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I want to go on a _____ with Kino.
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Does /a/ own anything on Laserdisc? Found a store locally that has a ton of Discs for close to nothing & thought I would ask.

VHS is fine too
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>Zero Replies

Oh thank god. I wanted to get into laserdiscs for fun. If nobody on /a/ cares about them then they must be cheap enough to collect.

someone collects them.
Are you in LA by any chance? I know of a store like that.

Anyone else think they sucked Goku's dick in this crossover?

When they're climbing the mountain, Goku's the one who climbs it first, and the other two even compliment him on that. Not only that, but Goku leaves to "save the universe" and arrives just in time and still ties with Toriko and Luffy.

Then in their fight, it's basically Luffy and Toriko vs Goku using their most powerful power-ups and techniques while Goku uses his base form and, later, only Super Saiyan 1.

Then against the villain, not only does Goku fight against him alone while the other two think of the plan, then it's Goku himself who thinks about a plan (the Spirit Bomb) and is the one who delivers the final blow, the Kamehameha in Super Saiyan 3.

They sucked his dick compared to Luffy and Toriko, don't you think?
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Well I mean he's Goku, he's what gave birth to power levels

I don't know about Toriko but the power levels are much more subdued in One Piece overall
Well Goku is the strongest one.
They should make this crossover now, Toriko powerlevel rose significantly (basically everyone that matters is planet buster or more).

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which one is the most spooky of all?
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saya, no contest
Who is middle girl?
Nyarlathotep of course, Saya is just a shoggoth.

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That time of the week again
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can't hardly wait
Thanks Anon-kun.

Spoiler, love master dies.
Spoiler, it's a rap chapter so I'm gonna be spending more time thinking about how to make these work

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>You will die in One Piece's lifetime
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Joke's on you, I'm going to be dead before it ends.
Nah, Tezuka said the same thing
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>Want to catch up on the anime.
>will take too long.

>Everyone is best girl.
>You cannot only pick one.
>There's no wrong answer or choice.
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I should've used this picture instead.
Correct answer.
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Is there anyone better than her?
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Around 3.5 billions of 3DPD in the world.

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Who here still watches pokemon?
Who here still waits for the day that idiot Ash will finnaly win a fuckin pokemon league?
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Red's main is Charizard you retard
Are you telling me Ash only won Orange league?
Why can't they throw him a fucking bone? I guess character development is out of the question when you have to reset every so often when a new game comes out.
Pokemon Special Red is better.

How much value do you put into visual direction?
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A lot but this time I'm not impressed by what you posted.
Big robots are underwhelming
bout tree fiddy

What does /a/ think of this gentleman? The hero we need or the hero we deserve?
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Bleach 2 when?
Zombiepowder remake when?
Vampire series when?
Classic romance series when?
Fashion Battle when?
I want to see what will he do next, if anything at all.

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Can boys love boys?
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Do gay people find suits sexy?
sure, but those two characters hate each other.
anyone can love anyone. chaos reigns

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How much more popular would Tanaka-kun have been if the titular MC was a girl?
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They would have called her boring.
Imagine if Tanaka-Chan was a boy. Everybody would have told her to man the fuck up or kill herself and stop being such a leech on society.

She only gets away with it because she's a cute girl, fucking double standards man.
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I can only assure you it would be nowhere as good.

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What happened to her?
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Papa cum dumpster
I've always liked her design, plain but cute.

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Cool, a shuriken, thanks
Yippee kawaii motherfuckers
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