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This show is cancer it's just mindless fun with no thought put into it basically a shitty OPM clone.
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OPM for emos.
>/a/ and leddit and mal go crazy for what is yet again a shounen anime with a boring high schooler mc who has some overpowered ability + berserk mode just because this one happens to have him start out really powerful from Ep 1

That being said, I think MP100 is still a good anime but it's definitely not gonna be remembered in a few years unless it gets a S2 announced. It's just so similar to the other shounen garbage that gets shoveled around the front page of /r/anime except for its art direction

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What does /a/ think of Hidan no Aria?

I know it's a generic battle harem but you have to admit the girls are great and the MC is good too
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Aria is a miracle of the universe.
The fact that the Baka-tsuki translation has completely halted is and that E-manga is responsible should be a crime against humanity
>Hidan no Aria
> However, when he is sexually aroused, he enters a state known as "Hysteria Mode" in which his cognitive and physical abilities increase to around thirty times his normal state,
Wow, sounds original as fuck! I have never heard of this concept before!
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It's very generic and ridiculous, but goddamn it's entertaining and runs entirely on rule of cool action. It also have cute girls being badasses.

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You're going to carry her home, right?
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Today isn't the Megumeme monday yet
It's not Monday.

But I'd shove my face right in those black panties and sniff that ass any day.
Oh yeah, really gently, too.

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"Take off your pants"
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>implying i wear pants in my house
What do you think you're doing at my house bitch? Get the fuck out before I unleash my dark side and attack your vagina-pussy.
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>wearing socks instead of pantyhose


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>final novel after 10 years
>possible new anime
>a-1 pictures
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The original OVAs were the only good things.
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The manga is pretty good too.
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Well, rip thread.

What does /a/ think about fucking terrible anatomy?
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As long as its Raita I'm ok with it.
My dick likes whatever Raita is drawing.
daily thread

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Its happening next week!.

Who are u rooting for? Garou or WDM?
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garo is gonna get stomped. wdm is tip top tier.

watchdogbum wankers on suicide watch as usual.
I wonder why they haven't read the webcomic.
And also he looks more of a tank than Metal Bat.

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This is your mentally handicapped sister for tonight
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Nico is not mentally handicapped, she has just been through some shit
>*paint it black starts playing*
i don't need more

Where are my peeps at?
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Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9L-0x92vXk
What are you all working on?
I translated and cleaned the next chapter of Itsuya-san, but if possible, I'd like to use the same fonts as the (dead) group that worked on the previous chapters.

Can anyone ID this font, and the one used on the following page?

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rip other goku
what happened guys?

don't understand nip
15 min of filler, what a shitty episode

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What does /a/ think about this show?
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Its alright but nothing to special
Best Watanabe show.
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Final dandy.png.jpg
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I enjoyed it. It makes for a solid gateway series if you're trying to get a friend into something a bit more than your average shonenshit.

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>tfw people think this is a pony
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Don't post ponies on /a/, brony.
Normalfags gonna normal.

The art style and her multi colored hair is enough to spark normalfag hate.
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Yamada BTFO once again
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>ANN article written by know nothing journalism major feminist tumblrina

Who cares to be honest? The only articles worth reading on that site are Kevin's really if you know very little about how anime is made.
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>financial success although reviews have been mixed

Where the fuck is she getting this shit from? Mixed reviews where? Are these snippets of posts and tweets translated from Japanese fans or something?

So what do you guys think?
Did he kill him?
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Yes, Nero put Avilio out of his misery and then went on to keep living while running away from the Galassias
Yes he killed him. Why is this so hard to understand. Life is cruel and MC was stupid for not killing Nero first when he had a chance. Now move on with your life OP.
Why was he giving him advice about living then?

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Oh fuck me, this doesn't work today.
Ok even if its true its still better so whats your point
Ha, get fucked Satan.

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