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hope this could be anime one day.....
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It's already hailed as the new Dagashi Kashi in Japan, it will follow the same fate.
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No, not idea who she is.
More importantly, when the hell are people going to scan her doujins from comiket 90?

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>OP by angela
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Are you there?
How long till she makes the next OP? Wasn't the last one Sidonia?
Fafner Exodus

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ITT: Wasted character designs.

God fucking damn it. I still can't believe what happened to pic related. It was too soon, /a/. Too fucking soon.
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It was kinda obvious that she won't last long but she does look good. It's like they spend all their imagination on her.
Are you talking about game spoilers or something?
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Easy choice.

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i like it
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She's more sexy than cute.
Hotaru's armpits tastes better than any candy.
true.. but her character itself is cute isn't it?

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What went wrong?
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It ended
Not enough time spent on the Terraist plot.
You, making this thread.

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So I have caught up to the current volumes and was wondering will you touma ever kill someone when there is no choice. Would he kill some one to save more lives or just let everyone die?
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Killing someone would go against everything he believes in and would just cause him to become a Demon King so no.
I think with the way kamachi writes is that if he ever stumbles into a corner he just explodes it.
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what do you think of this body?
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perfect for breeding with
I think it'd look better brown.
pedobait trash

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What's her deal?
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She is the best girl who is a little too concerned in defending best bike.
I would be angry too if I wasn't fucked 24/7 with a body like that.
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Suzuki love is too strong.

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ITT canon non-virgins
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Would you used goods?
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Post your favorite anime music


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1472311466779 - Copy.jpg
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>our boy Juzo
>boy Juzo
But he likes dicks, therefore he must be a woman.
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looks like junko is doing a pretty good job

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Why does no one rescan old anime for 4K? I know the Giant Robo blu-ray was 1080p downscaled to 4K, Belladonna of Sadness got a 4K release in theatres and the 80s Transformers movie for a 6K scan. Why is it not more common?
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Yeah, man. Video games are the only things that look nice in HD.
4K is meme

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Darren Shan 2.jpg
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What manga series do you want to get animated?
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Now, you know that that is actually a series of American books that just also got a manga right?

I mean, I would love that to get an anime but I just don't think

I do, I read the books many years ago

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Hi, I just found this image of a happy anime girl and I think that she looks so very happy!

Do you have any happy anime characters you want to share with me? Please post them in this thread! Thank you so much for your participation, I hope to see some happy anime characters here soon!
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happy anime character.jpg
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Wow! I approve very much! A nice find my friend!
The Anime/Cute board or the worksafe request board are more appropriate places for these kinds of threads.


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that one arc that ruined the entire series
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It was just too long and out of context but at least introduced fusions.
Should've posted a picture of Raditz instead
Better than the fucking spin off series we have now which completely shits on everything the previous series ever established.

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