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If you have any theories now would be the chance to spill it and then get shat on being a single line in the LNs you missed ya faggot speedreader
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>want to fap thinking about a Pleiades orgy
>no idea what Lastborn looks like
What happens is you get a lvl 100 Ninja who only leveled stealth?
Generic bandaged Miko.
Use Reimu as substitute.

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So how was this in the end?
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Total shit.
A Solid 7

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Can we discuss Hiroyuki's view on /a/nime?
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Man of taste.
KyoAni is a pretty good studio.

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It is mandatory to join one.
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I want Hidamari.
>no gorakubu
Rabu Rabo

I literally just threw my keyboard across the room.

After all that agonizing, after all self-reflection and all that confessing. After like 2 hours of evoking nothing but frustration and emotional exhaustion on the viewer because nobody understands the shit he's seen and nobody will help him try to save Rem. After watching Rem die countless times unable to do anything. And when for like 6 straight episodes Emilia was completely abandoned as a character and when she has absolutely no reason to like him.

This is the line.

And I didn't even like Rem at first.

I'm done. I'm actually mad enough to stop watching right on this frame.
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lol fukt
tldr but you had it coming for shipping Rem and self-inserting as Subaru. Oh, and Rem rejected Subaru's marriage proposal first.
You must have one sturdy keyboard.
Definitely sturdier than Rem's body.

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>An adventure in the Alola region , which is filled with new Pokémon!!

>Starts November 2016!!

>Its name is...
>Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

>The new Pocket Monsters anime starts soon!!
>In November, the Pokémon anime undergoes a renewal! What kind of adventure will it turn into next!?

>The new adventure is filled with comedy!!
>Being in a new place for the first time makes Ash tense up... or not. There's no time for that when a slapstick adventure opens up before him!

>The setting is a Pokémon School!!
>Ash enrolls in a school! Here he'll learn and have fun together with Pokémon: No matter what the coursework is, it's sure to be enjoyable!
>*He'll meet his classmates too!

>Feel like Ash with the Z-Ring!!
>Ash uses it in the anime, too:
>Ash obtains the Z-Ring in this new adventure! And it's already available as a toy!!
>*Finish them with a Z-Move!
>Insert a Z-Crystal, and...
>It will shake as it unleashes the sounds and lights of the super cool "Z-Moves"
>Pokémon Z-Ring (comes with 1 Z-Crystal): 2600 yen + tax
>Pokémon Z-Ring & Z-Crystal Special Set (comes with 6 Z-Crystals and a collection board): 4490 yen + tax
>Both products go on sale November 18th
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>has a board dedicated to pokemon
>posts on the anime board anyway
We have a board for vidya

Do Danganronpa generals ever stops popping up?
Haven't watched the anime since Johto, but I'll give this a try for the semen demons.

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Read the guide

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I love idols!
What is that scale or figure that you want to get, but right now you can't just because you have other things more important in PO or in the mail, and you just don't want to overspend, but you still want to get it down the road?
>Buy these 2 cheap qts


>Save that money and buy an expensive fig from something I actually know or care about

Decisions, decisions

Violet Evergarden is very close to the 1 million views milestone.

Do you think this is going to be Kyoani's magnus opus? Is VEG the series that will return Kyoani to their golden years?
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No, I don't think it'll be very good.
>Not even while being a machine girl can she be left with wet clothes. As a change of clothes was necessary, she lay a bathrobe around her supposedly perfect body and headed for the bathroom. It had been a while since anyone other than Oscar regularly used it, so in a lapse of memory, he entered it without knocking and ended up seeing her while she was had not changed yet.

>“Ah, I’m sor… ry… eh?”

>He swallowed his breath due to perplexity.


>What was reflected in Oscar’s eyes was a sight more bewitchingly beautiful than any naked woman. Dripping golden hair. Beautiful blue orbs of a dimension that would not soften even within a painting. The finely-shaped lips just below them. A flesh body with a slender neck, an outstanding collarbone, plump breasts, and feminine curves.

Not with tasteless cliched shit like this, no.
What's the tone of the novels?

Does /a/ enjoy Franken Fran?
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Nope, /a/ hates it.
better than One Piece at least.
It's ok

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Why didn't rukia win the ichibowl ? Well technically she did but she still didn't carry ichigos seed in her womb. What gives ?
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Because she never saw ichigo as anything other than the man she owed everything to.
You tend not to fall for someone you feel indebted to.
One final "Fuck You" from Kubo as he fades into bolivian.

Post your favourite character who is 155cm or below
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Are there actually any anime characters that are larger than 155cm?
how new
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Just finished this.
What a great show. The amount of actually doing what they're supposed to do is staggering compared to your average slice of club anime and the actual characters are fun, the comedy's good but I'd probably appreciate it even more if I could into art at all. Can I get more of this? Manga scanlations or anything?
Coloring Palettes versions: Green Oil > Red Crayon > Blue Pastel = Orange Poster Colour = Black Ink
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All the books are scanned so they should just come up at the first search result. Enjoy friend.

GA isn't too popular so don't be surprised this thread dies really quick but around twice a year at the right time we have large threads that last for days until 404.
Can't say I didn't expect that.
Marathoned this one early this year where this happened >>147826294 . Pretty good.

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Haikyuu!! (Cover, Lead CP)
My Hero Academia
One Piece
Everyone’s Kochikame (Mini-Series)
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (CP)
Black Clover
Samon-kun wa Summoner
Kimetsu no Yaiba
The Promised Neverland
Nikai Bongai Barabarjura (CP, Golden Future Cup Entry #5)
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Shokugeki no Souma (CP)
Red Sprite
Voice Be Ambitious (One Shot)
Love Rush!
Hinomaru Zumou
Sesuji wo Pin!
Takuan to Batsu no Nichijou Enma-chou (End)
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

World Trigger (Absent)

Shonen Jump Issue 45:
Cover, Lead CP: Ibitsu no Amalgam (New Series by Ishiyama Ryou (author of Mitsukubi Condor))
CP: Haikyuu!!, Samon-kun wa Summoner, Yakusoku no Neverland

Shonen Jump Issue 46:
Cover, Lead CP: Spring Weapon Number One (New Series by Hasegawa Tomohiro (author of Koi no Cupid Yakenohara Jin))
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Holy shit Soma bombed this week, what chapter was this?
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>Kimetsu 5th
Oh god, yes.
It's not ranked this week.

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Which studio should adapt it?

I think Shaft. And i tell that as devoted KyoAni fag. The headtilts would be glorious, probably 5 per minute
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No, please.
Why? Its perfect material for anime. Manga is popular and switched recently from montly to weekly and doing great. The material is perfectly suited for anime and its question of time when it will be adapted - its inevitable.
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This escalated quickly.

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