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Why are all the female characters on this show so fucking perfect? I get horny every time I watch it and always feel the need to tap. Especially Megumi
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They also have perfect feet
Not only the girls, the boys are fucking god tier too.
There's no character I wouldn't fuck.

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Post a character in this thread, and /a/ will describe what they smell like from the image
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Plants and hot water.
Gween tea
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This is a Japanese Bill Murray.
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Rika a cute.
I want to raise her
With Ryuuguu Rena
I'd be more interested in Re:zero if the time looper were a girl half as cute as Rika.
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Is Emillia Beatrice.png
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Emilia is The Witch
Her motivation is Not getting the white horse

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Is anybody else reading this manga? I really like it. The MC is great. He's got all the shounen protagonist qualities like being brave, never giving up, fighting to protect people, but also different enough that it's not very typical.
>cheers himself on with "if i were the second son, i couldn't endure this, but since i'm the first son, i can"
>deadpan serious polite humor
>quick thinker, good fighter
>not hot-headed, but actually HARD-headed instead

Sister also a cute, best girl. And the art is good, I like the way the artist draws the water techniques, eyes, and small faces. The later chapters have definitely improved in terms of following battles compared to the first chapter. The only thing that was a little weird was the fast-forward training in the beginning over two years or something, but the pacing is fine now.

I'm hoping this gets more popular, I heard it's doing decently well in Jump but not sure about rankings.
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>you will never carry around a cute demon sister in a box
I quite like it

It's obviously not going to set teh world on fire, but it's nice enough.

It's probably the kind of manga that was border line in terms of being given the green light though. robablyclose to being canceled

not memorable or extreme or flashy enough for shounen action manga
I like it, but it's lacking something at the moment, you know? I'm not quite sure what it is. The first few chapters up to the stone slicing were godlike, however.

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Has there ever been an anime that delves into psychological traumas or sociopathy like Kenshin vs Sojiro and Aoshi?

I was watching the show and it dawned on me, that anime is actually the perfect vector to explore issues that normally seem unexplainable. or at the very least unrelatable.

You can portray anything in anime without worrying about actors that may not be able to sell the target issue, or the need for a long-winded backdrop like Lifetime movies.
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>psychological traumas or sociopathy
You do realize that Kenshiro didn't give a shit about Soujiro right? He was intentionally mind fucking him in order to win. That was cold as hell and not deep at all.

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>episode 7: fighting the rats has ended and return home
>episode 8: 2 years later and everyone's gay
what the fuck??
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>He thinks he will still be straight after killing vermin
just keep watching m8
i plan to but the transition was absurd

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fire sisters.jpg
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Left or right?
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Egg hairpin.
They both need a dosage of their bro's semen.
Left is perfection.

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Blast from the past thread.

Why is Rika the best girl?
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I sometimes wonder how modern /a/ would respond to older anime if it was airing today. Like would Higurashi just be spammed with >edgy? I also notice anons don't do >vlc as much as we used to. I guess times change?
Yeah the nostalgia burns inside.
Get. out of my way, I have

to go to the. Fiesta.

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Has there ever been an elf that wasn't shit?
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The only shit elf is the one you just posted
Now fuck off back to >>>/tg/

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No, and there never will be.

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ITT completely unexpected bowl winners.
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IMG_0000 copy.png
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Storytiming Birdmen Chapter 26
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It's a Christmas miracle.

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vegeta jobs again.jpg
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Has there ever been a more one sided fight in anime?

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vegitto vs super buu
File: fucking rip.png (1MB, 1279x720px)Image search: [Google]
fucking rip.png
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A lot of the fights in Hunter x Hunter are extreme blow outs.
See? This is why i love the buu saga. Great fights, goku and vegeta fighting against an invincible being. Its simply amazing

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1 (304).jpg
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Does anyone read Fairy Tale for the guys? Honestly the manga would be 10x better if it was just focused on the girls.
Those proportions

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The salaryman arranged a trip with Kaname.
And he managed to counterfeit a medical certificate claiming that Kaname is infected by some kind of STI , by which those blackmailer are petrified and cut off the contacts; so Kaname is now free.
During the sex in ryokan (Japanese Inn), Kaname complains that the salaryman was too busy blah,blah ... etc
Anyway, I thought it's now a happy end if there's no sequel.
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I saw this last night and I couldn't bring myself to fap to Kaname's happy end.
Does that make me a bad person? I hope Kaname does get a happy end though.
File: kaname07_0003.jpg (985KB, 1496x2112px)Image search: [Google]
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gay ending for a gay story

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So BnHA already has a spinoff.
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Yep, and it's one of a concept I've wanted the series to explore since the beginning, non licensed vigilantes.

One spin off and one 4koma gag manga.
How do they get people for these spinoffs?

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