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Excluding the korean stuff, is there any decent full color manga out there? I've only heard of elDLIVE (from the hitman reborn mangaka) so far.
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>full color manga
>only characters and minor background details are colored

Also korean trashes coloring are fucking garbage. Don't know why you even bother mentioning them.
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>korean trash coloring

Depends on the artist. A lot of what's out there is lazy, but not everything
Shokugeki no soma gets colored pages every week, they look really good too, still they are not translated and they started coloring them since chapter 100 or something

Don't you feel anime needs a series to come along and shake it up like Code Geass or something like that?
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But we already got Naruto.
we should be getting something new code geass related soon for the 10 year anniversary. Hopefully it is a rebuild
Already done.

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I'm a drawfag and basic 3D artist.

I want to make my own short anime film, but wonder if you guys known about any book on anime creation.
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How is your main protagonist accidentally going to stumble on the girl?
it wouldn't be considered anime
most anime is drawn by koreans and chinese anyway.

and nobody besides this board gives a fuck.

Expelled from Paradise 2 when?
I need more Angela
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fuck you /a/
I thought it ended pretty well. Why would they make a sequel?
Because it was fun and will make money

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Will Heaven have all the cancelled unfinished Anime and Mango that were never released?

Will my Waifu be real?
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>posting on /a/
>getting to heaven

Pick one
Let's say anon gets to go to Heaven. His waifu will be shit.
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all the waifus work for the postal service in heaven

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African American Goku? Pink SSJ? Xenoverses?

This is stuff I've heard. Haven't watched the show yet because I'm waiting for the true version(English dub).
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Surprisingly it executed well. Nothing about xenoverses.
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>true version(English dub).
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>DBZ without the superior English voices

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Is the anime okay to watch or should I read it?
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the dub is pretty good
From what I understand everything about it is garbage but the girl on the right.
Ho mo

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If you can only watch/read an LN or its adaption and not both, which do you choose?
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Definitely watch the adaptation.
I'd rather watch a meh adaptation than read a shit translation. The source material probably isn't gold in the first place anyway
Always VN.
Adaptation like 75% of the time.

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I'm about 20 chapters into Pun Pun and I am wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for music to play in the background while reading.
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Try this:


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What did you think of Giant Robo: The Animation?
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It's the pinnacle of whatever it is.
Also first english dub or don't bother.
I loved it. Absolutely god tier soundtrack.
Warzaw philharmonics was the gold standard of 90s anime osts.

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>A day after the chapter is released
>Still no Magi thread

And yet here I am just appreciating best girl finally BTFOing that fucking douchebag.
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hahaaa, rekt.
>thank a guy for saving your shitty country and sparing the royalty after he turned it into a 3rd world shithole
Thanks Sinbad
I'm pretty sure that there was one. But Magi threads aren't as big as they used to be, I don't even think it reached 100 replies. It doesn't help that on top of things moving slowly, Ohtaka has been taking a break basically every other week.

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Can we have a thread about strong female characters?

I want some cool girls instead of the same old waifubait.
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youko shoukei suzu.jpg
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Find a flaw.
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not enough fanservice
hippie garbage
Terrible character design

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So why does anime barely have drug users? Even a minor character with a subplot of doing drugs would suffice.
I know Japan is harsh as shit on drugs, but is it a taboo to even mention it in fiction?
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Mostly it's seen as a very dark thing, when marijuana has a bad stigma with it.

Also cause of it's nature, most natives can't relate
They exist in a decent amount of settings. The better question is why you want more of them.
>wanting shitty "dude weed elemayoh" humor in chinese cartons

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What does /a/ think of Blue exorcist?
I never really see any threads on this series. I know its a pretty standard shonen but the arts really nice Imo and it reminds me a lot of early bleach with its vibe.
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The story is really good imo. Although it was sort of slow during the impure king arc. btw best girl coming through.
The MC is surprisingly likable, his brother is a cunt.
I read it up until it hit that point where the plot was convoluted and there were a lot of characters and I just didn't care about so many things because none of the side characters or villains really stood out, even after like 40 chapters of them appearing
I'll try it again once it's done, but my opinion is that it started out great but then got lazy in terms of making things happen in a timely fashion

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