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Continuing the last chapters of Volume 13 and then off to 14 where Tsubasa, Izawa, Kisugi, Taki, Takasugi and Ishizaki will have to face their old teamates in Otomo, made up of Urabe, Kishida, Nakayama and Nishio.

Kid's Dream:
Volume 1 >>147182446
Volume 2 >>147197702
Volume 3 >>147202966
Volume 4 >>147227697
Volume 5 >>147245798
Volume 6 >>147256002
Volume 7 >>147289343
Volume 8 >>147298332
Volume 9 >>147333037
Volume 10 >>147375927
Volume 11 >>147433547
Volume 12 >>147484176
Volume 13 + I am Misaki Taro >>147615030

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This is your last episode.
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aqours is shit
>last episode

Just a little over an hour before the final ep broadcast

Preview: https://youtu.be/t16CZaVYCqM
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Will we get Terra announcement?
I'd be surprised if we didn't. Full op lyrics confirm that they're going through with a Salvation ending.
This anime series isn't going to play best song at all are they? I am disappoint.

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This is the battleship HMS Clear Frost.
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>Old and outdated destroyer by the outbreak of war
>Considered a sluggish rustbucket by command
>Midway, arrive in time to see Akagi burning
>Guadalcanal, see Yuudachi Akatsuki and Hiei die
>Vella Gulf, see Arashi, Hagikaze and Kawakaze go down before they even saw the enemy
>Vella Lavella, witness Yugumo killed with all hands
>Empress Augusta Bay, see Sendai burn to death while being mercilessly shelled
>Witness the remaining carriers sunk at the Battle of the Philippine Sea
>Sent along with Fuso, Yamashiro, Mogami, Michishio, Asagumo and Yamagumo to die as a distraction
>Shigure is the sole survivor
>Later sent to escort Unryuu, who is killed in a sneak attack by a sub
>Finally put out of her suffering by a torpedo near the end of the war, but she sinks slowly enough to allow most of her crew to survive

Has any other ship suffered as much as Shigure?
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I prefer to call her Lewdshimo.
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Kiyoshimo is not lewd, stop lewding her this instant!

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Final episode today.

S3 never?
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Manga sales are also bad
Story went full retard in manga
Hope it doesn't get axed
I like the food porn/fanservice and some characters
I need something to replace fairy tail
The manga has great sales only some chapters with Azami in it are ranked poorly in ToC.
>reading FT

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NARUTO LAST BATTLE in 17 minutes. Get in here lads.
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Slowly kill yourself.
Fuck off

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>ITT: Your Darkest Secrets

I unironically like Shirou as an MC.
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I unironically like 4chan.
every girl in Evangelion is shit, and so is the show.
I stream anime

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Was there any mutual attraction?
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How many fucking eva threads do we need? Use the catalog, you retard.
Physically, yeah, but Asuka was disgusted by Shinji's personality, and Shinji wasn't romantically affectionate to Asuka.

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>Alcholic slut with severe daddy issues
>Offers sex to a 14-year-old boy
>Sleeps with a penguin, probably stinks of fish/booze/bird shit

>Extreme mommy issues
>Extreme inferiority complex
>Extremely sore loser
>Small breasts
>Seeks the attention of older men

Rei (2)
>Satisfied with a simple life
>Good temperament

How could anyone prefer a character that isn't Rei?
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Masochists prefer Rei etc.
Anno is truly the master
red vs blue
kaworu is gay
shinji is actually manly
pokemon sun and moon
asukafags unite and shitpost bump to imagelimit
there's would be a higher possibility of Asuka stepping on me rather than Rei so bonus points for that.
I agree that Rei is more of a waifu tho
i forget the names now but the one with the apartment who was the alcoholic was cute and i would like to fuck her

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Dumping translated chapter.

Also, more ninjas
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I wonder what side-stories, prologue and intermission we will get if any?
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This is how Lupu observes village?
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Enri Emmot, lupusregina.jpg
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>typical day at carne
isn't actually 5 days remaining? its the 24th in nipland

You faggots aren't going to shitpost about this anime like you did with Oreimo, are you?
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We do what we want.
Nah, I doubt It will be be as controversial
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eromanga vol 7.png
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I'm going to shitpost about no translations.

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I've been watching Haikyuu lately

I can already tell that this isn't going to become a thing is it? Despite it being absolutely perfect
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File: Haikyuu!!.full.1641687.jpg (430KB, 900x818px)Image search: [Google]
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It's really cute regardless just seeing them interact
Literally the best ship
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Those two and pic related are the definition of sports manga pairings done right.

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is niji's electricity a genetic power?

what the hell does yonji's "winch" do if that's the case?
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Reiju is the only one who never laid a finger on Sanji.
She laughed along and let it happen though. Only way she can be truly redeemed is if we see her crying for Sanji.
She laid the handcuffs on him though. That's worse than anything all his brothers has done.

Not saying she's bad but come on. Let's not be blind here.

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Hi, anons. Here's new goblin slayer.
I beg your pardon, because I wont post all of them (stupid EVS...). If everyone willingly repost pictures, you have my gratitude.

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>Elf arrive
>Flat jokes already started
forgot to say thanks op u da real mvp but i cant read this so idk what to do.

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