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>you will never make a brood of beautiful Aryan babies with your qt greasemonkey childhood friend
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I could swear that in FMA:B her breasts were growing as the series went on.
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possible, considering even Edowaado did grow from Midget into a decent sized adult.
There's actually only like a few months' time difference between the two pics. Puberty sure hit Ed hard.

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ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong.
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>Be pedophile
>Get job as a teacher
>All the sexy children tempt you
>Stop yourself from molesting all the decent kids with futures by singling out the worst girl in the year and directing all of your lust at her
He literally didn't do anything wrong.
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TTGL was cool i don't why it gets so much shit

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By a former assistant to Oda (One Piece) and Horikoshi (My Hero Academia)
It has a great potential.
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Hope it'll crush NnT, SnK and FT.
Haha No way
I can tell there's some Oda influence in his art but I can't really tell where

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I'm glad Kuroneko didn't get with that loser Kyousucker.
Now I can date her, court her, marry her and let her bear our wonderful children.
I will rescue her from a life full of sadness.
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She probably has a 2D boyfriend by now, anon. She'd look bad to the incest couple if she stayed a single loser.

I don't normally waifu wars because that shit is stupid but fuck did this ending make me rage

I think I'm more mad about this than I am about bunny drop

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Next movie when
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Shinbo said they'd have news once Wraith Arc and Madogatari ended. The concept movie trailer is getting a semi-public release in September at Tokyo Encore and WA ends in October.
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I wish they would hurry up. I don't want the seiyuus and composer to get too old and go senile. Urobuchi seems to be going senile already
In the year 20XX[/spoiler.]

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So this is the enemy's Stand...
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That poor jacket
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That's an unholy creature.
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LN sequel when
Never because nips have shit taste
>cowtits when she should be B or C at most
I hate the anime's design.

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It's time.
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>forgiving the slut
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I dont really understand the appeal of these shows. I dont think that i an a self inserter, but i dont find these shows relatable without at least one male lead. I know /a/ generally loves them, so could somebody explain why?
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Because you're a newfag. Next question.
1- NNB has male characters
2- Fuck off
They are shit, /a/ just likes to be hipsters about it.

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This looks pretty interesting
I just saw there's an anime of this, is it worth looking it up or should I just go and buy the mango instead ?
If you like cooking then either choice is fine.
If you're not into cooking then the series isn't that good. There's not much plot or drama, it's a cooking manga.

There's no space between punctuation in English, ESL-kun.
They always pull drama shit with these kind of series. You knew exactly what you were getting into.

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>Dem hands
>Dem hips
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Top or bottom?

That's the good thing about it
I have little hands and wide hips as a guy

kill me

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This was announced back in 2015 and it was suppose to air in 2016. It seems like Sunrise is kinda busy this year with other anime so I'm thinking that this has been delayed into next year or even later. I wish we knew more though, I'm curious as to what this anime will be. It's giving me Star Driver vibes.

Any predictions for anything?

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First time hearing about it. But it's original and it's sunrise. It must me good.
every time i read about Classicaloid. Mirai Arise come to my mind.
>original and it's sunrise

>Gohanfags still think Gohan will have a moment like this again

Give it up, losers.
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What were you like when he died?
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Disappointed, it would've been a much better story if their feud went on for a little longer and L ended up winning. Or it would also be better if Light felt the same for L as L did to Light, and then Light would try to find a method to win without killing L. But that would've also been near impossible to show a story like that without any holes.
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Gutted, it was inevitable due to L not being more forthright in his suspicions.
I legitimately cried. Light is an asshole and I never liked him, and I have no respect for people who rooted for him.

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