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It's out here:

He promised us the gaorus, he delivered.
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Dumping the omake now.
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And the last page.

Chapter 13 next. By the way, the update will be on October 12th.
>They only remember his mane
Sluuuuuts. Thanks, OP. That's the first time we see a delay, I wonder what happened.

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I wonder how my life has to be dense to make an OP for anime based on my life.
Do you guys think it's possible to make OPs or EDs out of your life?
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What the fuck are you talking about?

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Kusoko = Worst Railgun, second worst Raildex.
shit thread
KamiKuro is the greatest crack pairing of all time

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The raw of Toaru Manatsu no Genten Kaiki is out! Only 4 pages!


Credits goes to Takazuki
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Translate or give a resume please. Can you?
Did you mean synopsis or summary?

>it''s another dad and (foreigner looking) child sol
is this the "isekai" of sol? I've seen these type of story being copy pasted in almost every work of fiction in Japan now, even in Jdrama. It gets really boring and generic overtime, and why aren't there any love for mom and son/daughter?
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>is this the "isekai" of sol?
The fuck are you even talking about, there is dozens of formats way more common than isekai that you could have used. Isekai is still incredibly niche compared to stuff like the battle harem.
Hijaking this thread with these dubs.

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You will NEVER be able to hold Tomoko in your arms while petting her head.
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Well maybe it's possible... Just really unlikely. I'll never give up trying to find my real tomoko
>3dpd blogging
Lurk for 2 years before posting.
>Being a faggot

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How many shows are you gonna watch?
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www working
As many as I can.

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Miss me yet, /a/?
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I mean maybe, idk not really, but sure i guess.
Every single day.

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So I just finished watching Nana and can I just say that Hachi is a dirty fucking slut that deserves nothing but aids? Goddamn I cannot imagine anyone watching this shit and not be absolutely furious with her, was the intention of the author to make the reader hate her woth every fiber of their being? And then you have poor Nobu who's trying his best to forget that cunt but his "friends" still want them to hook up like what the fuck are these people smoking? I'm reading the manga now hoping that he finally sees her for what she is (a golddigger dirty whore that is) but I doubt it because Nobu is just that pure hearted.

Holy shit I have never been this frustrated over an anime character, superficial money hungry cunt. She didn't even seem sad, immediately jumping to bed with that long haired faggot while Nana was right next door holy fucking shit I hope she fucking kills herself
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Were you hurt by a Nana too?
Welcome to the world of real women
Turn gay please
I just feel for Nobu man, the guy did nothing wrong yet he's treated like absolute trash, it's not fucking fair. I even cried like a bitch when Nana told him he has a big heart or something, I just couldn't handle it anymore...

Maybe I'll do what >>147794706 says

Miss me yet, /a/?
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I miss Yozora butt.
yeah, new forced meme
damn it. yes

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>older sister is in prison
>get a call from her
>she tells me that the prison library has Azumanga Daioh and two volumes of Watamote
>...but loads of pages are missing

I'm thinking of donating the prison more manga. What series do you think convicts would like?
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I'm serious.

For fuck's sake why not donate to a children's hospital or a library or something not full of criminals
nice rec thread faggot

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The lord has approved of Thunderbolt Fantasy.
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IkuharaXButcher anime when?
Ikuhara should have directed Chaos Dragon.
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Can't wait for the finale

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Sub or Dub?
inb4 >dub, I just wanna know if it's at least decent/good like certain other ones.
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It was fine

por que

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What do you actually WANT to see happen in the next 5 years of Berserk?

In the next 10 years?
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>5 years
Casca fighting again
Skull Knight
Moonboy explained
Plan to kill Griffith
Rickert and Erica's happy family

>10 years
Hundreds of doujins giving possible endings to the series because Miura died
Have they reached elf island yet? Is 10 years enough to do so?
An end.

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>read the comments
>loads of them are saying "why are there explosions in space? there is no oxygen in space so no fire in space! EPIC FAIL!"

Is pointing out that fire can't exist in space anime a new normie meme I missed out on?
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No u
But you can have fire and explosions in space. It just feeds off the propellant and the life support. Zero G fires look fucking strange though.

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