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More Dowman to kill my day since I haven't done any for a while. Continuing with Paraiso
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Chapter 8
[Side] "In the Olympic Stadium here"
"An enormous sexual orgy has risen to controversy"

Summer festival

"The festival sure is fun. Let's have sex outdoors"
"Sure thing, Norota-san"

"Eat some candy apples, get some goldfish"
"Have outdoor sex, watch the fireworks"
"Candy apples are delicious"

"Have outdoor sex, watch the fireworks"
"Notota-san. looks like you can get the goldfish there"

"Outdoor sex, outdoor sex... please..."
"The fireworks sure are pretty, Norota-san"
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Comic 1

"Hey gramma"
"Were you dirty before as well?"

"Well, your grandma was a woman too"
"I was so dirty when I was young"

"Those second stage bosses in arcade games sure were dirty too"
"Well, they definitely are dirty" [TN: Little girl means sexually dirty, grandma means spiteful dirty, いやらしい takes both meanings]

Comic 2
Drawing song

So there is
A single clitoris

Now a urethra, vagina
And an anus on the side

A well used labia minora
And a labia majora inherited from her mom

And in the blink of an eye
"Wait a minute..."
"This isn't a drawing song!!"
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Comic 1
"Summer vacation's gonna end soon"
"Sure is"

"Did you do your independent research already?"

"An areola observation diary" [TN: That black part surrounding your nipples]
"Everyday, I nourish my areola"
"Nourish your areola...?"

"It grew up to 16 cm in diameter"
"That's way too big!"
"You won't be a bride anymore, okay!?"

Comic 2
Summer training

"And so"
"The world's surface got frozen over in ice and we entered the Ice Age"

"H...How lewd..."
"If someone got frozen over in ice all at once, then... there's no mistake..."

"They're gonna get pregnant!"

"Should I go after her?"
"But if she's here the classroom gets cold"

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Should i bite the bullet and watch DBS subbed?

I have always watched DB stuff dubbed.
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It is not bad, and Dubs take forever to do
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>willing to watch series without perfection
It's extremely hard anon.
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yes because zamasu is beautiful

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asterisk war.png
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Why no one talks about this in /a/?
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Kill yourself.
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We already know that Claudia is best girl.
It was shit.

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Monday's here, let's party the night away! Post gif/webm of dancing animu grills

It's time again to listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our fine crew of little DJ girls!

Link is in the pastebin

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UK bank holiday banzai
Shit gif, shit anime, shit OP, shit thread.

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>Tetsuo Hara & Kentaro Miura, both known worldwide for their intense art in story telling. These two manga masters were brought together on the pages of Comic ZENON, for an epic double interview. When you bring two living legends face-to-face, what kind of dialogue will unfold? Today, SMAC! brings you a report of the results. Read on!
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I can't wait to know which Idolmaster Miura wants to fuck.
We already know it's Chihaya
I used to think that Idolmaster thing was a meme. Oh man, how naive.

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will japan ever top this?
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yes, they already did newfag
Hosoda can't
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>this whole post

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Why is her route the only good route?
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Because it was actually about photos.
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>that "first person perspective" tanline doujin
This. And it was the only one without cringey bullshit.

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D.Gray-man Hallow Episode 9. What a Twist.
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>Episode 9
When the fuck did this happened!?
I've been in a coma and no one told me?
We had so many Dgm threats on /a/ in the last month. Some even got over 400 so there is no excuse for missing out!
*months. It was supposed to be plural

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Who'd win in an all out fight for the Shikibowl?
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For fucks sake I had doodles in middle school that looked better that
If you mean like literal fight, than Arc, obviously. If you mean just competing for Shiki's love, then Hisui.
Kohaku has all the emotion blackmail needed to win.
Long neck is long.

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ITT post ugly anime characters
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Fuck you. Subaru is beautiful.
Every character below this post is beautiful and pure.

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Never. KyoAni won't even give it a movie.
Koito a shit.

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literally who?
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Kiruko San, the BEST girl. Whose series died prematurely.

We can bring her back to life. We have to.

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I want to teach sex ____ Renge.
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I wish there were more Renge fellatio
While punching

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Why is Sonia so mean? Yasuna wanted to play with her but she is always treated like crap by her.
That's fucked-up.
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Sonia cares about her. Everyone else in that class just ignores her.

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Season 2 WHEN?
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Who keeps making these?
I want to lick Kumicone.
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best girl coming through.png
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Would you let best girl come through?

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