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Did anyone else see this?

I am not super into anime, but it was pretty damn good.
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fuck off

No. /a/ only cares about Koe no Floptachi because muh kyoani and because it less popular than Kimi no na Wa.

Hmm...Is it possible to have a Strike Witches thread without crippling autism?
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What are the chances for the new show to actually have a plot, instead of relying on PLOT?
Silver Link's done some decent stuff in the past, so...

The Sanyest

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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But it's always night
Stop it already.

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Oh god, Koito is hot
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I want to fan her.
Koito on the front page!
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Dark Elves rape you.
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I was about to link you to /tg/, but it would probably make no difference if you remade this thread there.
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Where are these dark elves seeking to rape me, OP? I must prepare.
Oh dear.

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Time to really settle this
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>No Danganronpa 3 name thread

How do u expect people to take your thread seriously?
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I-It was Chiaki! She's alive bros!

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>what's the appeal of giant fucking robots

job security
>People in Giant Robots fighting each other

What's not to like?

Ask /m/
It appeals to spergs who still can't really graduate from toys, but are too embarrassed to actually play with one thus going for the 'cooler' toys.

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Why aren't you watching what is literally the BEST anime of 2016 right now, anon?
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>implying that I haven't already
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Already have.
If by BEST you mean mediocre at best, then I agree.
But I have,

It was meh really, some bullshit anime about treasuring memories during your most important years of your life, no alcoholic NEET gets transported back to highschool and gets bullied/becomes a chad, just a sloppy drama with insufferable MC that doesnt do anything worth while and an idiot autistic girl.

It was good but not even remotely near aots nor aoty.

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Why is she so perfect?
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Shes cute and a genius. You just have shit taste.
Can phoneposters just all be permabanned?
Why you are so shit like louise faggots

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post your favorite saguga?

What is saguga?
Saguga is when animation is good and it has many frames like Mitosu Ioso.

When you see yutapon cubes, it is sakuba

Post sakuba webm here in this thread.
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We can all agree on this.
Are you trying to be funny or are you genuinely retarded?
You could just say smear frame like a normal person

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Santa Barkhorn.png
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

87 days!
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I Hate My Life

What if my wish is to have Trude for Christmas?
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You'll probably get a brit instead.

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Moomin is a famous Finnish-Swedish chapter book series by Tove Jansson that became big in Japan, Russia, and many other countries. Please read this summary (http://www.philnel.com/2012/10/12/moomins/).

Moomin was immensely big in Japan (e.g., there's even a Moominvalley and cafe in Japan), and the 1990 series called "Tanoshii Moomin Ikka" (http://myanimelist.net/anime/2150/Tanoshii_Muumin_Ikka), which ran for 78 episodes, is universally considered the best anime adaptation, even by the original creator Tove Jansson.

Saikou no Cool (http://saikounocool.blogspot.com/) has fansubbed the first 24 episodes of Tanoshii Moomin Ikka, but he has mysteriously disappeared for a year. I was wondering if you could help me find either a group or individual to pick up where he started in order to finish fansubbing the last 54 episodes? The American dub is absolutely atrocious. You will help spread famous classic literature by helping me with this endeavor.

Here is the beautiful Japanese opening which the US dub ruined:


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Fuck off, nigger. /a/ is not for reposting fansub advertisements every few days.
It has only been two days.
Damn, didn't know the fansub was incomplete.
Hope you find someone willing. I like Moomin.

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>It's a Tomo acts like an obnoxious cunt episode.
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Best episodes desu.
Why is Tomo so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
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>Sakaki doesn't appear in the episode
What the hell kinda bullshit

ITT girls who were ''too'' perfect to be mortal.
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That's a boy, op. You posted a boy.
I want to fuck this boy.

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