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Finally catching up with Gintama and just finished this episode.

Favorite Gintama parody/gag? Pic related.
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I laughed to this
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Wasn't Kagura meant to be a snotty China-girl brat?

Why is she so CUTE ?

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daily reminder
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Not this bullshit again.
>implying the only bullshit is that it doesnt exist
What am I being reminded of?

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This is Phinks.

He thinks his ancestors were Egyptian, even though he's clearly a Slav.
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slavic girl in aniem.png
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An unnamed Slavic girl from a famous manga.
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slav sisters.jpg
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Slavic sisters from a very old school manga series whose name most /a/nons wouldn't recognize.
her name is yotsubato

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Can someone sell me this series and it's unbearable dialogue?
Is After Story so good it justifies cringing my way through the QUALITY eye spacing, voice acting and contrived character interactions?
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That's not from clannad.
Watch it and find out then make a thread if you want to discuss it.

Lurk for 2 years before posting.
I understand that, but is emblematic of the art style for character's faces.

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How athletic is your waifu?

Note: Athletic is not necessarily /fit/
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Athletic enough to take my dick 3x a day.
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pretty athletic

Betelgeuse cured my depression.
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Depression isn't real.
Actually ADD/ADHD is. It's all voluntary and just require strict discipline to keep control.

A kick in the ass.
Why do people like this guy. He's not even funny

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>Aniplex announced on Thursday that it has established a planning and production group named Script Room. Director Tomohiko Ito (Sword Art Online series, Silver Spoon, ERASED) is heading the group. The group will focus on writing scripts and scenarios for anime, but will also branch out to production and advertising. The group aims to take a new approach to writing anime, and hopes to reveal undiscovered talent.

Will Aniplex finally make a good anime original?
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Aniplex already made Sora no Woto.
Fine, good anime original since Madoka.
Looking forward for whatever they gonna put out in the future but good writing is one thing but translating it into animation showing the strength of the writing is crucial too, though I'd rather watch some QUALITY with a writing that I can enjoy than the usual garbage story with nice animation. But then there are people liking what I dont like, so why the fuck am I still posting this anons?

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ITT: Anime better than the source material.

Sometimes the source gets improved.
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For the first season, sure. Second season kind of blows chunks.

Doujins are better than any of it though
Berserk 97

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So, i was wondering, what did you think about this /a/ ?
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There was a guy with a drill dick
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Indeed, pretty cool
They say it's better than SAO. Both are thrash in my opinion, it's just that this one has cuter girls.

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The only thing watchable from Gainax if you are older than 14
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This is a prime example of good animation, but bad everything else.
wow, epic troll
the thread can safely end now
dude rape lmao

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Yakuza are good guys.png
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Why do so many Anime and Manga insist on portraying the Yakuza as goofy good guys that protect their neighbourhood and benefit society while ignoring all the shady shit real Yakuza do?
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Most mangaka like having heads

And not having mysterious accidents
The yakuza are more powerful in Japan than the mafia in America ever was.
After WW2, the US employed the yakuza to reorder the country. They have their influence everywhere now.
Because you watch and read shit series.

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world trigger.jpg
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How do they expect me to feel any tension whatsoever when no one can die or even feel any pain at all? This whole invasion plot is fucking ridiculous.
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Shhhh just look at how much progress glasses has made in rank battles!!
it's a survival manga or a sports one?
where's the fucking drama? family, boyfrined, girlfriend, slice of life, comedy. there's nothing, just rankings.
I don't know how that bullshit even sneaked into the show. As soon as it did it become much worse tho.

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Spoilers are out

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It's Thursday, what the fuck. Also

>Zaratras and Hendy tag tem
My dick is so hard right now

>only 13 pages chapter
Is Nakaba ill?
The fuck did merlin go? She should have been able to handle this jobber.

This is your NEET tonight
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Who is this semen demon?
Only tonight?
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>works as a detective


bonus round
>"super hacker" using a Mac

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she will never wake up on your side
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We're halfway through the wait.

Making it boys.
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You do this on purpose, don't you?

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