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ITT: Anime that are like JRPGs
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>hey /a/, recommend jrpg anime please
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Considering that both this and Laputa practically inspired the genre...

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img000028 (1).png
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This is upsetting
Ox a good
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She's just good, not best, unlike cat,
Could you be so kind and give me the source please? Google, iqdb and Sauce Nao give me nothing. Yandex as well.
Oh, come on. Did you get no results from desuarchive or some other site?
These threads are pretty empty, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to spoonfeed you just a little. It's called Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi.

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Would you end her sensei's suffering?
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I would end FGO if I could.
I'd give her new life to look forward to
How would you though?

Top lads.

>Very accepting of Mob when he wants join
>Allows telegraphic club to remain in their room
>Is not frustrated by Mob's constitution and allows him to go at his own pace
>Encourages Mob's achievements no matter how little
>Concerned for his well-being, even to the point of rescuing him from delinquents

Best club.
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It's pretty much general consensus that the members of the Body Improvement Club are the best bros of all time. Plus, they genuinely appreciate the fact that Mob is strong in his own way but is a pacifist like them.
Best bros I've ever seen in anime
Do you reckon Mob will actually ever get fit?

Inaba did nothing wrong. She just wants to be loved.
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Best girl wins
I masturbate to her.
>that face when you try to order pizza but their site uses freedom hating JavaScript

NTR thread.
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Fuck off back to /h/, cuck
>posts a husband and wife
>caucasian woman impregnated by japanese man
>not NTR

the fuck

Why does Araki do this?

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This thread will be shit

This 2 confirms
>Gets quads instead
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>gets satanic quads

What is she looking at, /a/?
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Nude pics of KING.
A computer screen.
the BUREIBA's page which is using her to advertise their sex cult gangbang orgies daily

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Who is the best harem MC and why is it Alan?
>is brave
>nice guy
>skilled swordsman
>would save his nakama no matter what
>treasures nakama bonds the most
>Guts-tier rage when angered
Don't fuck with this guy /a/.
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>Guts-tier rage when angered

Too bad it didn't amount to anything.

> Don't fuck with this guy /a/.

The MC did and he totally got away with it.
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Alan's harem.png
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Alan's Harem
>qt brown swordswoman
>qt pure healer elf
>extremely hot sintelligent sorceress
Damn I wanna be this guy so bad.
Wikia Besto Girl!

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>there are people out there that prefer goku over vegeta
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There's no point in liking Vegeta unless you also like suffering. It's like cheering for a garbage soccer or baseball team, going to their games only to see them lose 9/10 times.
He will never get any love.
everyone jobs who isn't goku
>edgy cunt who thinks he's better than he actually is and never catches on to that fact
I wonder why people prefer the actual strongest guy and his regular sized ego

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Who's the best ecchi manga-ka and why is it Amazume Ryuuta?
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I mean, god damn.
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Keep it to one track per anime.







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pushbuttons noragami.... ur welxime

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Today is Miku's birthday, lads. Give her a present!
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20 dicks.png
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Gimme 5 minutes. I'm almost there

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Why do you worship Yoruichi, anon?
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I don't
a cat is fine too
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>tfw getting tempted to read/watch bleach because sexy girls
>a lot of anons telling you that if that's your only reason, then it's not worth it

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Let's post animation QUALITY!
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Where was this one from again?

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