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What's the best anime for kids and why is Dinosaur King?
>Tatsumo Malm Thread
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Beyblade was the best
Fucking Medabots, seriously this shit is so good. Recently watched it cause it got subs and fuck me man what a sweet show. If you like hot blooded super robot shit then do yourself a huge favour and give it a shot.

Also getting subs by the same guy!
Thinking of checking it out.

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Come chat with Asuka homies.

Old thread here:

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first for everyone should have asuka tupla
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Second for Tulpabro being pure as FUCK
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You are now Touma, what do you do?
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Realistically? Probably turn my back on everyone and just be a coward.
live my life correctly
Punch myself.

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What's your favorite character archetype and why is it the tomboy?
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Sorry, I don't like cookie cutters
>lolxd im a special snowflake
girly girls > girly boys > boyish girl > boyish boy

so that happened
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No, it didn't.
Don't lie.
Lulu best kuma
It did and it was great. Or it could had been great had it been at least 24 episodes.

I want to forcibly feed naughty Nagisa my cheese!
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Nagisa dies
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There is nothing in the movie that implies Nagisa is in any way naughty, sexually or otherwise. Also, you don't need to force feed her cheese, she will gladly eat all you have to offer.

Just make sure this redheaded thing doesn't try to steal the cheese for herself first.
I want to forcibly feed naughty Nagisa my cheese until she dies.

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Cute girls.
Why do they have such soft lips?
isnt it just adolesence?

Just finished watching this and it was pretty fucking good. But a few questions.

Why are there zero women in this anime? Why is S2 ost always worse than S1? Is there a better narrator in anime?

And I fucking hate Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas but I can never skip their openings.
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Women don't like to gamble. both osts are pretty gud. No.

I also just finished watching and the only thing I don't get is why the black suits allowed kaiji to literally rip the stars off of those other 2 "friends" of his. Also Why was Kaiji retarded enough to not expect something when Hyoudou kept his hand in the box longer.

>It was pretty fucking good


How did you feel about the "Watch CGI pachinko balls roll down a tray for some-20 episodes" part?

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Everyone say one (JUST ONE) bullshit/asspull/plot-hole from Bleach. Aim for the top, anons.

I'll start: Ywach stole Yamamoto's bankai just to be forgotten.
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Isshin going to SS with Ryuken
Kenpachi beating a reality warper with a purely Melee based zan.

Nanao's Shikai

What was to point of the soul tickets Kyoraku gave Ichigo's friends?

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What went wrong?
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Nothing, its working as intended, I get to call anyone I want a faggot and they get to call me a faggot right back.
Listing what went right would be faster.

What's the scariest thing you've ever seen in an anime?
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The date.

Where has my life gone?
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Watched the first season of Kagewani today, the underwater episode was pretty unsettling.
This. Right now

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We begin with Gray and Juvia under Invel’s Ice Lock, they’re losing consciousness, can’t think, and questioning why their body is doing something against their will. Invel says Gray is going to win like he thought and that he needs him to awaken to the dark side to become a warrior to defeat E.N.D.

“Zeref is the one to defeat Acnologia and take over the world, but E.N.D is an obstacle to that.”
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They proceed to fight each other continuously each against their will and overpowering one another. Juvia at first says she doesn’t want to hurt Gray and tries to resist.
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She proceeds to commit suicide upon herself to free Gray from Ice Lock. He is in shock. He didn’t want to hurt Juvia either. He proceeds to also himself. Gray says wanted to protect and care for Juvia. (He thinks of her as more than a friend).

Why do people read this retarded shit? Isn't this manga just as shitty as Bleach?

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Why are harems considered to be a bad thing?
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Most humans like to be monogamous
Because monogamist.
cause they are boring and cliche

>No side arm.

What caliber?
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What would sex with Kanna be like?
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rip ;_;7
I want Ikta-senpai to fix my life.

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Looking back, what are your thoughts on Kill La Kill?
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fucking dope
alright show

shit fanbase
as forgettable as the others

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