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> It's "Christians are fucking weird and mystical" episode
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That's what the old vikings believed.
That's what the old romans believed.
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Amakusa? I have yet to find an interpretation of him that was not weird.

Pictured: Average christian.

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It's the year 2525 by now, /a/. Can we FINALLY like Emi?
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>Implying she wasn't always best girl
Your meme needs to die.
Finally? Since when did it even stopped?
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>anime around 2525 DC

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>Akiba's Trip Festa! 禁断の透けるモードは知らなくてびっくり。さては秘密裏に進めてたな〜
そしてこの場を借りてGONZOさんがakiba's trip アニメ化の放映発表

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love it.jpg
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>No Kati route.
Still mad.
I'm intrigued, it was a fun game. Of course it'd be easy to fuck up, but what isn't?

Mah brotha. Truly the game's greatest flaw.

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Which anime created the greatest shitstorm?

And why are katanas so fucking cool?
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Code Geass
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>Which anime created the greatest shitstorm?
On /a/? Lucky Star, no contest.
On 2ch? maybe Kannagi, I dunno, lol.

>And why are katanas so fucking cool?
Because you are a Narutard, most likely.

What does /a/ think of Beyond the Boundary?
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The movie was good.
I think you suck cocks for a living.
It's very pretty and has good animation sprinkled in, with some good attention put into small character movements that I'd like to see in more shows.

Not much else going for it though.

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Don't post in this thread, please.
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I asked you to do so, I didn't give you an order. You're just being rude.

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Your waifu doesn't wear shoes does she?
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Do boatshoes count?
File: 1456158940283.png (311KB, 720x840px)Image search: [Google]
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Then I guess she wears shoes.

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Why is this manga so perfect?
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It's really good putting aside that spin-off story with the frog looking guy. I prefer the anime though, the music and direction are amazing.


When an artist has a vision and go through with it you get a masterpiece like Shigurui, when they lose their vision and their "hunger" it's bad and you feel the laziness behind it.
There is a spin off on the manga?
Yeah, the anime direction od Hamasaka (Texhnolyze) is amazing
Though, I heard the end is a bit rushed

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Where were you when they were removing Chiaki?
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Shit, I just had despair-inducing thought.

DR ride will end in 2 weeks and whole shitposting circlejerk will disappear with it.

I don't wanna let it go, guys!




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How did they fuck up a Devil May Cry anime?
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I remember vaguely watching this at age 13. How did they fuck it up?
DMC 2 dante
A good DMC anime that brings out the atmosphere and action of the games would require immensely talented staff.

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Would you marry Lum?
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Of course, right away!

...but she wouldn't marry me.
Onsen episode on now if anyone's interested-


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Do you like tan lines?
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No. Uniformly tanned is best.
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Perma-tanned or not?
This manga is great

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Is Oda on chains?
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Is WSJ going to die?
>I'll always be chasing after you
As in he's next to gtfo
Nobody talked about looking forward for Kubo's next work...

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He was right to doubt those uchiha, because they ended up creating obito, madara, and sasuke.

Salad will destroy the village if she becomes hokage.
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at least post road to boruto trailer
fuck forgot the link
>naruto is a shit
>herp derp my father was the fucking hokage herp derp
without the fox's chackra he would be the worst character

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Watching Birdy and I just have to ask, why are these guys everywhere and why do I laugh so hard every damn time? I hope I'm not the only one who thought these guys were funny.

Also - please tell me I'm not the only person here who is/has actually enjoyed this show.

inb4 shit tier streamfag.
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>why are these guys everywhere why do I laugh so hard every damn time
For the jokes. Because you're 13.

>Also - please tell me I'm not the only person here who is/has actually enjoyed this show
You're not. While season one is average, seasion two is amazing. The problem is that the show doesn't pander to you're average anime fan, a shit-eater, but is instead a well told story with average to below average visuals so the community just doesn't care about it.
Nataru annoyed the shit out of me though.

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