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Anyone else disappointed by 91 days? I mean these guys are supposedly italian style mobsters but they won't stop screaming at each other like little kids. I don't know man I watch alot mobster movies and it feels like they didn't study enough on the culture surrounding the italian mafia.
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So the movies are an accurate depiction of the mafia but this anime isn't? Based on what?
They should be eating more spaghetti

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Why didn't the best girl win?
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>didn't win
Notice how I said best girl and not worst girl.
>no kiss

Sasuga Kyoanus. I was surprised they didnt throw in a dyke for no reason this time

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ITT: forgotten shows.
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Nobody remembers this show.
But I fap to Timothy every fucking day!
Unhappy will be the best CGDCT of this year.

Thread for the 11 anons watching. Do people think this is yaoi or something is that why they are not watching it? The MC gets a girl.
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Tales of Zestiria is more yaoi than this. The game even has homo end.

CG anime is saved

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Does anyone else get the Gantz X website wallpapers? i can't find the hidden password of this month.
M8 you a slowpoke. With that said, Nishi a cute! A CUTE!
>new trailer
>Its the same one Oku posted in his twitter

Son Im disappoint. And with that said it looks great, Anzu a cute.

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is it autism?
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No, it's a kid.
A kid with autism
If you are talking about /a/, yes

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Genuine question: why is anime so popular in the US? It never managed to reach the popular consciousness in the same way in the UK.
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>why is anime so popular in the US?

Because it's not. Go outside more.
>so popular in the US

it's not

Only DBZ is somewhat popular and only because of Mexicans
I go outside pretty often, but I live in the UK so my outside is rather different from yours.

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ITT: anime you have repressed memories of
I happened across this last night and I asked myself did I seriously watch this in sophomore year
I rewatched the second episode and terrible memories have come flooding back that yes. Yes I did.
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I'm still trying to work every trace of Love Hina out from my system.
i thuroughly enjoyed akikan. I hate who i once was.
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Naruto, mostly.

ITT: moments you realized a character was batshit insane
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is that semen
it is
literally me

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Japanese poll to college students on what they consider is the most important part of an anime.

>#1 Story (49%)
>#2 Characters (25.8%)
>#3 Music (5.7%)
>#4 Realism (4.6%)
>#5 Animation (4.1%)

/a/ BTFO. Animation elistists are the worst part of anime fandom. Which anime elements do you prioritize?
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If animation isn't important why fucking bother making it a cartoon to begin with?
>realism over animation
Go watch live action retards.
And yet anime with good animation sells well, but ones with good story and characters bomb 9 of 10 times. Then you have idolshit and lnshit that is shit in every aspect becoming huge success. Useless poll.

Should I watch this subbed or dubbed? I see tons of good arguments both ways
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You shouldn't watch it after the first 5 episodes because then it becomes shit and the poor man's Dragon Ball Z.
It's known for having a markedly better english dub than original japanese.

Eh. It's pretty much the same either way. I prefer the dub to a lot of 90s-00s shounen, but only because I grew up on it.

>Gets $559 a month, still doesn't remove adds
>Wants 4x the amount of money newgrounds is asking for in order to completely remove adds
>Has only about 1/10th of the amount of visits newgrounds has
>Also doesn't run bandwidth intensive videogames
>New, innovative and more intrusive adds on Gelbooru everyday

How jewish can you be? It's like he wants to be a multi-millionaire off an anime porn website. Either that, or he's trying to hire coder-san to turn Gelbooru into an MMORPG.
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Go buy a server and make a better job than Gelbooru for less money or stop complaining.


What fucking ads?
>not host using an ad filtering hosts file
What, are you too much of a faggot to use Linux?

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Does a nice face make up for a flat or small chest?
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yes yes yes
I don't understand. Why would you need to make up for DFC?
Yes, without a doubt.

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Is there an uglier girl in shonen? Even Sakura looked better.
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She does look a little manly
A little? She is basically a man.
>Is there an uglier girl in shonen
But it's a boy, anon.

Holy shit, the autism runs deep.
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Ikr, like wtf? How can't she get what he wants from her.
the art for this is really pretty
gets me every time

Was just about to make a thread.

I couldn't handle Naho not understanding that he just wanted to hold hands. I'm glad her friends laughed at her for it.

All of them getting letters is just silly. If Kakeru ends up revealing that he got a letter, too, I'll be dying from laughter.

Was hoping that Hagita wanted to talk to Azusa about their adorable relationship instead of plot, but I knew it was going to end up being plot. Kind of upset, but in a sense it did further their relationship or at least show that Hagita trusts Azusa the most, since he went to her first about something like this, so it's good enough.

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