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I wonder if the final chapter will be really "final".
Also, do you think they had a special tournament in the GuP world for the 100 Years Jubilee, where only outdated designs from WWI (like Mark I or the A7V) would be used?
Would be interesting to see at least once.
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>100 years
Does anybody even know when the events of the show take place?
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>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
>The hyper sexualized villian who tries to be as lewd as possible
>The Cool Calm Villian who goes "HEH" a lot when shit doesnt go there way
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>>The Little kid who is crazy and talks about "Playing" and using people as "toys"
My #1 choice.
>The Crazy one who hurts his minions which makes the henchman heelturn
I agree, I actually dropped Black Lagoon because of it. One of the few tropes I really dislike.

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TITAN! to whose immortal eyes
The sufferings of mortality,
Seen in their sad reality,
Were not as things that gods despise;
What was thy pity's recompense?
A silent suffering, and intense;
The rock, the vulture, and the chain,
All that the proud can feel of pain,
The agony they do not show,
The suffocating sense of woe,
Which speaks but in its loneliness,
And then is jealous lest the sky
Should have a listener, nor will sigh
Until its voice is echoless.

Titan! to thee the strife was given
Between the suffering and the will,
Which torture where they cannot kill;
And the inexorable Heaven,
And the deaf tyranny of Fate,
The ruling principle of Hate,
Which for its pleasure doth create
The things it may annihilate,
Refus'd thee even the boon to die:
The wretched gift Eternity
Was thine--and thou hast borne it well.
All that the Thunderer wrung from thee
Was but the menace which flung back
On him the torments of thy rack;
The fate thou didst so well foresee,
But would not to appease him tell;
And in thy Silence was his Sentence,
And in his Soul a vain repentance,
And evil dread so ill dissembled,
That in his hand the /ai/ - Idle Activities trembled.
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I want to fuck Lala.
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Most recent trailer of the true Kinography of the year, but don't watch, it's full of spoilers.

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KnK blew Koe no Katachi's first 2 weeks, and this will blow Koe no Katachi's last 2 weeks.
Incoming Koe no Katachi thread spam time?
I thought Kimi no Na wa was kino of the year.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Unlimited fish works.jpg
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I am the fin of my fish.
Okay fuck face.
I still don't like it and I will never like it.

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These are the panties of a cute anime girl.
Their sight is very pleasing and arousing to any healthy heterosexual male.
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Smells like gunpowder
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Now it's best girl thread
How tall is Megumin?

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tokumaro dea5b.jpg
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Last dish today.
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Such a shitty adaptation.
OP and ED are especially bad. "KISS KISS" on a story with family values and a dad trying his hardest to cheer his daughter up? Who thought that was a good idea?
Anyone notice the animation getting worse?
Yes. I hope this last episode won't have QUALITY.

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>RE:Zero 'TV Anime's Sequel' is in the Novels


so, season 2 never ever

animeonlyfags btfo
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That's fine, the anime ended on a decent note.
I wish White Fox would milk some of their successful productions harder. Re:Zero and Devil is a parttimer more than sold well enough for second seasons.

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Look how close Todoroki and Momo are.
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I think maybe you should have waited for WSJD anon to post the chapter
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>female japanese 15 years old
>making a thread on monday
Kill yourself. Today it's time for WSJD and your thread isn't needed.

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Any oldfag around here? How did you watch anime in the 90's? Could you download your anime from the internet?
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borrowing vhs tapes from anime club
>you had to walk
Wow anon that must have been a hard time.
In the late 90s/early 00s you had to either buy expensive VHS tapes from Suncoast that only had two episodes on them or find an anime store that sold fansubs. I remember the one I went to in high school was shut down because, surprise surprise, selling fansubs was illegal as fuck.

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Down to the last two episodes. Who's it going to be tonight? More Critis?
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>More Critis?
Fuck no. No more pink shit.
But I would like more frogglet.
Last short episode airs today.
I hope it's gonna be the Plasmagica-oneesans.
If Shitty Pink Cat episode again I kill myself.

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Press F for respect.
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Nami misses her beloved Sanji-kun so much.
Nami will fight Big Mom I bet.
the other thread isn't even at 500 replies you dumb fucking cancerous idiot

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>there will never be another anime like urusei yatsura that changes everything
>the industry will never move forward
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What did Urusei Yatsura change?
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old-new whining.jpg
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>anime and manga haven't changed for almost 40 years
>everything old is good, everything new is bad
First anime to have such a large cast of distinctive, radiant personalities.

Pioneered animation techniques and shots never before seen, and used to this day, particularly in the digital era where it's become easier.

First anime to use synthesizer music for the BGM, which went on to become more prominent in shows like Dragon Ball.

First anime to use pop songs for the OPs and EDs.

Pioneered numerous character archetypes still seen today.

First mainstream /ak/ anime.

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>picture related
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>No one will ever say this to me
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cute butt, cute slut.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I love Annie from the bottom of my heart and the core of my soul
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
Second for Annie.
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Two shits, one hit.

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