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Psycho-Pass is an anime people are still going to be talking about 10 years from now.
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But nobody talks about it now.
Psycho-Pass 2 was a terrible mistake
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Why is she so perfect?

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what kind of girl do you call this? Who constantly wants to ship MC and Heroine.
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some other examples
A cuckoo
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How could they so decisively bring absolute despair and pervert this series? The ending, the entire thing, was a masterpiece. Then they destroyed it for no discernible reason.
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The cashcow wasn't gonna milk itself, m8
Urobuchi wanted to cut the last few minutes. Executive decision to add more content. But on the bright side that means it's ripe to become a trilogy and finish the cycle.
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0/8 i took the b8

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I’m Subaru, and this is my start from zero. I work here with my cuck Rem and my waifu, Emilia. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I’ve learned after 21 deaths – you never know WHAT is in Ferris's pants.
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My nostalgia radar is going off but I can't pinpoint what this is from.

It's driving me mad.

I should kill myself.
Why is Rem such a willing cuck?
Pawn Stars.

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Manga artists are putting kochikame easter eggs in mangas can you find more
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Would it be worth Buying a VCR or Laserdisc Player JUST to watch 80s & 90s Anime on?
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Dumb frogposter. Kill yourself

unless it's for an anime that never got a high quality release you can DL right now, then no. For VCR fuck no.
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Is a VCR that much worse than a Laser disc Player? I've never owned either.

Are you enjoying this great anime by far?
Favorite Bananya?
Favorite episode?
Favorite anything?
What would you improve to make this even better?
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>What would you improve to make this even better?
Have something actually happen. I watched stuff like Chi's Sweet Home and Dogtato and Bananya is just mind-numblingly dull.
I'm still watching it for Kaji Yuuki's range.
Just posting about it is causing my brain to go to sleep, see you nexzzz
What about, Someone eats a bananya?

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You can only choose Erina.
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I need to know their heights.
I choose Erina
I want some Delicious brown meat.

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Koki a cute

why must she suffer so?
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anime and responds me with image search
To become stronger, one must first suffer.
That is the way of the ninja.

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This anime has consumed my life and I have no idea why.
It's not even that good, the animation is currently mediocre, mc gets character development every 300 episodes. It's just 700+ episodes of filler of the same beaten to death premise over and over again, and all the mc's suffer from plot blindness.
Yet every time I watch and episode I'm crying cause I just love the shit out of this stupid as show.

(The newer movies are fun as heck to watch thou)
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that explains it
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No no, mc is a fuck boy. Kaito KID is best character, I would marry this man.
>Dissing based Shin'ichi
Kill yourself

Why is KnK so much better than Fate shit?
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>implying they have anything to do with each other
it isn't a porn game
because you're a contrarian faggot?

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Bobobo on Cartoon Network: Wacky Afro martial arts warrior goes on a mission to defeat the ultimate bald evil.

Bobobo in the manga: In chapter 3, Bobobo decides to completely massacre an entire village just because he fucking felt like it

Why haven't you read the godsend that is the Bobobo manga?
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Both were great honestly. Bobobo had one of the best localizations, especially considering how japanese it is.
>tfw we're never going to get a complete run of the Bobobo anime
Don't pretend like you didn't enjoy Bobobo when it was airing.

How come no men work at this company?
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How do you guys go on living between episodes? I dont know if i can even make it to work today.
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Becasue its cuter that way.
Affirmative Action

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You can only choose one.
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Only Koneko will do.
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Irina please.
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I say this every DxD thread
Only a complet faggot would seperate Akeno and Rias and not take both of them at the same time.
They are made to be fucked together

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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More than you put into your threads.
Enough to ignore anything made by KyoAni.
Shaft > KyoAnus

nuff said

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