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ITT: we discuss whether or not the anime industry is dying.
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Haha meme
It's not dying it's devolving.
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really makes you think...
This asspull is yuri shipping level.
Summoning Umaru-chan

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So I just finished this and it's left me more confused than when I picked it up. Everything is slow and the characters just talk and talk about nothing. Sure interesting stuff, but its worse than evangelion at the depth shit. Can someone explain what happened at the end? What is aura about? What did the hacker do? What were the motives of the old ladies voice? None of it makes any sense. The plot had no reason to exist and the big bad had no reason to be bad.

Everyone keeps saying how this is the most accurate mmo based anime. I barely agree with that considering how there's tons of asspulls and unbeatable monsters and 5% of the series is about fighting and mmo related stuff while 95% is NGE level depth.
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>bait on the first page
It's a lead up to the games, don't expect resolution or explanation of things that barely got any in the end.
i watched it forever ago
aura is a grill that got stuck in the game somehow
or it is a part of the code
or she is a bug
i dont remember shit, sorry for this

the .hack is barely about anything, sadly
its about mmorpg in a sense of feels delivered, i guess
but its NOT REAL as heck imho
like, what the heck, danmachi is a more realistic online dungeon crawl + rpg simulator then this is a mmorpg simulator
if you are lost in your way
deep in an awesome story
dont be in doubt and stray
cling to your lonesome folly


hear the chorus of pain
taking you back to proper ways
its so easy to find
if you could remind me

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>check catalog
>no handa kun thread

am I the only one following this show?
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Fuck that shit. Give me Barakamon S2
I think people are mad at the show for not being Barakamon 2.
People are silly.
Everyone dropped the show after that first half of the first episode.

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Appreciation thread for the best Keion. Beautiful, graceful, generous despite her wealthy background, and ever-fascinated by the world around her.
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>anything Kyoani at all
Sup Mugi
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>student-teacher romance
I was disgusted by it reading CCS as a kid, I'm stilll disgusted by it now.
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> Elementary school kid = High School girl
Yeah, ok.
Is the anime any good or should I stick with the manga?

This series has fallen from grace so hard its fucking depressing
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stop reading then
It was always just a poor man's Ashita no Joe.

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I rate it 8/10.
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>not 8/12
you fucked up OP-kun

But that's 2/3

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Pick one girl
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Me second from the left.
me on the left

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/a/ in a nutshell.
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Who said you could make this thread you subhuman filth
pretty much this
Freedom, everyone...

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>3DCG is inferior they said
>muh hand-drawn
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Sure, let me wait for an anime to actually look that good.
It still has a ways to go

Regardless, when you look at the grand scheme 3D is still incredibly young and it has come a very long way in a short time, it's only natural with all the continuous research and advancements, as well as improved technology, that it improves.
>that limited animation CG

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Well that was about as conclusive as every other Hibike Euphonium thread
still missing two answers:


can you repeat the question?

and no, they are only friends, nothing more.

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ITT: Anime only you watched.
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Pretty sure I watched it. For a show about moe girls and space it had pretty hard science.

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Some animes have a part where the episode begins they thank sponsors and they always say something like "o christmas-u" what does that even mean?
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the announced wished it was christmas already. she hates her job.
Last time we had this thread someone posted a Japanese tv stream, with a program featuring a girl being wrapped in plastic and forced to dance so that a businessman could smell her feet.

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