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What do you see as most important modern shonen in manga history? I mean like shonen have brought something new in shonen scene. In my opinion FMA, HxH and Magi. What do you think?
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Naruto is better than all of those 3
Sexy Commando Sugoiyo Masaru-san.

Can anyone explain to me what happened in this episode? (#20)

Did I actually just listen to Misato get fisted by Kaji for asking too many questions about being a spy?

What did he mean by "we need to keep up appearances"? Why can't she fucking date the guy.

I wouldn't have known that Shinji's mother is EVA 01 unless I read about it online, it was that terribly communicated to the audience.
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>it was that terribly communicated to the audience.
>one episode Yui appears as a ghost to help Shinji inside Leliel
>another episode explains how she got in the eva
No, you're just dumb.
>a couple cigarettes

yeah they fugged

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>MFW Re:Zero is over but I'm still way too enthralled in its world to move on
Anyone else in the same predicament? What do we do now? Should we just give in and go read the novel as it gets translated? Should we wait until there's a second season or an OVA? If so, for how long are you willing to wait before you just give up and become a source material fag? FUCK, WHY IS THE BEST ANIME ALWAYS ADAPTING SOMETHING ELSE?
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First time you've seen an anime?
Don't make fun of him, He can watch a lot more now.
It's popular enough that a second season is a possibility so I'll give it at least two years.

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How 3DCG had grown...

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Godamnit, that animation with the head turning looks 10 times better if you put the speed at x1,5, what the hell is their problem with low FPS?
It looks perfect at x1.5.
it definitely has
although I still don't think it'll ever beat hand drawn anime (especially cel)

The face of a man cucked by his fat friend

cheer danshi thread
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Salvation is at hand. No bitch should steal Kazu's man from him.
Sakura > Kirari > Coach > Haruko > Grandma >>> Chihiro

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How do you see the future of monogatari series?
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More milking
dumb waifu harem shit, just like it's always fucking been

> adapting whole story
> milking

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>Came for Yukina
>Stayed for Asagi
God damn it why is Asagi the best? Her character feels pretty real

Please tell me she becomes more relevant later in the story.
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She gets short end of the stick all too often, and yet she's the only one other than Yukino who's confirmed to have a child in the sidestory.

It's quite the perplexing situation.

I've been spending too much time in Yahari threads.
So no chance in winning?
Well shit. Even though I expected this

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why did Shiro try to rape christianfu?
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Because he's an idiot.
She kept getting closer to him and relying on him to sort out her fucked life while at the same time denying him what he obviously wanted from the start and acting all haughty about while she might or might not have been a literal whore.

I'm not saying it's okay, but I do think she acted irresponsibly and maybe even somewhat hippocritically.
Because of tons of bottled up frustration, what else.

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Think of the anime character you hate the most.

If they were in front of you, spreading their legs and telling you that you can fuck them or rape their throat, would you?
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I rape him after I beat him unconscious, though.
pike from hxh

hell no
nope because that bitch doesnt deserve my cock or ikkis or any one

ITT: Characters with a masked alter-ego like western comic book superheroes or sentai fighters.

I don't mean masked all the time, but one that has a regular life and a hidden identity they use a disguise to hide the link to.

They don't have to be doing superhero stuff though, it can be just doing stuff anonymously, like Mr. Pleiades/Subaru-kun from Robotics;Notes.

Here's BK201/Hei/Li from Darker Than Black.
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Samurai Flamenco.
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The greatest.

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You better fucking pray we get an hour long finale or else shit's about to get COMPLEX
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>Hour long finale
>When there's already 2 episodes a week
I'm pretty sure that the casualty rate would put the studio out of business if they attempted that.
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The plot twist is there was no mastermind, it was just a test of the survivors hope to see if they could once and for all overcome despair ft. Hopeman pretending to be Junko pretending to be Kirigiri
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How the fuck does Tengan tie into any of that?

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She's cute.
Definitely reading.
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Can't wait

Is she the ideal woman?
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They treat the cast in QB too shitty for me to actually care about the characters.
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If you're okay with the blind part, Yeah, Tomoe would be a good wife.
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What is the most triggering scene of all time and why is pic related?
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Because of /pol/.
>hurr durr why didn't a 9 year old stay committed to MC
nah, the fucking baby ruined everything

Bestiality done right
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