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Which is THE anime soundtrack of the last decade?

Pic not related; I'm just listening to it now, and I'm loving how atmospheric and drawn-out it is.
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Kara no Kyoukai.
If you mean this decade I'd pick Kekkai Sensen. Smooth as hell.

That'd be my pick for the 2000's. The original Fate had a great OST too.
Is Sawano the Hans Zimmer of anime?

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Fuck Kyoani, fuck SHAFT, let's talk about two studios which have actually released good shows in the current decade.
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You misspelled Silverlink.
Both are hit and miss though
>studio wars

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Spoiler are out! Meliodas Vs. Fraudrin incoming!!
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How would you rate Miyazaki as a storyteller, script writer, and picture drawer?
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Bitter old fart/10
Great great good
9/10, 9/10, 10/10

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Chapter 80.
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What do you think, /a/?
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Its pretty fucking gay
Depends on how people define "gay". Or rather what people mean by "attracted to the same sex"

Some say "It's about being attracted to dick"
The other half says "It's about being attracted to the overall appearance"

I think the latter is correct, which wouldn't make traps "gay" since they look like the opposite sex.
You can not get any gayer than wanting to have sex with a male. It's OK if you're gay but just admit it.

Name an anime girl cuter than Ryuko. I dare you.
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Ryuuko-chan is cute and fiery but Satsuki-sama is far more handsome and strong.

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Which yandere is more dangerous, male or female?
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I'd fuck them both, so does it matter?
Guys are far more dangerous in general.
Male is more dangerous in the short term.

Female is more dangerous in the long term.

The female yandere is far more likely to legally get away with it.

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It's an onsen episode.

Hestia a bestia.
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Nice! Lookin' forward to watching this.
guess who is not there?
I hope we get some good shots of Hestia's feet

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So when did you stop reading? I stopped at Edolas.
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Why do you keep making this thread?

Anyway, my answer is still that Laxus arc.
>Reading shounenshit
After the grand magic games though
I think that tournament thingy after the timeskip.

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Why are childhood friends the best?
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The pre-established close relationship.

It's basically like fucking your family.
They're usually the only one that the MC can have a conversations with.
Because they are unobtainable for you, OP?

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tell me your top 3 series
mine are:
>saint seiya
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>Boku no Pico
>Pico to Chico
>Pico x Coco x Chico
>One Piece

Honorable mention
>Boku no Pico
simply epin

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Day 2
Cotton candy as far as the eye can see
Unfortunately, half of the crew has a sweet tooth
Relations are tense
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can this manga just be about carol from now on please
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It's the finger again!
Title: Miscasted
Panel 1:
Tomo: Carol, what are you doing?
Carol: Oh, Tomo-chan!
Bowl cut: Huh?
Glasses: Eh?
Panel 2:
Bowl cut: Stay outta this, dickhead...or, wait...
Glasses: Bitch, maybe?
Tomo: I'm a girl.
Panel 3:
Bowl cut: Hmmm? Now that we got a better look at her, ain't this chick pretty hot too?
Glasses: Oh? You're right, she is!
Tomo: What the hell are you looking at?
Carol: Hmmm...at times like these...
Panel 4:
Carol: Go get her, boys!
Both of them: Eh?

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Post Tatsumaki
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Does she have no shame? Why does she dress like a whore?
go back to your containment thread. fucking cancer fanbase.
What would sex with her be like?

ITT: Unpopular opinions

>Cowboy Bebop is garbage
>KLK is better than TTGL
>SoL is the best genre
>Re:Zero is mediocre trash with cancerous fanbase
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>Re:Zero is mediocre trash with cancerous fanbase
How is that an unpopular opinion?
I still can't understand why I didn't like Cowboy Bebop, depspite it having EVERYTHING that I love in it, it drives me crazy.. maybe I'll try again in a couple of years
>cancerous fanbase
What this really means is a fanbase where the people are fans and therefore you can't manipulate them into thinking the show is shit in your opinion, thinking your opinion means shit in the first place

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