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Seems nice. I hope it's more comedy-centric though.
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Best scenery people
As expected, Pigmon really is the cutest. It was cute in Ultraman and she's still cute here.

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>tfw no DMC ani... oh wait

Dante can die, Alucard just can't.
Like Uncle Dante 700x more though.
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Let's make it a three-way fight.

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Will MC finally grow some balls and finally ask out Hishiron?
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Hopefully not before she breaks down in front of him bawling about not knowing what she did wrong. Or even better, have her overhear some other girls talking behind her back how all the stuff he does for her is probably because he pities her, but there is no way a guy like that would consider her girlfriend material.

She's best girl but we need some suffering before they fuck like rabbits. All her conflict has been about whether she understands her feelings. What we need is for her to understand her feelings, and then force her to consider that they could be utterly rejected and crushed.
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Not until he figures out that she's a subject.

He won't make a move until then, but it's pretty obvious he's going to learn sooner or later
I'll be really disappointed that if when they start dating (and they will) they won't fuck.

They're almost freaking middle-aged. If they're in a relationship, they really need to fuck for it to be believable.

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>read manga
>get to the newest chapter
>it's on hiatus for months/years now
>read manga
>it ends quickly and unfinished because it was obviously cancelled
>read manga
>the story is stretched out to eternity, the manga never wants to fucking end so when it does a lot of elements were compensated in favor of long livity leaving the overall story in shambles making it impossible for the manga to end decently and satisfying

What the fuck is wrong with this industry?
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"the industry"

two of the three problems you just pointed out are entirely the fault of the authors.
Lurk more, newfag.
Yeah but making manga is really hard so I still give them mad props

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Why not sing Roundabout?
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Very hard to sing and would sound like shit in choir to be honest.

I vote for Twilight but I don't even have a mic anyway so I won't participate.
I'm still waiting for Butter-fly.

It's been months now.
Man Yes made a lot of good music but people only care about that one meme song

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Shes looking at you anon, quick say something!
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Can't believe it's been 15 years since them slags smashed into the twin towers, still freaks my nut out to this day
The Jew is immunised against all criticism!

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Let's discuss the future of Anime "movies".

Will an anime director beside Miyazaki ever win an Oscar?

Hosoda the furryboy
Shinkai the genderbender feet fetish otaku

or will it be someone we haven't heard of yet?
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>inb4 Oscars are shit

We know, just talking about world wide popularity and shit.

Obviously no matter how shit the Oscars are,
if an animation movie wins it it's gonna get somewhere globally.
Going by sales Shinkai will be probably the next to receive some sort of award.
>or will it be someone we haven't heard of yet?
me if i'm not lazy.

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Is there a better pet in the history of anime?
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Class rep's cunny.
Wow, so I wasn't the only one who watched this dumpster fire

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Desu wa~
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Desu wat you say?
You cannot learn Japanese

What would a blowjob from her be like?

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What kind of adult does an anime watcher/ manga reader become when they get old?
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Boku no Pico
a poorly adjusted one
a failure

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Pic related, very catchy and energetic tune

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It's better than the shows other ops.


>inb4 meme

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I started this anime 10 years ago when it first was airing and finally finished it tonight. I feel.... something... i.... what.. do i do now? Is there an anime that can rival such epic arcs?
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Suicide is pretty good.
Unlike 99% of anime it actually had a good ending. Its hard to come by.

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What went right?
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Piano made up for the lack of Dance like you want to win in the last movie.
The music, shitting on nu-Eva kiddies who thought it was always a straight forward and easy to follow anime
is the last movie ever going to come out

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Who is she /a?
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A girl who deserves to be forgotten.
Me irl
She looks like a sexually active waifu.

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>doesn't have to go to work or school
>gets to live away from his parents despite them supporting him, financially
>random qt girl decides to help him for no reason
>lives next door to whacky otaku best-friend

I'm supposed to feel bad for this guy? His life sounds way better than mine.
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>>random qt girl decides to help him for no reason
Read the manga.
I want to shit on Misaki's tits.
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>random qt girl decides to help him for no reason

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