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Post what you've been watching/reading recently, what you think about it etc.
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Is lupin part 2 considered retro?
It's from the seventies, so probably

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>Q: Speaking of Piccolo, did you think from the beginning of his background as a Namekian alien?
>A: Of course, I didn't think that at all (laughs). The Saiyan were like that as well. When I thought up Goku's tail and the Oozaru, I didn't think Goku was an alien or anything. Piccolo either. Because I thought that up when Kami-sama came out.

The entire basis for everything that happens after Goku defeats Piccolo was just a random thought in a madman's mind. Thank you, Toriyama
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there was a brief moment in the android saga where piccolo was the strongest z fighter

rest in pieces green guy
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Indeed. He was the strongest before the Saiyans went into the HTC.
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Super Buu Saga PL's.

Earlier: >>147622960

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Well, do we?
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Only if she say Ara twice.
I can tolerate women who's a little older than me, but I kinda autoreject women who's more than a couple of years older than me. I kinda think that they'd never be interested in me anyways, so it's kind of an self fullfilling prophecy or something.

Then again if a woman my age is single, there's something really wrong with her. Thirty year old single ladies (with or without cats) have issues. That's more or less the rule.

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How many of you are reading the Web Novel translations?
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Before you found out about it.
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I am!
>Emilia: “And you immediately cover it up. ...You're worried about Rem-san, aren't you?”
>Subaru smiles bitterly and gazes at Rem.
>Subaru: “I'm worried. I'm super worried. I've been thinking this whole time I have to do something, and I'm sure I'll constantly be thinking about it. I do want to think of you as my number one, but... this isn't something I can put a number on. Sorry.”
>Emilia: “Getting mad at that would make me a bad girl. I'm not going to be mad when it's something so important. ...You can tell just by looking that she's someone important to you.”
>Just like Subaru, Emilia looked over at the sleeping Rem, and narrowed her eyes. Emilia's lips quivered, and after a moment of hesitation,
>Emilia: “You love her, don't you?”
>Subaru: “Love her, love her a lot. I love her as much as I love you, Emilia-tan.”
>Emilia: “Saying this is a bit, but... Subaru, are you a cheater?”
Also, it doesn't sound like the whole "numbers in his heart" thing is as simple as just that. It's interesting that this sentence wasn't included in the previous translations of this scene. Assigning numbers to your emotions never really seemed right to me anyhow.
>I do want to think of you as my number one, but... this isn't something I can put a number on. Sorry.
Let me go and find it.
Literally the first time I'd be okay with a Harem end

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We shall never get off Ono's wild ride
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What's your favorite summoning method?

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Truth time:

Stella is a miracle of the universe
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Stella a best. A BEST.
Season 2 when
She's my cumdumpster.

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This episode was fucking terrible.
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Weather Report his here now.
Ken the Janken boy has to be Death XIII levels of "Everyone forgot about this guy and they are probably roaming the Earth doing stuff"

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True Ultimate Despair
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Reminder, V3 will have multiple protagonists
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Post girls
Kirigiri will be back next episode i swear on me mum.

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91 Days thread
Is it true that subs are delayed for a whole week?
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No, it isn't. The subs are perfectly on time.
Well no.
The subs are on time.
Airing is delayed by a week.
It just aired though

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Spoilers should be out in 12 hours or so. Cochlea this time?
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No, faggyama was teased last chapter so he has to be in this one if ishida doesn't want to be murderd by fujos

i honestly dont care now.

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No body

No death
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What, this body? DAAAYYYMMMM
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Hope will surely win.
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kei gai stop bringing up the past
bitches likes to bring up the past
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That's some serious wuxia content right there.
And only the ones with the most time get to slap people really really hard.

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Is this character a culmination of everything wrong with current Evangelion?
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No, but this is.
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''We are modern and cool'' - Hideaki Anno.
She's the JarJar of Eva.
She's not the root of it rather than the embodiment of it.

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I recently fapped a lot to pic related. Is her show worth watching or nah?
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It's okay.
its pretty good, gave me a few chuckles.
Its shit. Dropped it after 4 episodes

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Happy birthday Megami
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Happy birthday second best girl

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