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Chapter title is "Iron Mask".

Germa has been a "country of science" traditionally.
Judge and Vegapunk used to be illegal researchers. Vegapunk got arrested since he found blueprint of life (DNA?).

Actually World Government bought the research team, but Judge managed to run away and continued researching.

Germa soldiers are programmed not to betray their boss and don't fear death. All Germa soldiers are the clones of some excellent soldiers.

Ichiji and Niji appear. Niji expected Sanji a bit when he heard that Sanji is pirate, but now he is disappointed.

Sanji yells, "How dare you hurt Cosette-chan!!"

Sanji kicks Niji in his face, but his kick doesn't hurt him at all. Niji says. "Stealth" , appears from behind and beats Sanji wit electric attack.
Ichiji says he is going to confirm their hierarchy and calls Sanji clunker.

Flashback starts. Judge says that now that he gave his sons talent they should train hard.

Judge is worried why only Sanji is weak. According to doctor, Ichiji, Niji and Yonji developed their exoskeletons greatly, but Sanji is just a human. Judge is disappointed.

Judge tells Germa66 soldiers that Sanji suffered a shipwreck. Sanji gets imprisoned with iron mask. He can't even eat and asks for help.

Judge says that Sanji was not supposed to be born. Sanji sheds tears and apologizes again and again to Judge.

Sanji's brothers don't care about Sanji at all, but only Reiju seems to be worried about him.
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Pudding is CUTE
stuff happens: the chapter
BM wants Germas technology to amplify her soulpower:
Infinite clones = infinite amount of souls (power) she can use.
If her plan succede she's going to be even more OP

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How shit do you have to be at fighting to lose when you can stop time? Not only that but lose over and over again for hundreds of times.
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Well, she's a girl.
Again. ..

If you're enemy is stronger than you the first time and her strength proportionately increases each time, she's always going to be stronger than you.
It's meant to be a deconstruction of power level increasing/training episodes/etc. Fighting against the system they're all trapped in directly is impossible. The only way out is some crazy lateral trick, like flipping the chessboard. Those fights are there to show the audience this, in the same way Homura has to learn it.

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Has she gone too far? At this rate she's gonna rape the loli in 5 chapters.
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She's asking for it
I don't know how to respond to this
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No, she won't. She loves her.

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What was the point of Hideyoshi supposed to be?
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Not all of us were as Photoshop saavy in 2010 as we are today.

Now just keep thinking gay thoughts.

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What's you're honest opinion on him?
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Obsessed with edge, lacks finesse, completely incapable of wring works without some sort of dark theme.

pretty much
Thunderbolt Fantasy says otherwise. Even the assassin was chill enough to share drinks and chat with the protagonist and the main antagonist is pragmatic and doesn't indulge in generic torture.

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The polls have spoken. We will be singing Asterisk for the Bleach /a/ sings. We will be switching to the TV size version in the interest of actually getting something decent. Depending on interest at the end of the project I would be very happy to mix D-Technolife and Ranbu no Melody since those were the runners up and there was at least some interest.

Poll results: http://www.strawpoll.me/11081857/r
Email: [email protected]
Lyrics: http://pastebin.com/9pd3sSC9
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WjVYNt0j-A
Deadline: 9/25/16

Please submit in mp3 or wav.
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>The polls have spoken.
>We will be singing Asterisk for the Bleach /a/ sings.
If it was anything else I would not give two shits. Asterisk was the sound of Bleach that capture new eyes.
Fuck off already.
>Implying you plebs can even rap in Japanese that quick.

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Who's Bruce Faulconer?
>inb4 Kikuchi haters
Dubfags need not apply. The quality of the Jap ost aside, Faulconer's scroe has too big problems: it has no concept of silence (seriously why does music need to ALWAYS be playing) and it has too many tracks that try to play up the "edgy cool factor" of the series, which leads to the overall tone and characterization of scenes to be miscommunicated to the audience. Hence why (among other reasons) so many Americans have no idea what the series is supposed to be like.
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let me guess, you find the english dub horrible and goku's japanese voice to be sublime

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Why don't you go to one of the existing threads instead of being an attention whore, faggot?
Why so mad, aniki?!
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only one

>[HorribleSubs] Scared Rider Xechs - 12 [720p].mkv

Did anyone even watch this shit?
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I made it to around episode 4 and just never continued it. The girls were cute.
I did.
But I was disappointed there was a no-romance end. That smile at the end was dumb.
I only know of it because of the original character designer.

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Pic related.
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Anything that hyper-stylized and overexaggerated and oversexualized, like: Jagausa, Fukuyama Naoto, Knuckle Curve, Akitsuki Itsuki, Abe Inori, SeN, Kobayashi Yutaka, Yukito Fukunaga, Donguri, Suzuhane Suzu.
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I can't find anything about that art style that isn't totally nondescript.

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ITT: Anime that was ahead of their time.
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i watched this on adult swim
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You could technically watch it twice and essentially get two different shows: the american and japanese scripts are completely different iirc.

Which is expected, because the humor and wordplay in Japanese wouldn't really translate. I can't say which voices I like more.

The only real casualty is the fun OP for the show.

I loved it. The weird skits with the actors is like a strange relic of "dubbing studio does whatever the fuck they want," but it's all fun.


It looks like there's another dub out there with worse voices. I can't imagine that baby-bottle robot thing without the raspy old lady's voice.
Actually I think I did see the other version you're talking about because the one I watched the robot's voice was different and sounded more goofier.

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Erwin is so cute, she is also my wife!

I win bitch, I always win.
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I am in love with my wife, Saori!
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Because someone wanted a TL note.

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Latest Chapter

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I don't know if I can take much more of Araki's madness, guys.
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Gappy makes me happy
>Mother: Jolyne's mother rarely appears and is hardly talked about. It's assumed that she loves Jolyne very much and dotes on her in Jotaro's absence as she was the only known person to be allowed to call Jolyne "JoJo". It's mentioned that she is an Italian-American, making Jolyne 1/4 Japanese, 5/8 Italian, and 1/8 British.

D-did Jotaro pull an Oedipus?

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File: Futari_c11_04.png (412KB, 1195x1750px)Image search: [Google]
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Mero has everyone here figured out
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Mero has weird fetishes but she isn't a retard.

The invincible.
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>amazing tits
>cute and fuzzy
>strong as fuck
Large breeds are god tier.

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