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Latest Chapter http://bato.to/reader#d13212655880710e

Don't bully us pls
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first for /JJBAG/ being the best threads on /a/!
Weather Report is here now.
just realized what i was looking at here, this is awesome. imagine some scene like the end of SBR when Valentine and D4C are both aging simultaneously, but instead, Josuke and S&W are both being separated into their original components simultaneously

>you will never be stepped on by chuchu

show by rock thread
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Selfie By Rock!!
Gonna be late for school, nya.
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He looks down upon you.

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ITT post rare waifus
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TFW u spot fresh gamer cadaver
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Kaede and Jotaro will die.
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Enough with the Mikan, I claim this thread for Mahiru and the high-test males who want to start a family with her.
Don't make me press the good night button

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And we're off to the second arc of the series. We start off with a one shot about Misaki and his father. This is the first time we get some serious actual family drama in here. It's a nice change of pace after all the intense football action and Tsubasa's despair that went on in the last chapter.

If you're wondering, the anime took 65 episodes to adapt 12 volumes worth of material. Wew. If you prefer watching the anime, we're here:


Kid's Dream:
Volume 1 >>147182446
Volume 2 >>147197702
Volume 3 >>147202966
Volume 4 >>147227697
Volume 5 >>147245798
Volume 6 >>147256002
Volume 7 >>147289343
Volume 8 >>147298332
Volume 9 >>147333037
Volume 10 >>147375927
Volume 11 >>147433547
Volume 12 >>147484176
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Is K-on! The comfiest anime of all time
Not the best, but the comfiest?
Is there some subliminal comfy conditioning?

It's like audio-visual Valium

Also Mio a best
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It's up there, but I think Non Non Biyori wins by combining cute girls and idyllic rural scenery.
I felt pretty stressed out by how stupid Yui was
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I personally think Cromartie high High was comfier.

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It's Ruby's birthday. Can you out-dote Dia today?
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Good girl
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Rubest thread.
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Happy Birthday, cutie.

NEW Official New Rules:
1. /a/ will be run by Loli.
2. Loli (with proper sleepwear) are allowed to stay up late on /a/.
3. Loli need pancakes with lots of syrup.
4. Loli want up. Loli WANT UP!
5. Mustache Loli are called Gentlemen Loli
6. Headpats are mandatory - NO EXCEPTIONS
7. Oppai loli posting will result in death sentence
Hiro feeds me pancakes and pats my head regularly. You can take this as gospel as no one has ever posted a false or misleading post on /a/, ever.

Remember: Hiro speaks to us directly only through dubs and all other forms of communication are moot.
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Kill youself.

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This one of the few non fujoshit sports anime that aired in the last years. 6 episodes in, and enjoying the nekketsu so far.

Does it adapt all the manga? Was there a conclusion?
Your favourite character?
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>handsome boys
>not fujoshit

Let me guess, you think fujoshit means "things you don't like".
>Does it adapt all the manga?

No. Manga is still going on but for the two seasons it gets through a lot of the material.

>Was there a conclusion?

Not yet.

> Your favourite character?

This handsome fuck.
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Best characters were Yuuki and Raichi by far.

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10 DAYS REMAINING until ppp

definitely not volume 11 nono

HumieFags and LevelTards are a no, wait, that would most likely make the thread slow since you spam it every day.
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I was thinking more in terms of detection and tracking and shit.

More firepower would of course be great, but she had no detection and no magic was what caused shit to go badly wrong.

Some of those shadow demons would have been nice.

This also. Biggest problem is that she charged so arrogantly.

One thing Ainz has gotten right from the very beginning is that he's the only one who actually expects serious opposition and acts accordingly. The guardians, including Demi, though to a much lesser extent, and other NPCs (Narb and disappointment) are to confident which leads to multiple unforced errors.

Powerlevel bickering is great anon
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>HumieFags and LevelTards are a no
You're just cut off the 80% of anons in these threads.
>no, wait, that would most likely make the thread slow since you spam it every day.

oh yea.

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Just marathoned the first episode of this. What did I think?
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You thought that it was okay, OP.
/tv/ bro detected

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The best boy will stop Sinbad?
Sinbad will asspull a power up?
Magi thread.
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Don't die on us again Ugo, he can't die as virgin right?
I think Sinbad will win this one because Alibaba is the one who will eventually defeat him in an ideology battle. Also because Ugo brought up the "simple human" comment even though Sinbad's main reason in doing this is because he already admitted that he's a simple greedy human.

Revealing something your opponent doesn't know which shocks him = good flag
Revealing something that your opponent already knows and fully accepts = loser flag
He wouldn't die virgin
he will fuck Sinbad one last time before dead

All the characters in the last series you watched are now all gender-flipped. What changes?

>Gon = cute genki girl
>Killua = femme-fatale in training
>Leorio = Onee-chan
>Kurapika = stays the same
>Hisoka = Ragyou Kiriyuin 2.0
>Meruem = Ant Queen
>Neferpitou = stays the same
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>Kurapika = stays the same
>Neferpitou = stays the same

Would be more accurate if they became reverse-traps
Genderbent Pitou would be a manly man.
What the fuck happened to their hair?

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why do they keep making her look so sexy
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Takagi is not for sex.
But maybe Nishikata
because you're a pedophile
Not sexy, just pretty

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I'm watching the Japanese version of Cardcaptor Sakura for the first time and I'm enjoying it. The whole show is incredibly comfy and adorable. Let's have a thread dedicated to this wonderful show!
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I have a few questions too:
At what time in the show should I watch the movies and specials?
Should I watch the spin-off where Sakura and Li are in a different timeline?
Should I care about that other show where Sakura just makes cameos and is referenced?
Thank you and no major spoilers please.
Watch in production order
I dunno
I dunno

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