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Raw is out
moonspeakers are welcomed to discuss
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It's a 5 min ova or what
Dumb tripfag.

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Official New Rules Threads (See >>147386171 & >>147425437 & >>147457754 & >>147490102 & >>147509070 & >>147512722 & >>147522348 & >>147612801):
1. Generals to be regulated.
2. LNs and gookshit are allowed on /a/ in dedicated containment threads.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
5. Visible sage at night - dawn.
6. /a/ will split into /a/ - Anime, and /ma/ - Manga.
7. /a/ will be merged with /u/
8. Dubs posting mandatory ban no warning.
9. /djt/ -> /jp/, /kancolle/ -> /vg/, /buyfag/ -> /jp/
10. Spoilered loli accepted.
11. Spoonfeeding is encouraged in OTP threads
Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.
Source: http://i.4cdn.org/a/1474181914334.png
Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one ongoing thread up about this. This means you Janitor!
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Mods please delete this thread.
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Welcome to the shitposting general - /spg/!
OP is a faggot edition

Last threads:

Useful links:
>>>/random biased polls/

Thread pastebin: (read this before posting)


To the mods:
This thread is allowed, here's proof

- OP is still forcing this thread
- weebs >>>/out/
This is a shitposting general.

Check my 5.

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Can we just take a moment, and examine and confirm that this girl has a definite CUTE butt.
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Does Mikasa have romantic feelings for Eren
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She does, and so does he. According to Isayama.
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EH is canon.

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> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
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please post abbacchio
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bad taste.jpg
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sorry for having a bad taste.
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>Who wore it better

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Who are the cutest, dumbest girls you know?
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Even her name is dumb.
Is there someone with an ahoge that ISN'T dumb?

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age and branch.png
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Who is the Head of the 13th Branch?

Logic tells us it's someone young.
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Logic tells us you're retarded
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Some blue face probably.

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Everybody give props to the MVP of Part 3 and best bro of Tri

I thought the movie was pretty good this time.
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Loli Meiko was cute.
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Also the Digi-mania doesn't just end with Tri. Appmon starts next week
Toei stepped their game up a lot from the last two. Must be a result of being at the end of the first cour if this was tv show.
I actually want to see what happens next unlike the last two.

Is Mashiro-tan the cutest loli?
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I only know her from that Nalvas dojin and I Am Ur Leader
Cute enough.
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Not really, but the fish is fuckin' adorable!

Last episode today. Waka is still baka. Although it had a small following I still liked it.
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Waka is a baka.

I need to catch up with the series. Behind on it.

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Kirino Claus.jpg
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

93 days!
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93 more faps for Yui, they keep getting bigger and bigger!
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Post yfw you'll be spending Christmas alone with /a/ again.
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Loli yuri mecha is coming back in less than a day.

How ready are you?
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Forced loli is disgusting.
I just started watching it last night.
I love it.
The world needs more loli robots.
Picked the fuck up.

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15 hours left. What do you want to see in the final episode?
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>our life as school idoru begins here and now, let's start over our love raibu no monogatari from zero!
A cliffhanger and a second cours announcement for winter.

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Gup - /ak/
Who is YOUR favourite duck?
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fuck off generals
Stalin pls

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Oh never talk again to me
Of northern climes and British ladies;
It has not been your lot to see,
Like me, the lovely girl of Cadiz
Although her eye be not of blue,
Nor fair her locks, like English lasses,
How far its own expressive hue
The languid azure eye surpasses!

Prometheus-like, from /ai/ - Idle Activities she stole
The fire, that through those silken lashes
In darkest glances seem to roll,
From eyes that cannot hide their flashes:
And as along her bosom steal
In lengthen’d flow her raven tresses,
You’d swear each clustering lock could feel,
And curl’d to give her neck caresses.

Our English maids are long to woo,
And frigid even in possession;
And if their charms be fair to view,
Their lips are slow at Loves confession:
But, born beneath a brighter sun,
For love ordain’d the Spanish maid is,
And who,—when fondly, fairly won,—
Enchants you like the Girl of Cádiz?

[Spanish guitar intensifies]
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The guide: http://pastebin.com/iDebHQu6

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Did everyone wish Duce a happy birthday today?
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I want to gas commies with Yukari!
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Already did that a couple of threads ago.
Is there a list of the Guppies birthday?

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