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[HorribleSubs] Battery - 08 [720p].mkv
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At least use an anime screenshot.

What is this dude deal?
I guess it's time to drop this. Can't bring myself to care about any of the characters or drama, let alone baseball. The most enjoyable part about this anime so far was seeing pages from the old manga scanned by kind anon in the threads.
This episode was particularly bad. Also the poor animation really doesn't help, the character act like robot.

Hopefully there will be some kind of confrontation between Harada and Takumi

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Season 5 when?
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Next year, I hope.
There's rumours of another season being considered for 2017/18
Shit, you reminded me that I need to work on volume 15

Anyone want me to dump while I'm typesetting?

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was this an abortion?
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Fairy Tail is an abortion
This was nothing special
I'm curious to see how Mashima will asspull Juvia somehow still being alive again within 5 chapters
Initially I thought that she lost her hands, than I read the comment and I understand that she put her arms in the stomach.
I feel stupid.
> entire body made of water
> sticks water spike through herself
> gets hurt

I don't even try to pretend anymore that anything from that series makes sense.

Happy Tamamo Tuesday, /a/nons.
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I failed to roll Tamamo Lancer
Kiyo showed up though

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What went wrong?
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This, Index a best.
Not enough Misaka.

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Manga translation thread.

Chapter 3 First Battle

*Vertexes are returning to Shikoku after three years!*


W: The time has stopped and everything is covered with plants
W: This is the last measure of protection Shinju-sama could provide for humanity

Y: Wakaba-chan
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Y: I'm glad we were able to rejoin

W: It's you guys
Y: Everything's changed so quickly, I was really shocked!

Y: Hey, you've already transformed!?
W: I'm always ready for the battlefield

T: That's our leader
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?: So this is Jukai...
?: The barrier that protects Shikoku

W: Its defence isn't perfect. Never forget that

W: It's a double-edged sword

W: If the Jukai is damaged by an attack,
that damage will be fed back into the real world in the form of a natural disaster or some incident

W: Also, the longer forestization goes on, the more it consumes Shinju-sama's power
And if Shinju-sama will run out of it, people in Shikoku won't be able to survive
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W: Therefore, we have to cooperate and annihilate the enemies as quickly as we can

C: Cooperate...
C: But we have people who can't fight

C: How can we even fight in this state?
W: Koori-san
W: You've said too much

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It's finally back.
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>[HorribleSubs] Scared Rider Xechs - 09 [720p].mkv

Why is no one watching this?
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What are they scared of?
Aliens that want to destroy the blue world.
It is really a double R though, so it is suppose to be a combination between scar and red.
Are we missing out?

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Is this the worst shonen ever made?
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No when this thing exists.
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I'm still mad at the ending.
Future arc has it's good parts.

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What went so damn right?
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The author understands both manga and western comics, and as a result is able to blend them well.
Also, he's clearly drawing significant influence from all Star Superman, and that's a good place to draw from.

The real question is, why are Japanese authors good at emulating western media, but western authors so terrible at emulating Japanese media?
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>mediocre shounen
It caters to your bad taste that's all. Learn the difference or better yet get out of puberty before using this site next time.
post a good shounen from this year if you are so great then

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Only go to /a/ for Yuru Yuri threads

There is no Yuru Yuri thread
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That's some shit taste fampai
At least post an image when you start a thread
what is that animes

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Hail Overlord Ainz~sama
Hail lord Nigel + Team
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Why worst girl gets figure and Ainz doesnt? ç_ç
How come Narb has such a low INT stat if she's retarded

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Is she perfect?
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So close, and yet so far. You're 100 years too early to be as perfect as true perfection.
sugar addicted whore 2bh
All kiddos love sugar.

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>Bleach ends
>one measly piece of Bleach art on Pixiv's daily top 100, couldn't even score above 10k
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I guess that's what happens when you not only piss off or disappoint the largest group of shippers, who are often some of the biggest producers of fan art, but piss off or disappoint people in general with the ending
I think everyone is glad its gone.

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