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For the few of you that like MJP and but don't like to go to /m/ get hype:
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Holy shit, that Blue One.

Muh dick.

Episode 25 subs fucking where?
No Rape Prince, no life.

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>Talks shit an entire arc about how even if Kenshin did break his vow and use a real sword he'd still lose
>Minutes into his fight with Kenshin takes a shit ton of blows that would've been fatal if Kenshin had been using a real sword
Is there a bigger jobber?
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>weakness is fire
>ability is fire
He was basically designed to lose.
It's a wonder he held on for as long as he did.
Kenshin would of lost the fight entirely if not for Shishio's condition. Never seen such a cop out.
The whole point was warriors like Kenshin fading away into irrelevancy. Shishio was a faggot who couldn't let go of the past and it killed him. That's been a recurring theme in the series: all these assholes who set themselves up as villains can't let the war go end up driving themselves to self-destruction and death. The protags are people who let that shit go and try to move on.

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Was she actually gay for Tamako? The show does more than just hint about her homosexuality but Yamada just calls it adolescence, but what exactly does she mean by that?
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To be honest I didn't even notice that she had feelings other than friendship until someone mentioned it here. I don't think she's necessarily gay, but it's for sure possible.
>Tamako Market interview
Also, Midori’s existence was quite important for this work. That girl should be nicknamed “adolescence.” (laughs) Ever since we opened her up in episode 2 and showed her heart falling, we strongly felt that we couldn’t ignore her. I was so incredibly happy we could make this into a film for that reason.
Is this a good slice of life anime? How does it stack up against K-On or NNB?

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tell me why my favorite anime is trash
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What's your favorite anime?
if it's Code Geass
>spend almost the time with half naked CC in his room
>didn't fuck her

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Please tell me your opinions on the anime Kuma Miko.
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Why is Hibiki-chan such a bully?
I don't know!
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Machi is the purest of of them all.
Machi > Everyone else

Yoshida-san really needs to respect her fragile maiden heart.
It was shit, want my time back.

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Preview for Toki Doki, Naoshi Komi's (author of much beloved Nisekoi) new project.

>it's another love story
>you will never get Double Arts back
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>literally chitoge's mom and Raku with a switched hair color
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Oh god not again.

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Why is undressing monkey so sexual?
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Because her body is made for sex
this webm is great

Can anyone teach KyoAni how gravity and skirts work?
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Kyoani is a family company. They can't do that.
There's a reason why Nichijou aired on an educational channel.
I don't even understand gravity myself. I thought I did when my school teacher pretended that Newton was the last authority on the subject, but then, years later, I heard about Einstein.
I'm fucking confused, man.

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>Walking down the street
>See this

...What do?
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Call the Ghost Busters.
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Grope her
Kiss her

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Which girl is more well-written?
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Emilia but, that's not saying much. The show was written by an autistic jap /r9k/bot.

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>That fall 2016 anime list
Is anime finally finished?
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We have this thread every season. Just work on your backlog.
It looks decent enough unless a sizable portion fail the three episode rule.
It's not even that bad.

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Who is the best tsundere ever and why is she Louise?
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Because she's literally perfect in every way.

>pink hair
>endearing lack of magic skills

I never jizzed like that in my life.
Louise is definitely one of the sexiest.
I'd do incredibly lewd things to that body.

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Is Kekkai Sensen a good anime?
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This is not /wsr/.
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Hibike Euphonium is a better anime than Kekkai Sensen.

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How do you think will end Magi? I believe that Magi will end with Alibaba writing his autobiography. And I think the same will happen with SnB, he will end up with Sinbad that writes his autobiography.
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basically with the creation of NotIslam
That's Al Thamen.
That pic is 2gay4me.

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What is your scientific opinion on this show?
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delete this thread and find a higher-quality image
The ass was fast. She is a bitch
I want to munch on her asshole.

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