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Durrr, clear the way kiddies, it's time for an ADULT to clean up this mess
>Relies on the powers of a literal child
>Acts big as a result
>Literally attributes his success to "being an adult"

Is there anyone more cucked than Reigen? You can't do shit, you blame the later generations, yet the later generations do everything for you. Why are you such a fag?
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Don't you have a tower to bomb or something?
Arabic Reigen says Allahu Ackbar.
>animefag detected.

Becuase I feel like making one thread today. Also, season 3 never.
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Where did the anime end? I might start reading the LN to kill some time.
The movie was garbage.
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Tohka fanservice 2.jpg
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Cute Retard

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AOTY later today
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Awww, man, so Izetta takes place in Liechtenstein instead of Switzerland?
That kinda disappoints me.

The SAO faces are annoying, but I'll watch it.
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I'm ready satan.

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precure thread

-no elitism
-no shitposting
-in short dont be a dick
-and remember have fun
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I like Mahou.
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is cute and fun

Are we allowing fun?

Is this real life?

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What did you think of Pokémon Generations Episode 4 /a/? I thought it was decent. Glad to see Red isn't the only player character being shown.

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I thought it was pretty great. Glad to see one of my favorite parts of the game finally animated.
Thought this episode had the best animation quality so far. There was some cool action.

> no american civil war anime
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I don't understand America's fascination with this war.
It wasn't even a very good war.
The best thing you can say about it is that most of the casualties were Americans.
The closest thing is probably the anime adaptation of Little Women.

Ok, you will get your American Civil war anime. But it will be 12 episode magical harem anime set in some outskirts during the Civil war. Also, the best girl loses.

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Name a better fight from 2016.

If only Moot were here to see this ;_;
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are you telling me naruto is still airing in 2016?
Do you think moot creamed his pants when he saw the fight? best fight of all time.
who the fuck is moot

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Komi the madman actually did it
Meet Onodera 2.0
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Coincidentally she goes to the same school as Maletoge.
Color me surprised
Wait are these their kids? Onodera married? WTF

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do girls like rem even exist? i feel like she is literally too perfect...
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Yeah, you can find sluts in real life pretty easily
Ask >>>/soc/.
Yes, retarded and ugly girls exist in real life too

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How the fuck did a manlet, early balding, D Tier fighter and premature ejaculator marry THIS?
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canon biggest Z fighter dick.
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She's got a midget fetish.
Krillin shaves his head though

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
Stop it already.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

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Why don't you like Misa-nee?
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Mahou Shoujo 16.0.jpg
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too tall
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too slippery
best girl

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Hotaru is a good girl
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Hotaru's personality just feels forced, like the writers need to constantly remind the audience that she's 10 years old by making her act like she's 10 year old.
So a ten year old acts like a ten year old. The horror.
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Now that the dust has settled, what is the best Walküre's song and why is it Axia?
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They had songs?
Best song is Ikenai Borderline. Axia just makes me sad.
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best grill.jpg
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it's been a while
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more episodes to Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
maybe a girl gets a recipe book that lets her control what people do after they eat it.

then like a dumb girl she just tries to get a boy to fall in love with her but he always finds a way to not eat her food accidentally.
So I saw the screencaps of that guy who was a swordsman who just wanted a good fight stuck in a harem of girls who use magic and shit and I expanded on it slightly

So the villains would be an "evil council," of different factions, and as the good guys go around beating the shit out of this "evil council" one by one it turns out they were just bullshitting about being evil but were just pretending so the other evil guys would think they were evil and would help them

So basically, the evil council is full of nothing but reasonable people pretending to be evil so that the others think they are evil and so that this evil council will lend them aid.

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