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Tell me something good about this series.
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Wendy's hips.
Great VA cast.
The girls.

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Hello everyone, gonna be dumping Chapter 4 of the Anthology.

Chapter 4 - The Price of Triumphing (Chirori)

Hey, you guys! Are you free right now?

What, you get lost aga-?

Heh, you three are going to receive an order
that will you leave you crying with joy

A-an order…?
Perhaps you mean, a favor?
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Otherwise, what exactly do you mean by “an order”?

Ehh!? You want us to surprise Ekoda-san!?

Ah, well Ren is always saving me so…
I thought it’d be nice to try watching out for her for a change…

It’s a little too late for the cool guy routine

Ah, this seems fun! I want to help~
O-of course

Unfortunately I’m no good at holding a poker face
It seems difficult to do properly… What would you like me to do?

That’s it!
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Hanakoizumi An!
If you’re around something is bound to happen!

And when Ren gets caught up in that thing
Hibiki can finally, gallantly sweep in and rescue her without a hitch!

And then while smiling she’ll give Hibiki her gratitude...
Thank you, Hibiki...

My, what a wonderful plan.
You don’t think it’s a little sketchy?!
I’ll do my very best!

We’ll be carrying it out this Saturday, okay?
Nothing more to discuss, break up!
Is this really alright?!

What is your most painful season 2 never?
Good job the LNs are getting translated
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Season 3 never
Scanlations never
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My pain is greater than yours.

worshiping Great Morimoto Leona-sama thread
from discipline
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designer Seishoujo is now tending to earning by social game

she's so beautiful
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Marie a best.

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>/a/ likes christmas cakes
>/a/ likes lolis

How does /a/ feel about christmas cake lolis?
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So basically legal lolis?
Love 'em.

A cupcake is fine too.

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well then.png
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You eating a fine-ass meal and your king reveals that you were eating your own son, what do?
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You stfu, pokerface and go home.
Then you plot your revenge.
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obviously a ripoff from the 91days lasagna scene, how can they get away with this?
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well then.png
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First post right answer, also fixed

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Let's take the time to go 10 years into the past. What did you think of this year /a/?

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Good year, I guess.
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It was The Year of The Haruhi.
A few notable shows, and everything else has been forgotten.

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The most annoying tropes, cliches, characters and/or trends
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>all female cast
Tsunderes that are inconsistent
>constantly and repeatedly calling the other person's name
>not even saying anything, just calling their name
>the deadly japanese cold. Grow a pair of nuts you blow-over-in-the-breeze wimps
>females having no personality besides boobs
>beta MC erry time
>never-ending manga/anime until they get canceled, so few planned endings with decent writing
>that smacking the guy for [accident]
>misunderstandings as a plot device
>when mc refuses to kill the enemy and be done with it
>when you like the villain more than the main characters and just want them to off the cunts but know it won't happen



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If Cowtits are filled with men's dreams, what are Asses filled with?
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what even was the point of this character
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By (Japanese) law at least one anime show each year must feature a cripple girl.

Or mentally defunct.
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To complete the set. Duh.

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What is this face trying to convey?
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somebody put it in the wrong hole
Which hole is that?
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Winning the coconuts bowl.

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So after that cliffhanger yesterday we're back to torture porn again next week, r-right?
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Emilia A Shit
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Rem only existed for tragedy.

Emilia is Satella bait.

There's only one good option, and she's right at Subaru's side.

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He is just sleeping mods

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We all know that tournament arcs are overdone and 99% cliche/boring/generic.
So what could substitute them, introducing as many characters and making that many fights like they could?
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A war.
>We all know that tournament arcs are overdone and 99% cliche/boring/generic.
I disagree.
>So what could substitute them, introducing as many characters and making that many fights like they could?
Whatever story you want to tell.
The trivial answer is that sports manga/anime require tournament arcs, but this can be expanded to all stories where you have powers and want battles, but without losing the light atmosphere. The characters are doing this for self-fulfillment or for fun, not to save the world. That's an important difference. Of course it gets really silly when people are participating in a tournament in order to save the world. At that point you have the worst of all worlds.
Bad tournament arcs are bad, but good tournament arcs are good. The same can be said about anything.
Yu Yu hakusho and HXH both had really fun tournament arcs.

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Saiba is for ___
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Holding hands
the vanilla kids

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