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This is surprisingly boring. Does it get better in later episodes?
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The series ends with little to no payoff but you already make really shitty and ambiguous generalizations so you might end up liking it for no reason just because your taste is arbitrary and under-developed.
Revy a shit

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Why did he eat his own cum? Is it just narcissistic people thing?
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You've never tried your own cum before?
How does it taste?
Kinda salty but otherwise rather lucklustre.

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I just finished this

I feel broken
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You shouldn't. Its actually a happy ending for them.
Forced depth of field.

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Just read oyasumi punpun, 9/10 would be 10/10 if it wasn't for all the boring parts centered on Pegasus

What was the point of having him be in the story so much?
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Pegasus was stated by the author to be the second MC of the story in that long interview

Read it, it also explains what Pegasus' storyline meant
I thought it was total gargabe
Only liked the first part when he was a kid
then all the characters start acting retarded
this. it started nicely and then it turned to be too fucked up.

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Are SoL anime getting better?
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Yes, we need more interaction in both sexs, fuck homo and yuri shit.
Pic not related
First episode was good then they killed the atmosphere for the rest of the episodes.
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Yes, You can have multiple settings for it any character mix like 1 male 3 girls or 2 males so you can do anything with it and still end up with a great show.

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>anime has become shit, quality is a thing of the past
>manga has become terrible, pandering, stagnant and trying too hard to copy trends and patterns to do anything unique or original
>original art style that isn't trying to bring moeshit is nonexistent
>good manga are axed before they even really start
>gaming has become shit
>movies are shit
>everything that is somewhat good is either not popular and/or close to ending
>there's no reason to buy anything from Japan anymore

Are we in the Bad End timeline, /a/?
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you are probably right but entropia
You've either hit the teenage rebellion phase or a midlife crisis. Take a break from your computer for a few weeks, go outside for a long walk, maybe smoke some weed or something.

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Since we have a Saitama v. Alucard thread: Who is more emo?
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cool but who's the guy on the left?
Kakeru from Orange. He wants to kill himself in basically every episode, and the manga/anime revolves around friends trying to get him not to.
>He wants to kill himself in basically every episode
Mob isn't as emo as this faggot, if anything then Ritsu's the edgy emo faglord of Mob Psycho.

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Is this the best anime series in last 5 years?
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Possibly, top 5 at least.
Best animated TV for sure
It's too hit or miss.

The neat thing about it is that nobody seems to agree on what the misses are. It was a very cool project.

>Chest Size : 80 cm

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I want to FUCK Junko.
Who doesn't?

Hope sucks.
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You suck.

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>We're getting daily Thick Girls kicking Cute Balls chapters

This is nice. I'm getting spoiled.
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>sleep while wearing headphones
What the fuck
I go insane just imagining the smell on that bed

girl sweat is very characteristic

Tattoos are taboo
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>literally no doujins
Which taboo would you tattoo?
Threads on airing day hardly get any responses yet you make one now. Really make you think.

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Just old otaku is watching Koe no Katachi, this is not bad a bad thing per-se but probably displays some big market mistake as KyoAni probably choose to adapt Koe no Katachi solely as movie due its supposed big appeal to the common audience.
>pic related
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The audience is now deaf
Why old men though?

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If they fought against each other, who would win?
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To be honest Alucard it's the kind of freak that Saitama fights everyday. I can't see how he could survive some consecutive serious punch without losing all the energy like Boros did.
Can you hurt Saitama? He can just one punch Alucard 1000 times though with that ending I dunno how it works any more
With the amount of souls endgame slicked absorbed it would take a rediculous amount of time for saitama to kill each one... Not to mention alucard can just will himself back to life by the end of the manga.

But I doubt alucard would be able to damage saitama either. It's immortality vs invincibility.

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We all talk about shitty endings but what good shows had bad beginnings? I remember E7 being hard to sit through in the beginning. Stupid fucking kids got a lot of screentime and Renton was still kind of an annoying puss.
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>good shows
Eureka 7 is still the best Anime romance for me, my god that first scene when renton meets eureka and eureka was like coming out from nirvash, that shit is gold

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Chinatsu is a nice girl!
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go away Kyouko, you are not nice too.
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