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Why isn't there a megumeme thread?
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no new content and was a fotm/seasonal waifu who will soon be forgotten entirely much like pic related
I want to explode inside of Megumin!

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Alright /a/. So the manga ended 2 years ago on November 10, 2014. The anime though, will finally, after 2 years of filler, be ending on September 29th. That means the Naruto universe is over otherwise after that date, with the exception of the extension of Boruto, but no one give's a shit about Bort.

How will you be sending off one of the biggest anime/manga's of all time?

>Run the whole day with your arms behind your back
>Practice Ninjutsu
>Jump around in your basement like a faggot pretending your the characters
>Re-listen to all the Naruto OPs and EDs
>Remember being a young lad and your first glimpses of Naruto.
>Realize it's been 10 years since the Anime began airing in America.
>Watch the dubbed version for good times sake
>Watch the ship war endings be animated

There's plenty of options, how about you /a/?
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I'll probably mimic and pretend to do handseals and Chidori or spin up a good ol' Rasengan.
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>Re-listen to all the Naruto OPs and EDs
>Impblyign I don't listen to part one openings 4, 6, 8 and Shippuden openings 1, 4, 6, 9, and 16 regularly

But really, I wish I could give a fuck about Burrito.

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Latest Chapter http://bato.to/reader#d13212655880710e

post good rule 63s please
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Gappy makes me happy
Ok here you go.
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First for /JOJO/ kart game

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>Delinquent school uniform
>Jojofags think it's a Jojo reference
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To be honest, Jojofags are the cancer of the universe. I actually fell for the Jojo meme when they said it was a masterpiece when it was actually just irredeemable shit.
It is though.
everything is the cancer of the universe if you believe hard enough

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How do we fix it?
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>How do we fix it?
by fixing it
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More screen time for the better characters.
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Make Elsa Toyota's girl.

It's out

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>opm manga and webcomic going into different direction

What different direction? This actually explains why more heroes didn't go to MA in the webcomic. What's wrong with expanding the source material?
Whoa that wasn't a short chapter.

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Happy birthday Okaa-san-sensei
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Happy Birthday erotic teacher mom!
Happy birthday! Still so youthful despite having teenage daughters

A loli push you against a wall.
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She must've liked cocks that much.
Don't sexualize saucer.
Is this someones new fetish ?

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I liked Fubuki in the anime and I think she will be better in the movie.

You guys shouldn't hate her because Tanaka make her "super special shipfu of my dreams" MC. Fubuki still got that plain yet cute and sexy appeal going for her.
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I don't like potatoes
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Let me help you with that.
Haha! Time for the fall harvest.

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Paging for Royal-dono.
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Starting save file 2.
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>you will never achieve qpu speed with hifumi
Japan must have some really high quality security cameras.

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What's her name, /a/?
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That will have a Gainax adaptation.
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That one.

But is better this way at this point.

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>Hate Die Moonlight
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Nice quality thread.
resurrect el resurrect

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"Fighter aircraft don't exist" the anime.

Mediocre series, 6.5/10
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>not watching it for the cute girls doing cute things
What a pleb
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I want to sink this boat!

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Do you think real girls watch SoL?
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My imouto does
Only ugly ones

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