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Was this the best isekai or what?
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Didn't watch it but i heard it was ok but a bit too focused on being the "edgy" isekai.
It does spend a lot of time mourning the death of a character.
Pretty nice even with all those song advertisements, too bad s2 never. The gang proceed to get raped by orc hordes later too.

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Koe no Katachi - 893 million after 9 days
K-On movie - 691 million after 9 days

Really makes you think.
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Disney could still kick their ass.
That's like saying Domino's Pizza could beat your local pizzeria's ass. No shit.

You don't have to keep making threads about this

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Daily reminder
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I am Homura.
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homura irl.jpg
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No, I am Homura
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HomuHomu beach.png
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Homu best girl

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Where were you when Zoids finally made a return?


>Some of you may remember Zoids, Tomy’s science fiction media franchise featuring giant robots based on animals. Takara Tomy just opened a teaser site for “the start of a new Zoids project.”
>Other than the image of a soldier and a Shield Liger, the teaser site doesn’t share much info so there’s no telling whether this project could be a new line of toys or anime. However, when looking at the source of the teaser site, the keyword “Field of Rebellion” pops up, and Takara Tomy did file a trademark for “Zoids: Field of Rebellion” back in August which also included video game as one of its categories.

New Anime when?
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shit i used to buy tons of those as a kid
mite b cool
I just want a Blade Liger AB plamo re-release.
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Who /Gojulas/ here?

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When will the industry learn from KyoAni's non-pandery tendencies and have the decency to make normal school uniforms?
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Have you watched Phantom World?
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To be honest, Phantom World is the most pandering Kyo-Ani work as of late. I loved it, but it was borderline generic.

Mob's flashback was so heartwarming, it should be a crime to be this cute.
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Wasn't this flashback later on in the manga?
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I want to protect this smile

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How do they solve the trolley problem?
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Kerry: as expected
Shirou: Save all through asspull
Archer: Try to save all; end up saving none
Saber: Be cute and stop the trolley through waifubait
Gil: Walks away

Throw the fat guy on the tracks because everyone hates fatties.

Why don't anime studios hire people who can actually speak English for scenes with spoken English?
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yukari sensei.png
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Who cares, Engrish is funny.

The (japanese) audience are unable to notice the difference.
Probably lack of English VA in Japan.


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shit's hitting the fan edition
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That joke character on the sleeve is actually relevant.
My hat to Hata.
A-tan will win, r..right?
I really hope so. Nagi's going to get btgo but she'll probably get over it pretty quickly. Hinagiku isn't in contention anymore

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sad panda.jpg
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Not enough mother daughter yuri doujins
Any new recent cute netorare? No sluts allowed
>top 5 doujins
>top 5 fetishes
>top 3 artists

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left, middle or right?
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Middle, easily.

Even if she's married to Odin.
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So Hestia's a midget, right?

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I can't stand this bitch, why is the worst girl the lead? Is Usagi a total fucking retard for the whole Series? She honestly ruins the whole show.
Why are Mars and Neptune the two best girls?
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>Watching sailor moon for usagi
Watch it for Mars and disregard this retarded bimbo
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It's all that's getting me through, Rei is a goddess. I put this series off for so long just because I hate the MC.
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I liked her character

She was the first believable teenage MC I've seen ever

She's whiny, selfish, useless in a fight until she gets to cop out, lazy, easily bored and mooches off her friends, can't talk to guys, etc.

All the flaws make her fun and funny to watch, I wasn't expecting to not have a boring ass protag when I finally got around to this show

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nyanbo thread
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This shit already got lewd.

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No 3x3 thread?
Let's fix that!
pls don't bully
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Wuts mid?
Hello friends

>>147769795 (OP)
>having a blank space in your 3x3
Pretty sure it's K-on
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Anime 3x3 threads.png
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Will there ever be another show that has the same level of charm and personality Urusei Yatsura had?
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Any ecchi desu
It depends.
no because anime is just neet pandering now

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