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is this any good?
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It's pretty alright. Fantastic art, but as a result animation consists of a ton of awkward pans and recycled bits. It's a nice, straightforward fantasy story.

Parn is a huge faggot and doesn't deserve Deedlit.

Watch it yourself faggot.

>They just forgot about the thief dude

Wow, cold.

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what order do I watch .hack in?
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Kill Yourself Fampai.
I will after I know the order
I played the first game then years later watched /sign and shit made more sense but the show was painfully slow, tried to play the second game after that and realized it was the exact same as the first game and dropped it.....so not that order. anyway I heard the plot weaves in and out of anime and games and as far as I can tell that's true, GL man

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Have your seen my panties, Anon?
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my dog ate them
Why is she so fat? Does she eat more than an average person? Is her health okay?
Is anything that's not a skeleton fat to you?

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Anyways Lain lain has Anische. I just hey guys I just saw lain for the first time, Serial experiments Lain. That's an n and there it is a gain. I cant even see what I'm writing because I made the box really small. Anyways. So I just have to ask? Why? Why does Lain Have to be serially experimental? Why can't she just be experimentally serial? These questions seem to be unanswerable, to be quite honest. Oh well. So I was watching this TV one night and I saw that I was writing about Serial Experiments Lain, the television show. But tell me, why would I be writing about a television show rather than watching one? The point being, if you can see where I'm going with this, that Lain is about computers right? And here I am in front of a computer typing about Lain. So I am using a computer to type about about Computers. Now the meta continues when you think about the fact that Lain can be interpreted to be short for what we on the internet call Serial Experiments Lain. If you can see, it's starting to come together. I lost my place in the writing and I can't really go back but yeah, so Lain is probably oen of the most meta show's ive watched. Like, Woah, it's a show about computers, that people end up discussing OVER COMPUTERS. Blows my Really makes me ponder.
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Why do you keep switching styles only to belittle a series from 1998?
Not sure what you mean, this is the first watch I timed this show with. But I like I said heart this show Serial Experiments Lain. It's a really
I enjoy these threads.

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Hey /a/nons what order do I watch this trash in. I've been looking to watch it as of recently and wanted to know. Thanks nerds.
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Just watch Fate/zero.
Avoid everything else.
1. Read the VN.
2. Read the Fate/Zero LN.
3. Read F/HA.
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start and end with prisma

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What does this face tell you?
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Tits are too big.
Black outline is too dark.
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Shit, I thought it was Freyja from the catalog.

The face of a winner.

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After Initial D Fifth Stage, would read a manga about rally motorsport?
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Fuck no.
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>MC-kun buys escudo
>wins every single race

Hell yes I would.


Gran Turismo series a shit. A SHIT!
A Manga about a bunch of touge dudes getting to get her to tackle The Pike's Peak Hillclimb in some homebuilt Unlimited Class monster might be fun though...

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>Ahh, I wanna suck a dick~
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she is praying for our soul like Jesus did in the getsemani
"Fryyy me, toother moo"

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All I know about this show is this girl's expressions
Can I get an in a nutshell version of it to see if it's worth seeing?
s2 never

It's not worth watching unless you're over 25 and feel like you fucked up in life and want to see what its like if you were to go back to high school.

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Been re-watching Hajime no Ippo for the 3rd time and this motherfucker in his jp title match was such a monster. Takamura is imo one of the best side characters in anime overall.

On that note I would personally put Ippo in an objective top 10 anime do others share this consensus?

Also manga fags do you find the manga to be worth reading if someone's viewed the anime? Been considering picking it up but since I haven't heard anything about another series and want to follow where Rising left off.

Thread music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AtIhuKn2No
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You look mad anon.
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To be fair if someone deserves a general it's Takamura.

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Shinohayu ch 37 is out. Commencing dump.
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>Death Parade
>Mob Psycho 100

Is this guy going to be the next big director? He's only directed two projects and they were both extremely good.
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Death parade sucked.
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mouth cam.jpg
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He's got a bright future for sure.

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Describe a show with a single out of context screenshot.
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Ridiculous love is.
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New PV
Pretty sure I'll be enjoying the intricate PLOT and the thought-provoking Backstory.
At the risk of sounding gay, this seems like it wears itself down instantly

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a soap
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