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Kubo wants to start a new manga but he doesn't want to write it because he realized drawing is the only thing he's good at.

You have 10 seconds to hook Kubo up with a writer.

I nominate Kazuma Kamachi.
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Light novel sellers or Tsughmi ohba.

This is getting good.
Speculation thread.
Was the dragon Edna's brother, or was it the drake from Mariland? Was it Uno who became Uroboros the serpent, but is a dragon now for the anime?
Do you expect them to go through the mansion in Mariland and find the picture of Velvet's brother?
Did Zaveid fuck Lailah?

Also why is Sorey so concerned about Mikleo in the anime? In the games he already trusts Mikleo to the point where he doesn't chase after him when they split up.
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>This is getting good.

But Velvet didn't appear once.
That's good, I'd rather see Zestiria fixed and play Berseria in game format.
Nevermind. I really should watch the whole episode before I jump to conclusions.

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what the fuck was this guy's plan for getting lilith?
what would he do if adam wasn't on a boat?
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What would he have done if Shinji wasn't gay?
literally just run really fast through the corridors of nerv and then do a belly flop down the elevator shaft
Could be incompletely formed, like Sandalphon, and jumping the gun to snap at what's in front of it. Angels started getting experimental around this point, too, maybe the idea was to eventually make Nerv come find it.

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>Anime about gangs
>None of the characters involved in drug crime or drive bys
>No one has done time in prison

why so unrealistic
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t. American
There is a whole subplot about drugs and one of the villains spends a season in jail
It's rare to see anime tackle drugs in ways that aren't
>Drugs = Super powers.
>Drugs = Complete paralysis
>Drugs = Something that looks like an emergency allergy shot inducing a complete acid trip within seconds complete with full visual and auditory hallucinations.

That said I think there are mentions of drugs in Durarara but it doesn't play that big of a role in what's going on.

Please tell me there will be more.
I feel so fucking empty.
Whatevs, Shirobako thread.
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New Game is better
Heh, I didn't knew about this one. Is it in any way attached to Shirobako?
I'll give it a try, I'm a sucker for this kind of setup, but I've also seen many anime and manga talking about art and production in a terrible way, Shirobako was really good at that.
It's more about cute girls doing cute things at workplace than Shirobako, with a little of fanservice thrown in. Both have a similar thematic nonetheless, even if Shirobako is more in-depth.

Favorite Space Dandy ep?
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Not this one lol
When Dandy was was in Space

That was a pretty good episode
Which one is it then?

Chapter 141 is out
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Pretty good
>Hurting the Hishiron.
They won't remember each other though.

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Let the feelscoaster begin
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>its a tachikoma episode
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Quan Chii Fortess.jpg
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>It's a Major episode
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good end.png
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Is my waifu a slut if her VA has done hentai?
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that's like saying you're waifu a slut if she's been in doujin
you're not making sense anon
Wait Asami Imai did hentai??

Opinions on Re:Zero and it's most recent episodes?
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[X] Rape the Maids
Well of course. It's a must
Greatest anime of all time. Puts NGE to shame.

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ITT:Scenes in anime that legitimately make you angry
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>getting angry over poorly-written, cartoonish, unrealistic dumb shit

I don't think you're watching anime for the right reasons, anon. Take off the fedora and start over.
Every single scene in Re:Zero
>No you cant become emotionally connected to anime because I say so
Anime is the future of media

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What's your bet?
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My virginity just for her.
My virginity.
my virginity

So we all know they cant swim but are there other weaknesses to exploit? Like could you kill this guy by giving him chemical burns and dissolving his flesh instead of cutting it up?
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yes, sea prisim stone becomes their kryptonite
thats another devilfruit unique weakness

you could probably grind sea prisim stone into a fine powder and blow it over an entire town or something to weaken every devilfruit user
Sea salt, kairoseki, haki...
How stupid of me to forget things like that, at any rate you know what I mean about finding alternative weaknesses to devil fruit users. Like how Usopp gave Sugar a weakness to the sight of his face, long noses, and stick shaped things in general.

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...in favor of just setting an anime/manga in a fantasy world to be begin with?

I remember this trope being really common in the 90s in various media before it died out.

Like, Overlord's setting could easily work as just a standard fantasy world without the set up that it's the year 2126 and this ultra-advanced MMO is having it's servers shut down.

Same with other "trapped in another world" story lines-------you can have the fantasy world without even having to involve e "the real world" at all.

Is there a reason this seems more common recently?
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because its easy to write
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Overlord 01.png
268KB, 649x439px

But the entire premise of Overlord revolves around it being set in a video game and the guild Momonga was once a part of. It could definitely have been set in a regular fantasy world, but the premise would be completely different. It's specifically targeting people that know and understand the nostalgia from being in a guild and the sadness that comes with its disbanding. I think it actually uses the isekai + inside a video game premise pretty well.

Maybe I'm just saying that because I like it though.

Also, a bunch of people probably saw how popular Sword Art Online got and decided it's time to make some quick yen and what >>146068753 said.
I love VR settings but these type of series are just VR by name, or at least most of them. Remove the first few minutes when they talk about the game and exchange a bunch of names for attacks and shit and you have a typical fantasy.
I'd love to see some shit that involves hacking, in-deep game machanics and some psychological shit. And of course, the fucking real world as well. Otherwise there's no point choosing VR in the first place if there isn't even a comparison to the real world.

>reading a series that just starts to get interesting

>ends abruptly, and later find out that the Mangaka died

Aside from Tadashi, have any other mangaka died young?
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I know of the Itazura na Kiss mangaka, died before completing her Manga but I think she left notes that were used for the Anime adaptation
Also the Inu x Boku author, dunno if she left her works incomplete though

Miura will definitely die before finishing Berserk
Inu ended on the author's terms but her other planned work didn't

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