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What to do?
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man this looks like NTR
is that a thing? trap NTR?
Where do I find the translated version
Oh it's a thing. I'm sure someone can provide teh page.
You know the one, the one with guy who's wife is getting boned by the trap.
Guy walks in on them.
Proceeds to be the only truly good example of NTR i've ever seen.

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Suu is a big wall
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I'm going to marry Draco!
Would Donald Trump support my decision to marry my legal monster waifu?
They should have use a battering ram on the Slime.

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first for PORK!
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Minissimo - RWBY: Ruby Rose Posable Figure(Pre-order)

What a Surprise.

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Why do women draw seinen better than men?
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>posts a shounen
Is Domestic na Kanojo good? The art always gave me a boner but I never got round to reading it
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Love triangle between sisters and their step brother

I like it

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Gonna finish Petit Tan then try and move onto Imouto.
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"I didn't forget anything!!"
52: A new life

"I guess it's time to say goodbye to this room"
"I feel a little sad..."

"Getting outta here"
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"Heeey, it's about time..."

"Cons-tan, why do you look like that...?"

"From now on I'm gonna seriously pursue my modelling career so when I go outside I gotta disguise myself"

"Then the way you usually look would hide your identity more, don't you think?"

"Oh yeah, where did Hana go?"
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"Take care, Puchi"
"We'll come over to visit once in a while"

"Satori-chan it's about time..."

"Take care of yourselves, senpai!!"

"Hey there, you're messing your makeup up"

"Your clothes are getting messed up too, so now you look indecent!!"

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What is the anime equivalent of country music?
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metal is re zero
Yaoi genre.

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Drawfag Thread 1863

second rarfag's files until thread 1859: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/m5rhvc5a9bfku

Draw Friends Booru!

Please help a little by tagging and uploading pics!
Tag list of artists and colorists: http://pastebin.com/J0dJ6gtn

Missed a delivery or sudden 404? http://desuarchive.org/a/
Drawfaggin' references and tablet guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r76FugZ2pZIE74LdSEBMwGJ7HxweawNdoGrNT6hrOfs/edit

Thread 1862 >>147296917
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Requesting some crossover of I-58(left) and Haruka(right) with Sukumizu please.

Something like I-58 is happy and hug Haruka because she though Haruka is a new submarine girl/kanmusu.

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fucking dropped.png
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ITT: Post the exact moment you dropped a series.
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Hes said that since episode one.
problem OP?
Do you mean dropped as in lost all hope in the show or that you stopped watching it. To me it doesnt matter if the anime is shit, i have to watch it till the end or my anime knowledge and collection wont grow.

With the first arc having drawn to a close as of volume 11, the Gash Bell dump continues, finally arriving into an actual plot and where the series truly becomes remarkable.

Gash bell is a Shonen action/comedy series by Makoto Raiku. The basic plot premise is that there are 100 kids from the demon world who come into the normal world to fight until only 1 is left standing, who is crowned king;

I'll be making a thread every day (can't give a specific consistent time of day yet due to IRL bullshit) and will post 1 volume every day until the whole run is posted.

Opening 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0Ir4LL9Bkc
Opening 2 (current): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aMy1lJsRtE

Previous threads (Be aware deleted spoilers will still be shown in third party archive links!)
Volume 1: >>146776390 | https://boards.fireden.net/a/thread/146776390
Volume 2: >>146824912 | https://boards.fireden.net/a/thread/146824912
Volume 3: >>146873557 | https://boards.fireden.net/a/thread/146873557
Volume 4: >>146922715 | https://boards.fireden.net/a/thread/146922715
Volume 5: >>146977207 | https://boards.fireden.net/a/thread/146977207
Volume 6: >>147026126 | https://boards.fireden.net/a/thread/147026126
Volume 7: >>147052610 | https://boards.fireden.net/a/thread/147052610
Volume 8: >>147123349 | https://boards.fireden.net/a/thread/147123349
Volume 9: >>147154469 | https://boards.fireden.net/a/thread/147154469
Volume 10: >>147203207
Volume 11: >>147229224
Volume 12: >>147296584
Volume 13: >>147345199
Volume 14: >>147400389
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>Why should I be interested?
It has really fantastic art, good humor, great tactical fight's with great choreography and is really excellent at utilizing both positive and negative emotions for FEELS; admittedly the series is a little rough untill arc 2 rolls around, after that all the above starts to really shine and continues to get better; the art in particular.

>Where are your scans from?
NULL's release. their site is here: http://www.n-u-l-l.net/ and they can also be found on bato.to and mangasaurus. EBJ has superior digital volumes for sale on their site, but they are japanese only, I'll be buying and ripping them eventually. There's also some really amazing quality Portuguese scans, but only for like 20 chapters halfway into the series, and, you know, aren't in english.

A-Destiny has really amazingly high res scans in english for the last 3 volumes, but they aren't publically available anywhere right now other then the last 3 volumes as jpgs on otakusmash, and the translation is generally nost as good as NUll's I feel in most cases. They also have 18-30, but thye quality isn't much better then Null's and the translation is still iffy.

>Isn't Zatch bell that kiddy pokemon ripoff?
You probably saw the localized anime. The anime is pretty not great, and the localization is fucking terrible. The manga is way better, but even it admittedly starts out only above average untill it gets into the second arc.
Here we fucking go

Get ready for laughter and tears, people
I encourage you to post and respond to stuff as i'm dumping pages. It's far more fun for me while dumping if I see other people reacting to stuff that's happening and there' conversations I can reply to.

HOWEVER, please do not post images till I finish so the image limit isn't hit before then, and use your judgement for how often you post/how long what you are posting is. Don't overdo it.


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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread: >>147406689
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Don't give up! You CAN learn Mandarin!

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cd dramas

Also shame on you touchme-sama, for brining shame to insectoid kind. Good thing best is a spider right?
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Dark Touch Me.jpg
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I don't know what you're talking about, Touch Me is great.
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The Guild.jpg
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Serious question; why do humiefags exist? Why are they so delusional?
Touch Me is a nice guy. Finally a non bait OP, do you honestly don't know why it gets deleted?

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320 is out on Sense:

Best boy Ja'far tries to bring Sinbad to his senses but Sinbad is just adamant on being a faggot.
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It's time.
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For what?
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Bro stuff, obviously.

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Fate final fight 2.jpg
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What is your favourite climax fight and why?
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I always thought the fights in Fate were very cringy and boring.

Cringe worthy for a lot of the fights for sure but not all are boring.
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Illya vs Gilgamesh

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What a cuck.....

Subs when?
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Why'd I ask for subs? I need sleep.
When were you when NUNShits were given a taste of their own medicine?
how is that a cuck?

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