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Why One Piece's episode recaps take so fucking long? lt's almost 1/4 of the episode with the opening
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It's too close to the manga.
>watching the One Piece anime
There are no words to describe your stupidity. Don't even try to justify yourself. Just think about how stupid you are for a moment.
And then switch to the manga, you goddamn stupid motherfucker.
ls the manga really that superior? Can someone backup this guy's words? What makes the manga any better?

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Love is overrated.
Peace is an illusion.

The man spent all his life running away from gangsters and the law, usually stirring up circumstances best described as open warfare. He never had a girlfriend. And he was always on the hunt for the one guy whom he blamed for it all.
"Love and peace" is just his self-justification, confirming to him that he is in the right because he is fighting for something that he neither knows nor believes in. He is the embodiment of an indoctrinated terrorist. And yet he refuses to kill. In his hypocrisy he is adamant in preferring others to destroying human lives that he (Vash) had promised to protect, yet instead of taking action he hides behind a paper-thin disguise of pacifism and thus enforces his delusions about his mission of righteousness, and his crusade breeds casualties at almost every step.
"Love and peace" is a mockery of the dead.

Don't trust nonhumans.
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Really wanted to cash-in on the Kenshin clone.

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After finishing Evangelion and the movie, I thought this was pretentious shit at first, but the more I think about it the more I like it. anyone feel the same?
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Why do we need this thread every fucking day?
Run away and never return anon.

Run away while you still can.
The downside of getting into Eva now is that probably you were exposed to a lot of it before you delved into the series and eoe, and reading opinions and the like can condition your reception of it.

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Starting with this cheeky cunt
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Mass murderer, human experiments. Got away with it because he had a change of heart
He literally did nothing wrong
It really wasn't worth the effort to kill him considering how strong he is and the numbers of ninja you would lose trying. Plus if you did kill him you aren't even sure if he is gone for good.

I'm sure it was one of those "he isn't hurting anyone anymore, let him be" kind of things

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>Best guess for this image: Cartoon Network
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>Best guess for this image: Clothing
>Best guess for this image: facial expression
>Best guess for this image: person

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So, I really like the original ghost in the shell movie. It's among my favorite movies in general. I noticed there's a lot of successive content for it like Stand alone complex, a sequel, and now even more movies and ova productions.

Is any of it worth watching? Is any of it worth avoiding?
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I'll do one lil bumpy and then retreat into the shadows.
You haven't even seen Innocence? Fucking hell man, watch that shit right now.

Stand Alone Complex is like marmite for a lot of people but it's pretty solid and worth at least checking out a few episodes. The other movies are garbage from what I've heard.
Ah so the newer things with blue hair motoko are trash? Well thank you for the input!

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She's looking at you, say something!
Why is this manga so good?
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It's a manga? I thought the artist just did a few pics.
For breeding

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what is this?
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a snowball
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Haven't you seen a cat before, /a/non?

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Shhhh yui is thinking
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My dick can help her think better.
>yui is thinking
I sincerely doubt it.
>yui is thinking
I don't believe you

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two koharuns.jpg
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QUALITY thread.
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quality monogatari.png
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I miss memeyoiga threads

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Is this the most obscure anime known to man?
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The most obscure anime is the one man doesn't know.
Aku no Hana maybe, I've never heard anyone ever talk about.
You're not the boss of me now

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What do you guys think about this ? I remember people being nihei-friendly here.
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>I remember people being nihei-friendly here.
yes, but i cann't say the same for Polygon
they fucked up Sidonia and Ajin
get some good CG
Everything was good with nihei-dono, until that anal blasting ending of sidonia manga.
I don't know for Ajin, but I was ok with Sidonia, and the CG for this one looks way better.

The poor dude can't with endings.

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Take this!

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Reminder that Gunbuster is a shameless otaku cash grab that was made by Gainax solely to recoup their losses from Wings of Honneamise. It is bottom of the barrel garbage and the worst OVA of the 80s. If you like Gunbuster, you are responsible for lower the standards of anime.
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But Ace wo Nerae is pretty bad bro.
Almost 30 years later and Acefags are still mad.
>normie shonen action garbage
>deep introspective sci-fi drama
nothing less from the master, hideaki anno

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Let's have a thread celebrating the true demon lord. Top killer. Mr Truck!

Are you trying to start an Isekai story? Mr Truck!
Need some tragedy in your sports backstory? Mr Truck!
Want an out of nowhere twist to mix relationships up? Mr Truck!
Need a character dead and can't think of anything else? Mr Truck!
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Absolutely hilarious and original thread straight outta animesuki.
I want an isekai story where the protagonist is a truck.
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