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Kimetsu 73

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I don't think Korean anon posted the chapter, so I guess I'll take over now.

73: Pursuit
[Side] The demon is right there...

"I... can't pass any information now"
"Nor can I contact the other two"
"I have to get out... now..."
"To where he... Tengen-sama is..."
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"Someone's coming again"
"The 'Ogimoto House' is a meddlesome bunch"


"If you make any noise, I'll crush your innards into smithereens"
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"This feels weird"
"Is she in a bad situation now?"
"I can't tell..."

"That room... where 'Makio' is"
"Feels disgustingly weird, yet..."
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There's wind...
But the windows aren't open
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In the ceiling!!

So it was a demon!!
It's the afternoon right now, so it fled upwards

"Hey bitch"
"I know you're there!!"
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[ギシ is squirm]

"You're not getting away!!"
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"Where's it going!? Where's it running to!?"
"Is it moving from the ceiling to the walls?"
"Okay, I'll punch out the door and pull it out!!"


"There's a cute girl over here!"
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"She hit hiiim...!!"

"I messed up! It fled below!!"
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"It's there!!"
"It's there!! No... there"
"Dammit, it's hard to sense anything!!"

"I lost sight of it! God dammiit!!"
[Teeth grinding intensifies]
"Because everything got in the way...!!"

Meanwhile, in Zenitsu's Kyougoku House

"I somehow lost sight of myself..."
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"I was supposed to look for Uzui-san's wife 'Hinatsuru'"
"But I can't help getting better at playing the shamisen and the koto"

"But like, what now?"
"I've just been listening in this whole time, but there's nothing about Hinatsuru-san"

"So there's something about the madam dying two days ago or something"
"So everyone's feeling gloomy"
"Nobody's talking"
*Master... the manager

"Take that!"
"I'm so hungry"
"Is the hairdresser here?"
"Hurry up now"

Hic hic sniff!?
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"This is serious"
"A girl is crying"


"What happened to this room? It's all messed up"
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"A f-"
"A fight!?"
"Did you fight!? You okay!?"

"Sorry! I'm so sorry!"
"I didn't mean to get ma...mad at you!!"

"If you're worrying about something..."
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"What're you doing in someone else's room?"
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This sounds like a demon.

A demon is behind me right now.
This isn't a human 'sound'.

I didn't notice at all until it raised its voice.
Does this even happen?

On top of that...
Is this an upper moon?

It's a terrible sound, but it's so quiet it actually frightens me.
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"You deaf over there?"

"That was the girl who came in yesterday or the day before, so..."

"So what of it?"
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"We're sorry for just barging in!"

"The room was a complete mess and there was a girl crying..."

"You're so unsightly. You're making me barf..."
"Wouldn't the world be better off if you died?"

"And what's with your head!"
"It's just pissing me off"

"True, the room is a total mess right now"
"And I told this girl here to clean it up"
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"Shut the hell up!"
"Don't just scream! Clean the damn room"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"
"I will do it right away! Please forgive me...!!"
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"What's this?"

"Your hands off her"
[Side] Now the blade in his heart moves!!
Thanks for the TL, anon. Are you going to translate the volume extras?
Oh yeah, I forgot about those.
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Pretty boar cover
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[See: Chapter 61 title]
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[After ch 53]
Just before Inosuke discovered the train. There were too many people so he was a little spooked.
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[After ch 54]
Zenitsu's leaps of joy
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[After ch 55]
Common knowledge: Zenitsu has an overbite.
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[After ch 56]
Mmgh Nezuko or 'Mghh-ko' for short
"If you don't pet me I'll burn you!"
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[After ch 57]
Inosuke's ideal appearance
[Clockwise from top left]
Breathes fire
3 meters when he stands up
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[After ch 58]
Enmu's handmade drill. The handle is made of his bone, and the point is made of his teeth.
"That's scary"
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Taishou Rumor supplements
"Nezuko burned up the tickets of Rengoku-san and the others, so the three of them woke up. Yay!! Sorry I couldn't fit that into the main chapter!"
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[After ch 60]
Taishou rumors
Nod nod
The reason Nezuko fights with her nails is because she gets sleepy when she uses her blood.
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[After ch 161]
Taisho rumors
"The brigade uniforms basically protect the owner from heat, cold, and middle class demon fangs/nails, but they don't actually protect them from the 12 demon moons"
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[After bonus chapter about Kanao and Kochou sisters]
Serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump 2017 Joint Issue 21-22.
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Serialized in Shounen Jump GIGA 2017 vol. 2
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You can tell that the author wishes this was a high school setting sometimes

Middle-High School: Kimetsu Academy Tales
The history teacher: Rengoku Kyoujurou.
Because of his passion of teaching and his love of history, he began hurling his students and starting cavalry battles during class. He's loved by his students, and nobody in this academy has terrible grades in history.

Ayaki Rui-kun
He became famous overnight because he won the cat's cradle tournament. He even got a special article written about him in Kimetsu town.
His peculiar facial moles became a hot topic on the internet because they were cute.
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3rd year in High School in the Yomogi class: Kochou Shinobu.
In the Pharmaceutical Research club. And also the fishing club. She belongs to two clubs and she has some tournament victories,
Gets along with the flower arranging club since their rooms are close by.

Takada Naho, Terauchi Kiyo, Nakahara Sumi
All 3 are middle school first years and in the Momiji class. They're trying to create a pharmaceutical research lab for the middle school section.

Kanzaki Aoi
High School second year in the Kaki Class. Flower arrangement club. Her family works in a meal place. She often helps out. She's a little troubled because a lot of gluttonous girls have been coming as of late.
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[Author's note]
Thank you everybody. This is Gotouge.
I got my seventh volume out!
I deeply thank everyone who is cheering me on, as well as those who're helping me out. I have been hooked on miso fry as of late, and I'll fry something that catches my eye with miso seasoning this weekend, but how are you all spending this time?
I think I've been encountering a lot of difficulties, but if I could just have a fun time while reading this work, I'll be happy. Because I can escape reality for just a little bit.
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Stuff. Now I sleep
Thanks for the translation. Official twitter account says 1.5 million in print (according to shitty google translate)
inosuke is cute
Thanks a lot for the translation, anon.
this is a translation error right? that looks like a ice pick than drill
I got drill/auger

Be free to look 錐 up though to prove me wrong.
Oh, gimlet works I guess.
Actually kind of a significant moment, seeing Zenitsu being brave.
Thanks, anon. Is that Nezuko?
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