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Why do people like this show so much? People praise the character depth, but I haven't seen anything unusual aside from the protags having a "witty" tone in their dialog. I figured the high rating must have come from the economics bits that fans also praise, but so far it's all been dumbed down high school history/economics. It's so boring.

The setting and colors are comfy though.

It's one of the few anime that get universal praise within every community. I see pictures of Holo plastered fucking everywhere. I see this character irl more than any other (aside from Ghibli and long-running-shounen stuff), on peoples bags, buttons, phone wallpaper, etc.

I'm not saying it's shit or anything, but is there more to it? I'm about halfway through the first season.

What do you guys think about Spice and Wolf?
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wolf cocks
dropped it at episode 4 and have no intention of starting again. also i'm a furfag
Whoro a slut

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Why was Witch on the Holy Night forgotten so quickly?
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Ask commie.
No translation.
So it's a legitimate story?

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why is it so comfy?
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It's about kids growing up with no internet connection.
who would you fuck?

I'd fuck nattsun.
Hey I'm a HUGE fan of One Peace just finished my first episode! I'm thinking about watching some more episodes of One Peace. Do you reccomend some shows peace

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what the fug happened

I get it, everything is a metaphor for sacrifice and love and change, but none of it makes sense. the court, the honey. what the fuck
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Don't ask questions, you'll be marked by the Invisible Storm and eaten by bears.
I for one welcome our lesbian space bear overlords
what were the bears

how did they come alive at the end

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ITT: pairings you supported from the beginning against all odds only for it to pay off
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I haven't watched DR3. Naegi and Asahina actually hooked up?

>new waifu
>dies in the first episode

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>new waifu

Fuck off.
>new waifu
You deserve it

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what if the skull knight is guts from the future?
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What if your mother sucks my dick in the future?
We've literally all thought this before
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>Yfw it is undeniable that Serpico will be the one using the Behelit

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Name one good reason why you wouldn't fuck Esdese all day every day without sounding like a gay MC.
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Well, she's fictional, for one.
I can't because i would.
New chapter?

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genderswap comparisons.png
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I still don't get it.

In nearly every harem series, the MC is a milquetoast self-insert piece of garbage. When he gets genderswapped, he becomes the best girl in the series.

Why, then, does no mangaka just start with a female MC in the first place? Or, at the very least, make the MC's transformation permanent?
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>female MC
Because harems are for boys and boys can't selfinsert as girls.
Ah, typical /u/ answer.

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Kneel, filth.
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No, that's just what she wants you to do!
>saber lilly
nigger she's the most sub saber ever takeuchi'd
She simply got enough of your bullshit.

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Is there an anime studio that can possibly do the manga justice or is the upcoming adaptation destined to be crap? I don't expect it's going to have a decent budget either.
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I just wish that at least they cast decent seiyuus and have a good OST.
It will made in Korea and they will butcher it because they hate Based Nippon.
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What's gonna happen to all the loli ecchi?

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Where were you when One Piece went full blown 14/88? From all of them being blonde and white holy shit Oda
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wtf I like Sanji now
Right? Praise kek
Too bad Sanji is a degenerate furry,probably why his family hates him so much.

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EDs you never skip.
I'll start:
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Claymore ED.

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Chapter 78.
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