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Post yfw the hypest shonen arc ever is getting animated.
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So what is this? Is the first time I've seen or heard of it
Same here, is it any good?
i watched like 3 eps few years ago, is manga worth getting into?

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Can someone tell me the diference betwen hunter x hunter and hunter x hunter (2011)
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theres none
Hunter X Hunter Brotherhood had less filler and pacing closer to the manga's
2011 is better in every single aspect.

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Explain why this show isn't masterpiece without resorting too the "lolsorandum" or "It's too confusing, I can't pay attention :(" arguments.
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Explain why it's a masterpiece then. Define "masterpiece" and why it is one without the use of your own personal opinions.
a masterpiece*

Because it is literally without flaw and pulls off its intentions perfectly.

>Animation is absolutely insane
>Art style is minimalistic but fits the show's tone well
>Well written characters that are developed through realistic ways rather than cheap exposition or melodrama
>Naota is the most realistically written 12 year old boy in anime
>Uses a lot of metaphors that aren't completely obvious upon first viewing
>Tells its story in clever ways that may not be noticed until 2nd or 3rd viewing
>Simple message and theme that's presented in a complex and original way

>Mitarai, for making a brainwashing anime and fucking up the world.
>Your punishment is nonstop sex with Ibuki on an island with no air conditioning or anime.
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But that's no punishment
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go meet up with your sister you Hopeful fuck, sheesh what a crappy conclusion
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Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

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If someone gave you 10 billion USD(convert to your country's currency if you have to) to improve your country, what would you do?
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Put my name in giant gold letters on buildings, airplanes, and dubious business ventures. I would then get my own reality show based purely on those achievements and follow that up by running for president on a platform of how great I am and how we need to deport and/or bomb various shades of brown people

Let's not turn this into /po/
I would make Darker Than Black 3.

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Some characters are just made to suffer.
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Latest chapter is a pretty big fuck you, because you know it's just a fucking bait and switch.
Best childhood friend in a while.
>ghost Eve is vanishing because Tarou is starting to like Ebino now

Oh fuck

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what did she mean by this
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>I'm the worst character of this anime so I should try to say something intelligent to be more likeable.
"I have a penis."

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>His waifu wears shoes
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>his waifu is savage
>his waifu is so poor she lives in abandoned property on broken furniture
>his waifu literally sucks millions of cocks

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Can girls love other girls?
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That's gay.
No, it's not allowed.
Keep that shit in >>>/co/.

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This fucker could have literally solved all of his problems by investing in a psychotherapist for the pilots but instead he just wastes money on stupid shit.
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and for himself
Who the fuck put him in charge of saving the world anyway.
Take the fucking Ritalin, Shinji.

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Someone else can dump i'm too lazy
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"Toriko is never going to reach DBZ power levels"
>The center of the earth is a food utopia
>Ganging up on Acacia
>Info on the full course, appetite demons and Neo
>Angry Toriko next
That was a great chapter.
I joked in the past Neo could eat concepts like Food Luck and then Acacia goes does just that.

Watch him eat Minority World too.

Why does /a/ hate sword art online so much?
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It's stupid.
It sucks.
And I hate it.
Because its dogshit.
It's stupid.
It sucks.
And We hate it.

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Hey guess what time it is
you'll never guess.

also, we're back.
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In other words, here's the last you'll see of your self insert for the next week.
I should've went to bed. I have to be at work in 3 hours.
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>carol arc

Why are blonde characters always with big breasts?
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Because they are usually the best.
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Eh? There are tons of blonde lolis.
Cause it just works

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