save Saber
>Doesn't save Shinji
>Doesn't save countless numbers of people
>Doesn't save ideal
>Doesn't save himself
>Saves evil used goods

What's so great about him?
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All Shirous are shit. Fate fags just delude themselves. He's easily one of the most least popular TM character. Shitrou a shit
>Doesn't save Kirei
That's a good thing, faggot. Everything else is spot-on, though.
9 times out of 10 I've found that people who enjoy HF the most have the least understanding of the characters and the story.

Not trying to poke at people who enjoy it, and I'm not even talking about shit involving Sakura, but I've had way too many conversations with people who think HF is the 'awsomeest' because Shirou gives up his ideals.

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Can we have sakuga thread ?
I'm trying to make a new pastebin,here is the old one:

Also here are some recent news, pls feel free to add more :

>Masayuki Miyaji directing, storyboarding OP for Nanatsu no Taizai Seisen no Shirushi (airs tomorrow)
>Staff for Zaregoto OVA announced, Yuki Yase Directing, Hirofumi Suzuki Chief AD
>The Dragon Dentist gets two episodes in February, Kazuya Tsurumaki directing & AD, Shuichi Iseki designs, Enokido's writing.
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Kimi no Na wa. credits:

Storyboard : Makoto Shinkai
Character Design : Masayoshi Tanaka, Masashi Ando
Animation Directors : Masashi Ando, Ei Inoue, Kenichi Tsuchiya, Shunsuke Hirota, Kazuchika Kise
Direction: Kenji Imura

Takeshi Inamura, Hideki Hamasu, Akira Honma, Ei Inoue, Kenichi Tsuchiya, Shunsuke Hirota, Atsuko Tanaka, Megumi Kagawa, Hiroko Minowa, Takayo Nishimura, Taisuke Iwasaki, Naoki Kobayashi, Tazawa Ushio, Ai Takashi, Hisaki Furukawa, Satoru Nakamura, Mariko Matsuo, Akira Takeuchi, Matsunaga Emi, Naoyuki Tatsuwa, Ryousuke Mizuno, Naoko Kawahara, Ryosuke Tsuchiya, Yuko Matsumura, Minoru Ōhashi

Yutaka Araki, Yuji Watanabe, Naoko Saitou, Sanae Yamamoto, Kazuyoshi Takeuchi

Emi Ohta, Takahiro Chiba, Shinji Suetomi, Takenawa Rina, Sachiko Fukuda, Hiroko Kasuga, Saki Konishi, Haruo Okuno, Takayuki Gotan, Saeko Tsumabi

Matsumoto Norio, Hiroyuki Okiura, Takashi Hashimoto
>The Dragon Dentist gets two episodes in February, Kazuya Tsurumaki directing & AD, Shuichi Iseki designs, Enokido's writing.

Hype as fuck. Are those like 24 minute type episodes or has the length not been mentioned? I really hope this is the start how Tsurumaki directing shit that isn't Eva Rebuild films again.
It will air on NHK BS Premium for two episodes, the total run time is 90 minutes (45 minutes each).

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So, do you think It's gonna be good?
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>cookie cutter Watashit sameface designs
>Garbage animation quality
>Boring Monogatari template direction

It's going to be AMAZING

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Kishimoto should be lynched for what he done to this anime.
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gain weight.
Are you ready for the cluster of flashbacks that'll be shown in the final fight?
Was the fight at least good?

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You can have Yuru Yuri S4 but only one of the following:
>done by Dogakobo
>directed by Masahiko Ohta
>Kyouko's voice is not fucked up

Which one do you choose?
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How fucked up is it gonna be if I don't pick the 3rd option?
Kyouko's voice is going to be fucked up no matter what.

Kyouko is shit anyways
This fucked up:


Ignore 3DPD if you're not into it.

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shonen family.jpg
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Now that the big three are almost dead (despite their dad being back). What are the new big three?
I think some would say Re:zero, Boku no hero academia and one punch man.
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There's not going to be another big three.

Face it, people aren't as interested in shonen fighting series anymore.
/a/ is only for educated and non-violent anime characters. Please post these volatile disturbances of public peace on more appropriate boards.
If we want to seriously talk about this, the Big Three referred to Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto, three of WSJ's biggest hits. Out of those three, only BnHA actually fits that. The other two are an irregular released manga in a seinen magazine, and an anime.

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Maji clones swimwear.png
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Welcome Majibro's!
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about time
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Route someday.
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Benkei is a miracle of the universe

to be completely honest.

Dān Fěi : i will end your
arrogant with my sword
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OST is out by the way

classic hero eating with main villain
at diner table scene .
Dān Fěi being imprison

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Why did anime switch from a model of satisfying if anime original endings to a model of no conclusion and hoping for a season 2 that will never come? Isn't it better for them to adjust admit there will be no S2 and write an original ending?
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>Why did anime switch from a model of satisfying if anime original endings to a model of no conclusion [forcing you to buy the source material to get the full story]?
Now you may guess what might be the reason.
It doesn't work though since I don't buy the original.
It works.
You aren't the target audience you filthy gaijin leech.

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Do Europeans really do this?
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I did this as a child when i was counting.
Make a fist and try extending your thumb and your pinky. Which feels more effortless?

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One of these threads.
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Do we think that Dimple and Kamuro are responsible for Ritsu going down his dark path or that he was always gonna end up being an immoral dick?
Why is Ritsu so shit? He didn't need to go this far
They definitely hurried him along his path to darkness, but he was an edgy kid with a brother complex from the start and would probably have ended up snapping at some point down the line.

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>[HorribleSubs] Handa-kun - 08 [720p].mkv
Truth about anime eyes?
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>tfw handa threads are always dead
Librarian is best girl.
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This reminds me, why are girls with small pupils in anime always so good?

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Tell me about Shinobu?
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What do you want to know?
how old is she.
During Kabukimonogatari she says that she is 598 years and 11 months old.

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New episode of Mari and Wakas excellent adventure.
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Time for dick.
Jealous Mari is pretty good too.
>Waka and her mom are complete sluts

Wasn't expecting that.

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desu noto.jpg
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>/a/ pretends to hate this because it is popular yet jerks off TTGL, Code Geass, HxH, Berserk, Bleach, One Piece, and JoJo daily
You autistic contrarians can't make up your minds.
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I just hate it because I didn't like L's replacements.
I hated the shit out of Near.
Mello was ok.
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>Jerks off Bleach, One Piece
Mikami was the best part of the last part of the series...DELEEEEEEETE!!!!!!

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