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Why is this anime so underrated ?
It contains the best female lead character ever
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It's not underrated, you're just new.
I've watched it when it aired, I just mean it doesn't get the praise it deserves, fuck at this point even NGE is borderline unknown for the average anime watcher.
Just so you know it aired in the same time period as SAO
>fuck at this point even NGE is borderline unknown for the average anime watcher.
Are you being serious right now or are you just baiting?

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Just look at this trash.
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Trash _.jpg
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let me guess; she was raped, tortured and mentally broken?
All girls get raped the manga.
We don't get to know before she gets massacred piecemeal. But it's fair to assume that she was.

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Why was this allowed?
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Stop making daily threads.
Desperate Jump.
You can tell by how the jump editorial read the first chapter with literally every shonen cliche imaginable and let t go through.

Probably had an extremely shit pile of manga from authors in that period.
It survived though...

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Childhood friends are for marrying
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They are for keeping sexually frustrated for 17 years.
Torpedo tits

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Chapter 2 of Flower Samurai manga by former assistant to Oda (One Piece) and Horikoshi (MHA)


Lots of text
We snk now?
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It's cute and comfy but i can't see it running for more than a few volumes at best even though it certainly deserves it more than a fucking black clover.
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15 (4).png
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The setting seems to be a mix of Snk and Gintama while the character interactions are more hero academia.

His art style really reminds me Horikoshi. Not sure if thats good or bad.
>not in WSJ

Worth a read at least.

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Aoba says she sleeps only 4 hours a day.
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I'm sure she gets enough sleep during the night.
No Aoba! You can't just sleep your weekends away to catch up!
That's pretty normal though. I've been doing that since high school, save for weekends.

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It's her birthday on Friday
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Miuna is beautiful, she will protect your smile if you let her into your heart.
Will she be legal then?
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Fuck off from page 10, Miuna.

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What's the most anime you've ever watched in a day?
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I think it was with One Piece decade ago like 50 episodes at least.
I've watched anime for 36 hours straight mate.
I remember watching all episodes of the KKOW!! OVA in one day. So 10 hours of just anime. But I think i've watched more.

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I stopped following this shit after Gray's dad was revealed, what crazy shit happened after that?
He absorbed his dad's power.
The dragons were inside them all along.
Igneel is kill.
Natsu is END, zeref's resurected brother, and the only one able to kill him.
Zeref attacks the continent with the army from his own country which was never revealed to get back his loli.
Bullshit fights and Gajeel is not dead.
Juvia gets tricked into probably not killing herself to save Gray.
Can't make this shit up
How the fuck you guys can continue reading this mess?
Even in terms of fanservice it's shallow as fuck.

ITT: characters you want to hug
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these aren't the titties I was promised. how can silver link get away with ruining everything like this?
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they only gave us like 2 fucking close ups and they were still shots that only lasted like 8 frames each.
they even hid them out of frame to avoid having to animate them in action scenes
Where the hell is her left nipple?

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Next episode (23) is titled "Unscrupulous Sloth"
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DJniki is pride
Betelgeuse is fake and gay. here's actual archbishop
Why do you faggots start each thread with the next episodes title?

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Why is the strongest god of them all portrayed as a kid? And why does he need bodyguards?
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>Why is the strongest god of them all portrayed as a kid?
Because of the trend of "the little guy is actually the most powerful/dangerous" that started with Vegeta and Nappa (perhaps even earlier in Dragonball). Back then it was fresh and new, now it's just stale and stupid.

>And why does he need bodyguards?
Because it looks cool. Do you think Toriyama thinks this shit through or something? I'd like to use the "It's a kid's show" excuse, but a target demographic is no excuse for laziness.
>perhaps even earlier in Dragonball
Yeah chapter 1 with Goku.
Kek, you're technically right. I was mostly looking at potential new enemies/rivals though.

It's a shame too, I actually l iked Beerus' design and character. He and Champa are probably the best thing about this show.

Suigintou had a hard life
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There, improved your junk.
Also got her to have sex.
Well at least she's the best doll.
Nothing some hot glue wouldn't fix.

Hajiotsu thread?
Let's drown in the cuteness of Himari together.
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>kiss end
I'm always sad to see such a cute manga end, but I'm glad it didn't overstay it's welcome.
Himari best girl.
>no handholding

Could have done with a little omake, but I suppose this is fine too.
Himari is so sweet

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